By Regina Barnes for The Liberty Block

The below was summarized to the Hampton Selectmen during public comment at the August 22, 2022, meeting:

On March 15, 2022, a notice of trespass was served by certified mail to Selectmen Waddell, Sawyer, Bridle, Rage, Town Clerk Doheny, and Town Moderator Cassassa.  This trespass, served by me, Regina Barnes, an NH state citizen involved unlawful electronic ballot counting devices used to count/tally votes in all Hampton elections. It informed all parties that they had violated their oaths of office.

New Hampshire RSA 656:40 adopting these devices on a temporary basis in 1979, under the color of the law, was initiated in violation of Part II, Article 32 of the NH state constitution.

To date, there has been no acknowledgment of receipt by either the Board of Selectmen, the town clerk, or the town moderator.

At the August 15, 2022, NH Special Committee on Voter Confidence public meeting, a similar notice of trespass was served by me to appointed committee member Attorney Cook. As an NH attorney, he too swore an oath to the state constitution and has violated it by not recommending that the use of the electronic ballot counting devices be discontinued immediately.

The NH Special Committee on Voter Confidence has received testimony regarding the electronic ballot counting devices used in NH, as well as proven errors and discrepancies found throughout the state of NH due to these devices which are serviced and operated by LHS Associates of Salem, NH.

Nationally, there is much information coming out in regard to these devices, including the ones used here in NH. The NH Voter Integrity Group has documented evidence that is available for public review on Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech site regarding the 2020 election in NH.

The unlawful act of allowing these devices to continue to be used to sort and count citizen votes in Hampton elections can end with a simple vote of the board of selectmen.  It is simple — go back to hand-counting all votes. If France, with a population of over 65 million can do it, so can Hampton.

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