Written by a 16-year-old homeschooled teen:


Any school that is not your home is destined to have problems. We often overlook the problems or brush them off to the side. While we might have been able to do that 20 years ago, we can’t do that today. I have been to every type of school in the book, including public, private, charter, and now online school.  No matter where I have gone, I have run into the same problem over and over again. The left is pushing their agenda onto your child right under your nose. 


Everything that I have written has come from first-hand experience. Over all my years of schooling, I have unfortunately seen a lot. But thankfully, I have held true to my principles and I have refused to compromise. These experiences range from 1st grade to 12th grade.

The Differences-

Before I get into a rant about schooling, let me explain each one. Everyone knows the traditional public school, which is taxpayer-funded and entirely run by the government. Private schools are funded through tuition and donations. And lastly, charter schools are funded by the government based on enrollment but have greater autonomy than public schools. Across all these schooling choices, all schools generally cover the same core subjects.

School Subjects-

Starting with US History, do you know the true reason why the Civil War started? What side would you be on? The Civil War was started over states’ rights; the Confederacy wanted certain laws to be left up to each state, one of which included slavery. But the Union wanted to limit states’ rights and force every state to obey the federal government.  I would want to be on the Confederacies’ side because each individual state should be able to decide what laws they are going to enforce. If you don’t like one state, you can move to another. But coming back to my topic of schools, teachers don’t teach the real reason, children are being taught the Union was against slavery and the Confederacy was for slavery. The south was filled with ‘evil white men’ enslaving African Americans. Let’s not forget that Africans were slaves in their own country. Moving on from history and turning to English. Proper English is being told to be ignored in the name of inclusivity. No, I am sorry your pronouns cannot be ‘them’ and ‘themself’ let alone ‘frog’ and ‘frogself’. If you have XX chromosomes, you are female using she/her pronouns and if you have XY chromosomes, you are male using he/him pronouns. I don’t even have to start with Science and all the bullshit that goes with that class. Males can be females and females can be males. Humans can’t be animals and cannot act like them. 

Charter Schools-

At both the charter school and public schools I attended there were safe space triangles. Upside-down triangles with the rainbow on them. This is meant to represent a ‘safe space’ for CHILDREN to talk about their sexuality. Besides the fact that children are talking about sexuality, why are they not talking to their parents? The year after I left the charter school there was a trans kindergartner, you read that right, kindergartner, a 5-year-old! Staff and students had to follow along with this, the parent told their child that they were trans, the child is unable to know what even being trans is. Moving away from the charter school, let’s look at public schools. 

Public Schools-

In the largest high school in New Hampshire, with a student body of over 3,000, you could only find a handful of students who would speak about their conservative views, but few even associate with the ideas of liberty. From many students they will do almost anything to fit in, that includes the founding principles instilled in them by their parents. Teachers and peers encourage students to disobey and ignore their parents if it doesn’t fit with the left’s agenda. 

Private Schools-

Private Schools are far too consumed with money. They follow the money and whoever has the biggest donation has a lot of influence. As many may think private schools aren’t a cash flow. Most private schools are barely scraping the barrel to pay their staff. Money has influence and that influence can be detrimental to your child.


Online schools can be public, private, or charter. The one I have experience with is public and gets government funding. When the whole world shut down for Covid-19 every student turned to online school. After the 2020 school year was over many chose to stay online rather than go back to the classroom. Some of the reasons are, afraid of covid, laziness and my reason was mask mandates. I was not about to wear a mask for 8 hours a day just to go to school. My lungs are shitty as is and can’t handle the limited amount of oxygen you get when wearing a mask. I stayed online and was taught the same woke-based materials that I have received at every other school I have ever attended. People’s pronouns were displayed in their zoom name. 

What I have Learned-

90% of the school is busy work and teachers trying to fill time in the 945 hours that span the whole school year. I have watched countless movies and filled out pointless worksheets over my 12 years of schooling all to fill a quota. Finishing my schooling online showed me that there is no need for busy work and it’s a waste of time. Knowing how to face the radical left and not put up with their agenda. I have learned a good work ethic, from being completely responsible for all my school work to balancing many jobs.

Turning Away from Schools-

Every option for schooling has been overrun by the left. We are seeing more and more homeschooling from this. There are no viable options for schools. With no options out there homeschooling is the only option on the table in this day in age. 

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David Hayes · November 29, 2022 at 2:18 am

I would like to expand on the “busy work” criticism. Schooling was designed to “indoctrinate” students rather than educate them. As Maria Montessori stated, teachers see students as a blank slate and use reward and punishment to write on that blank slate. Curriculum wars start over what will be written, but all real education is self education where the student actively learns critical thinking. For this reason, I wrote a math book for homeschoolers called Guidebook to Mathematics that focuses on teaching math by asking questions and by follow great minds like Euclid, Euler, Feynman, and Thompson.
Also, grading systems and the stratification of students into grades, classes, and programs makes most schools hyper-competitive. The mixture of older and younger together as in home school
discourages competition and encourages discussion. Richard Feynman said about the vest students in Brazil in the 1950’s when he visited: “I explained how useful it was to work together, to discuss the questions, to talk it over, but they wouldn’t do that either, because they would be losing face if they had to ask someone else. It was pitiful! All the work they did, intelligent people, but they got themselves into their funny state of mind, this strange kind of self-propagating “education” which is meaningless – utterly meaningless!”
I think it is time for private and homeschools to abandon the “writing on a blank slate” method of indoctrination and turn to more effective education of rational and spiritual beings.

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