Another year, and another illegal omnibus bill passed by Congress and signed into law by the President. Congress is supposed to pass 12 separate spending bills each year for the various areas of the government, including the military, healthcare, and other major programs. But the politicians shove nearly every one of their desires into an annual ‘omnibus’ bill, which they all know is going to pass into law. On December 23rd, Congress passed the 4000-page bill, and Biden signed it into law six days later. Only 29 Senators and 201 Representatives voted against the legislation. 

This 4,000-page bill was passed after Congressmen had only a few hours to ‘read’ through it. Of course, no one single legislator could have possibly read the whole bill or even known every law and expenditure that was included in it. But this is par for the course. Congress has funded the government via omnibus bills since 2008. Who would stop them? 

The bill includes $1.7 trillion that the DC politicians plan to spend over the next 12 months. But that figure only accounts for 30% of the money they plan to spend. The total spending will be 63% ‘mandatory’ spending and 8% interest on their debt. They literally will never even consider touching the 63% of the budget that is ‘non-discretionary’, which includes things like welfare and farm subsidies. Therefore, this article will primarily discuss the ‘discretionary’ spending. 

The new law will spend tax dollars taken from Americans via federal income taxes and various other taxes on:

Another $45 Billion to Ukraine’s politicians. DC politicians have sent around $50 billion of taxpayer money to Ukraine in 2022 already. That’s about $633 per worker in the united states.

-$858 billion for defense – an increase of 9.7%, and $45 billion more than President Biden requested

-$3 million for Bee-Friendly highways

-$410 million for border security in a seemingly random collection of foreign nations including Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Oman, and Lebanon

-$65 million for the salmon community

-$3.6 million for the Michelle Obama trail

-$70 million for minority business development, an increase of $15 million from 2022

-$200 million for “gender equity and equality” here and in Pakistan

-$524.4 million for a ‘diversity, equity, & inclusion’ and “structural racism” focused subdivision of the National Institutes of Health

-$3 million for an LGBTQ museum in New York

-$11.33 billion for the FBI, $1.75 billion for the ATF, and $2.63 billion for US attorneys (all significant increases over the previous year)

The bill also included new federal laws forcing businesses throughout the united states to make special accommodations for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. As I explained in a 2021 article, this will make women less employable, which could only harm them and/or the businesses that employ them. 

This gargantuan bill almost certainly includes many other ridiculous expenditures and tyrannical laws.

Here is the bottom line: in order to fund the trillions of dollars in spending, politicians will need to borrow and/or digitally print the new dollars. Each time they ‘create’ new money, the dollars (or Federal Reserve Notes, to be more accurate) in your wallet, safe, and bank account lose their value. This is how the DC politicians spend the precious dollars that we work hard to earn! 

What can we do about it?

We know that voting for ‘better’ politicians to represent us in Washington DC is extremely unlikely to improve matters. 

But we can stop using their money. Imagine if we didn’t hold onto dollars. Imagine that we had some other form of money. If we did, the politicians would lose what is possibly their greatest power over us: the power to print away our stored value. 

The explosions in the adoption of alternatives like crypto-currency, gold, and silver demonstrate that many people are realizing that they simply can’t afford to use the DC politicians’ terrible currency – and that there are alternatives. I have written about crypto, gold, and silver as practical alternatives to the failing DC Empire’s paper money

The less we use the dollar, the less demand there will be for it. And as with all things, falling demand correlates to falling value. Therefore, we can hasten the death of the dollar by moving away from it in our daily lives. Personally, I use crypto, gold, and silver when making and accepting payments quite often in the New Hampshire liberty community.

Of course, we could use a separate (but related) tactic to combat the effect of the latest horrific omnibus bill. We can simply break up with the DC politicians. As an independent nation-state, New Hampshire would be much better off than it is under the book of the DC politicians. I have written (and spoken) extensively on this subject. Suffice it to say that we have well over 100 great reasons to divorce DC and never look back. 

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate. 


Aaron D. Chartier · January 9, 2023 at 11:29 pm

Cryptocurrencies are a trojan horse for CBDCs…
I repeat…
Cryptocurrencies are a trojan horse for CBDCs…
The smoking gun proof is this; when the stock market started crashing, so did the entire crypto market…
Glad I used my bitcoin to buy up gold and silver…
Cryptocurrencies are no different than fractional reserve fiat, BECAUSE it is backed by NOTHING.
Gold, silver and copper is REQUIRED for use in technogies, jewelry, etc., and is REAL MONEY.

Melissa Foster · January 10, 2023 at 4:57 am

Well done young sir.

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