On August 18th, Doctor Tyran Nygov announced the latest medical social justice policy that medical associations are implementing. Nygov, who uses the pronouns ‘zhe’ and ‘they’, told The Liberty Block in an exclusive interview that a rarely considered victim group of discrimination and verbal violence is the amputee community, and that we must stop using language that offends them.

“There are 47 million amputees in the united states…they obviously suffer terrible discrimination, most of which is caused by white people. And their struggles are made worse by innocent-sounding language that people use every day….it’s just like how using terms like ‘breastfeeding’ could be harmful to those who identify as male but can breastfeed, and vice-versa”, Dr. Nygov told The Liberty Block. 

When asked which terms in particular could be offensive to amputees, the chairperson of the Caring Orthopedic Musculoskeletal Multicultural & Inclusive Embodiment (COMMIE) explained that “using terms such as ‘legs’, walking’, and even ‘arms’, ‘lifting weights’, and many others could be damaging and even seen as violent towards amputees.” 

A Liberty Block reporter asked the COMMIE how many amputees have mentioned that they were offended by the language that Nygov mentioned. Doctor Nygov responded that:

“At this time, there have not been any individuals who identify as amputees who have come forward, but we know from our colleagues at the CRAP that psychologically, amputees are offended by this hateful language, even if they don’t speak up about it, and even if they don’t realize how offended they are! We want to get out in front of this. We have a great opportunity here to stop a problem before it even occurs.”

Tyran Nygov and his colleagues have recommended some alternative terms to use, such as ‘extremities used for movement’, but they have not yet finalized their list of inclusive terms.

The COMMIE is planning to send the new guidance to all individuals in the united states who identify as orthopedists, physical therapists, and sports trainers by the end of August. They are also working with a bipartisan group of legislators in DC to pass legislation to prohibit some of the aforementioned terms and phrases.