On Saturday afternoon, WMUR reported that Merrimack County Sheriff, Scott Hilliard was arrested for DWI. A caller reportedly called 911 when he saw the sheriff driving ‘erratically’ in broad daylight in the town of Tilton. 

Today’s arrest for what appears to be drunk driving is not Hilliard’s first major traffic incident. In 2015, the sheriff rolled over his cruiser while driving in Northfield late at night. Hilliard was first elected sheriff of Merrimack County in 2006.

As we have discussed many times in the past, police officers drive drunk quite often. Unlike us regular citizens, police have special privileges that allow them to escape such incidents without any punishment at all. 

A few months ago, a cop from Milford, NH reportedly drove drunk and killed a young woman by driving into oncoming traffic. He did not seem to receive much punishment. He was charged only with ‘aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol’, not manslaughter or murder. We do not anticipate that this cop will receive any punishment other than probation.

Hilliard resigned in March of 2019.