Currently, in the state of New Hampshire, private sector employers are permitted (and encouraged) to threaten their employees with termination if they don’t inject synthetic drugs into their bodies.

Many people are being fired while others are suffering in hostile work environments with constant rule-changing and nonstop discussion about mandates, testing, quarantines, mask-wearing, and other corona-fascist policies. 

These are blatant infringements on natural rights that should never occur in a free society, yet we see so few in our state government standing to defend the employees of these ‘private’ organizations. Few individuals in government want to offend private business or maybe it’s that they’re too busy taking handouts from private business to be concerned with the rights of the workers. You can explore such donations at

I do give credit to Representative Spillane who stood with the workers of General Electric in Hooksett during their walkout on October 20th. We thank him and request more of this sort of support. 

After Dictator Biden announced his mandate for the first time, some New Hampshire Republican representatives held a press conference at the State House on September 14th, where speaker Sherm Packard cried out that the reps are “trying to do everything they can” and then suggested we speak to our federal representatives for help.

Dictator Sununu on the other hand said he would not support a government mandate but later stated that controlling private businesses is beyond socialist and he would never do that – except for the millions of times he did control and even shut down private businesses.

See the October 13th Executive Council Meeting. 

I don’t care what word games the Dictator wants to play, but Governors are supposed to stop big businesses from discriminating against their employees for personal health choices. If Sununu is unable to end this barbaric work practice, then he is unfit to lead and must resign. 

After sabotaging our economy with a series of emergency orders, which I guess are not considered “socialist”, Sununu became concerned with economic recovery. However, the Dictator remains completely uninterested in New Hampshire’s private-sector workers losing their jobs because they choose not to undergo a reckless medical procedure. 

I want to hear from our government employees on how they think this debacle ends. Yes, it is the job of the people to stand up and push back on corporate tyranny, but we rely on our elected officials to help us facilitate this before it escalates. 

We’re trying to go through the proper processes and we’re trying to calmly redress our grievances, but the mandates are here and decent, hard-working people are being backed into corners. 

water cooler segregation (1)

We’re not going to comply with health mandates of any sort in the workplace or in our state, so if the goal is 100% vaccination, I’m writing to tell you that this will not happen without great pain. This number can only be achieved by turning the barrel of a gun at tax-paying, God-fearing, New Hampshire, citizens and residents, and maybe this is the plan. Australia is going in that direction, and New Hampshire citizens will not tolerate such vicious tyranny. 

You start to think this way when the people that are supposed to represent you have nothing to say about you being fired for not taking an injection or nothing to say about you being arrested without a just cause. 

I wonder once we’re put out of work, will our emperors allow us to live peacefully on our homesteads while we create our own separate economies? Or will they just round us up and murder innocent civilians for not obeying their latest mandates?

I appeal to our elected officials and especially to our Governor! Stand up and defend us now, while we still have a chance at peace. If the governmental process fails, we will witness the worst human atrocities in our lifetime.