In light of the increasing injuries and discomforts caused by vigorous work requirements, I have proposed a bill which would require employers to make some reasonable accommodations for their employees.

Workers in the US are facing two major issues in regards to occupational health risks: 

Many jobs are too vigorous and take a toll on the body, and many jobs are too sedentary. Just as working too hard physically can cause acute and chronic health problems, studies show that sitting all day can cause pain and soreness and even lasting injuries. 

Men are 30% more likely than women to be sidelined by workplace injuries. 

Many of these injuries could be prevented if men were given regular breaks by their employers. To maximize the effectiveness of this break time, men should be able to lie down and have a full body massage by a professional masseuse. This would give their muscles and joints an excellent opportunity to relax and destress from their active and/or sedentary work day. 

So, I propose this common sense bill:

An Act requiring employers to provide daily breaks and massages for male employees.

I.  Every employer shall provide one hour each day of a break period to all male employees during which they shall be given a massage by a professional massage therapist or masseuse. 

II.  The employer shall pay the employee at their regular rate or salary for the break time and shall not retaliate against any employee who utilizes the massage therapy or break time.

III.  An employer shall not require an employee to make up work time related to this section.

IV. The break must not occur within the first three hours or final three hours of the work shift. 

Penalties.  Any employer who violates any provision of this subdivision shall be subject to a fine of not less than $5,000 and not more than $100,000 per violation. For the purposes of this statute, each day during which the employer remains non-compliant shall be considered a violation.

If you oppose this bill, you are a bigot and must be shamed and cancelled. If you mention that this bill would make men more expensive to employ, you are just a greedy capitalist criminal who discriminates against protected classes.