The federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics released March’s inflation numbers on Tuesday, officially quantifying the inflation over the past twelve months. At 8.5%, the politicians claim that it’s the highest inflation rate since 1981. Annual inflation of 8.5% means that if you saved $100 for the past year, it now only has the purchasing power of $91.50. It also means that if you got a 5% raise this year, you are still earning substantially less than you earned last year, meaning that you effectively got a pay cut. 

However, the news gets worse. 

The DC politicians measure inflation with the ‘Consumer Price Index’, which is thought to track the general consumer goods. However, the politicians and bureaucrats have quietly removed the items that have risen most in price, lowering the overall CPI substantially. Some believe that the real inflation rate (if it were measured in the same way it was back in the 1980s) would be closer to 30%. 

What is inflation?

Contrary to popular belief, inflation is not technically the rise in the prices of goods. Inflation refers to the increase in the money supply. As I often explain, everything is dependent upon the rule of supply and demand (scarcity), including money and goods. When there is more money circulating and the amount of goods does not increase proportionally, inflation leads to the goods costing more money, because the goods become more scarce and the money more abundant. Every time the federal government prints, borrows, or creates another trillion dollars out of thin air, they are diluting the purchasing power of the money in your wallet, bank account, and retirement savings. That is why inflation is often referred to as the ultimate hidden tax. The government uses this nefarious process to steal your money without ever touching your bank account and without many people even realizing they’re being robbed!

The federal government has created 80% of the 40 trillion dollars in existence over the past two years. This is unprecedented inflation, and it has led to unprecedented price increases and devaluation of the dollar. In addition to the disturbing rise in money printing since the dawn of corona-fascism, there may have been an overall decrease in the amount of goods in the united states due to the Trump-Biden lockdown of the economy. 

Of course, the elites and their allies in mainstream media are producing propaganda about the cause of the unprecedented rise in prices. Useful idiots like those at CBS are blaming everything besides the lockdowns and reckless money-printing for the unprecedented devaluation of the dollar. They blame Putin, the coronavirus, China, unexpected demand, increases in wages, and the weather in Brazil. 

The poor Laotian woman who owns this restaurant is forced to update the menu’s rapidly with markers due to inflation of the US Dollar rapidly destroying its value.

But don’t worry, Dictator Biden is doing “everything he can” to combat the unprecedented increases in prices. In Iowa on Thursday, Biden blamed Putin for the inflation crisis despite the federal government’s own money supply chart showing that the inflation crisis occurred before Russia invaded Ukraine in February. He also mentioned that the federal government will release up to one million barrels of oil from its strategic reserves per day to increase the oil supply and lower costs. Obviously, this plan is not sustainable, because the government’s emergency reserves are not endless, and oil cannot be created out of thin air like the dollar. Additionally, Biden announced that he will change the federal law to allow for lower-quality, higher-pollution gasoline to be available this summer. Ethanol 15% is a cheaper and dirtier fuel than the standard gasoline which only contains 10% ethanol, which is made from corn. He made this announcement in Iowa, where the corn farmers will surely appreciate Biden’s offer to give corn farmers lots of new business. Don’t worry about the E15 causing much more pollution from vehicles despite the radical left simultaneously promising to abolish gasoline vehicles altogether in the name of enviro-fascism. 

Despite the DC politicians continuously assuring us that inflation is ‘transitory’ and will soon return to a healthy level of 2% annually (no inflation is healthy), there is actually no end in sight for the runaway inflation caused by reckless fiscal policy. 

It gets worse.

Tax tricks

Remember how massive inflation causes you to effectively get a pay cut every year unless your pay raise is larger than the annual inflation rate (few people get 9% raises each year)?

Well, as I explained in an article a few months ago, inflation also increases effective income taxes (and sales taxes, property taxes, and most other taxes). This is because the ridiculous progressive bracket system used by DC politicians for the federal income tax causes people to pay a higher PERCENTAGE of their income the more money they earn. Currently, someone earning $15,000 would pay only 12% of their income to the DC politicians. Once inflation causes them to technically earn $30,000 per year, they will be bumped up into much higher brackets, making their effective federal income tax rate 20%. Technically, that’s an effective 67% tax increase due to inflation! 

The solutions

How can we protect ourselves from runaway inflation and the inevitable catastrophe of hyperinflation? The simplest and quickest thing you can do today is to start investing in real assets. Buy real physical gold, silver, and other precious metals. Look into goldbacks. Buy and begin using cryptocurrencies. Buy useful physical items such as firearms, ammunition, tools, and anything else that will retain its value. But property if you can. Invest in the ultimate asset – your own skills and knowledge. 

Ultimately, the long-term solution must be the total separation from DC politicians and their financial system. The federal government grows more tyrannical each day, and they devalue the dollar more each day, siphoning the value from our hard-earned money while we stand by helplessly. Catastrophic inflation is one of the many reasons the DC empire must be dismantled so that each state can once again govern itself. You can begin working towards the goal of New Hampshire independence today by calling your legislator and asking them to support peaceful separation from DC next session. You can also bring about independence much quicker if you begin to talk with your friends, family, and neighbors about the plummeting value of the dollar and the 100 other reasons we must separate from DC politicians once and for all.

UPDATE: In June, average gas prices in the united states topped $5 per gallon for the first time in history.

UPDATE: In June, the federal government released their (highly manipulated) inflation numbers over the past 12 months, which was 8.6%, a new all-time high.

UPDATE: In July, the federal government released their (highly manipulated) inflation numbers over the past 12 months, which was 9.1%, a new all-time high.

UPDATE: In August, the federal government released their (highly manipulated) inflation numbers over the past 12 months, which was 8.5%.

UPDATE: In September, the federal government released their (highly manipulated) inflation numbers over the past 12 months, which was 8.3%. This marks over 6 months of over-8 percent inflation, according to the government’s numbers.


Deanne · April 19, 2022 at 8:27 pm

So many good points. I just had a talk with a man about some of this earlier today. We are paying many layers of taxes on the same money.

Money is earned and income tax comes off the top. With the money that is left, we must pay property taxes to keep an investment we made and which we pay to maintain. Every time we spend any money, we are paying an inflated cost that has THAT person or business’s tax burden included in what they charge. It would be impossible to calculate the real amount of taxes we are paying.

It seems like nearly every time money transfers from one person to another, some government entity is benefiting through some tax.

I lived through hyperinflation in Bolivia in the 1980s. We were insulated from many of the effects due to being able to keep our money in dollars and only exchange what we needed to spend, but the Bolivian people were not so fortunate.

This seems like dejavú to me.

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