You may have heard about Crazy Nancy Pelosi, Mad Maxine Waters, Eric “nuke the gun owners” Swalwell, Diane “gun-ban” Feinstein, Gavin “Commiefornia“ Newsom, and many other radical leftist from California. Do you find it interesting that all of these people come from one state? Certainly, there are progressives all over America, but did you notice that so many of the most extreme leftists all seem to come from one place? New York has Cortez – but California has at least 5 politicians who are as radical as she is.

California is a tumor

California alone is responsible for 1/5 of the most socialist members of Congress. It has 2X the amount of liberals as NY does, and 4X times as many liberals as Illinois, Massachusetts, or New Jersey. California is really big, and really socialist and because of that, its progressive influence on Congress is beyond anything any other collection of Blue states can produce.

California is so big and so progressive that Obamacare (which taxes you and takes away your choice for health care), and the creation of the federal Department of Education (which takes away your right to determine what your kids learn), and the assault weapons ban of 1994, and the Brady Handgun ban of 1993, and “what advocates call the most significant gun control measure in more than two decades” in 2019 – ALL WOULD NOT HAVE PASSED – if California’s radical leftist delegation was not in Congress. Indeed, had they seceded decades ago, the US would be a much more free nation.

Those are just a few examples. Imagine all of the leftist nonsense that would never have been allowed to become law if California was not in the union.

California did not just become socialist when America chose Donald Trump, it has been making Congress so radical that it no longer works for Americans for at least the last decade. Since 2010, analysts have said Congress is the “least productive” it has ever been. People may blame Obama, since he was president then, but Obama could not have passed his Obamacare without California. California truly loves Obama and everything he did. Kamala Harris in 2012 said so, and Obama spent four times as many trips in California receiving money than when California had one of its own (Ronald Reagan) as President.

But the impact of California on the sanity of the US in passing new laws does not stop there. California is so big and so liberal that it has the most amount of liberal activists judges anywhere. This has a crucial effect on how laws are interpreted.

Other leftist judges in America won’t say something they know is illegal because they are afraid of being called out for taking a lone stand, but once a California judge issues a ruling that seems logical to many CA judges, then other “wannabe activists judges” feel encouraged to take that radical stand, and California fills the entire legal system with its leftist agenda.

The Wall St. Journal said this in 1972: “The state’s high court over the past 20 years has won a reputation as perhaps the most innovative of the state judiciaries, setting precedents in areas of criminal justice, civil liberties, racial integration, and consumer protection that heavily influence other states and the federal bench.”, and a study in 2007 (ABOUT 40 YEARS LATER – looking at cases OVER THE LAST 65 YEARS) found the exact same thing: “Statistical analyses conducted by LexisNexis personnel at the Court’s request indicate that the decisions of the Supreme Court of California are by far the most followed of any state supreme court in the United States. Between 1940 and 2005, 1,260 decisions of the Court were expressly followed by out-of-state courts (meaning that those courts expressly found the Court’s reasoning persuasive and applied it to the cases before them).”

“So what?”, you say. California may actually hurt the union. What can I do about that?

On August 4 2019, the conservative news site “Legal Insurrection” featured the following conversation:

Jack in Silver Spring: “What happens if the United States of America disassociates from California? Democrats stand a much lower probability of electing a President or choosing the Speaker of the House. I think that might be a good idea.”

PODKen: “And by what process would they do that?”

UJ: “Twit.”

It should be completely obvious that conservatives around our Nation do not like California and would be fine with it leaving.

Rasmussen polling, March 2017 — showed 41% of Republicans and 32% of ALL AMERICA were not bothered by California leaving America.

Fox news polling, October 2014 — showed of American people who are open to kicking any state out of the Union — 52% were not bothered by “Kicking California out of the Union”. The highest total for any state by far.

Business Insider polling, August 2013 — showed Americans wanted to see Texas and California “kicked out of the country”

Public Policy Polling, February 2012 — shows that Americans have the most negative opinion of California by far, in comparison to any other state

LA Times Opinion staff, November 2010 — admits it seems like Americans really hate Californians

And all of these surveys were done before California implemented ‘sanctuary’ policies for illegal aliens, and they show a decade of consistent opinion on this issue about California by Americans.

So the question that PodKen and UJ are asking is “How do you do that? (of course we agree but that seems like a fantasy so we are angry with you bringing up something we all want and can’t have – because that is frustrating)”

Again – “so what?” you may ask. Here is the answer – conservatives alone can rely on California’s radical leftist nature to get California to “vote itself off of the island”.

You all know that California is highly emotional and volatile and does not take bad news well at all. California has stated itself to be in opposition and resistance to a sitting president because it did not like how the vote in 2016 went. All of its politicians condemn the President, and many of them say they don’t care what the Federal government says about marijuana, immigration, internet privacy, and climate change, and some of them, like Senator Kamala Harris, joked about killing the President on the Ellen Degeneres show on April 5, 2018.

All of this because they lost an election and hate the person in charge. The point is that California reacts badly to news it is “offended by”. So, conservatives can use California’s tendencies against them.

Here is how that works.

You may have heard that California was so radicalized by Trump winning and Hillary losing that they threatened to secede from America – “Take their ball and go home like a brat”, as naive Americans describe it. Leftist media says that only 32% of Californians supported secession, but what the leftists did not report was that 47.5% of Californians were open to the idea of secession, and actually, as much as to 56.3% of Californians potentially support it. That IS A MAJORITY OF CALIFORNIA!

The polls from Reuters in January 2017 actually undercounted Latino youth and over counted old white people. Well, you can guess how California Latinos feel about Calexit. Liberal news prints none of this, although it is a fact.

So, a majority of Californians were seriously ready to leave when Trump won. That is how radicalized and emotional California is.

What happens if America does another thing that really upsets Californians and really makes them disappointed and shocked at what a majority of Americans support? Not even half of America voted for Trump, and that was enough to scare the hell out of California citizens.

Republicans could vote for California to leave America, thereby demonstrating that they don’t like them or their “California values”. Californians sit watching the news and hear a majority of America said officially that it rejected them – they want you out, and they made sure to point out it was because of your values. Insult California values and you insult California. They think they are better than regular Americans with their progressive ideas and directly insulting that concept will be too much for them to handle.

You might be saying that it is illegal to secede. Being that secession is simply leaving, it can’t be illegal. Even if it were, it’s still a natural right and the smart choice. Additionally, it is not really illegal. The courts may have ‘ruled’ that it is illegal to secede all by yourself, but the Supreme Court ruled in Texas v. White in 1869 that any state could secede “with consent of the states”. The South could have seceded, if they could convince the North to vote to approve the secession, according to the Supreme Court. Lincoln and the union did not allow them to leave the union and chose to go to war to save the already polarized union. The Constitution says nothing about secession – which means that the interpretation whether an idea is legal has to go to the Supreme Court, and they said in Texas v.White, (their only decision mentioning secession EVER), that this was how the law works.

P.S. Three California Attorneys General agreed with this, including Kamala Harris, in addition to multiple professors who teach law in California – but the leftist news never mentions this. “U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Texas v. White that the initial act admitting a state to the Union “was final.” “There was no place for reconsideration, or revocation,” the court said, “except through revolution, or through consent of the states.” — California Attorney General Becerra (2018), Kenealy (2017), Harris (2015).

What does “consent” mean?

Again, the leftist news is misleading Americans. They say that it has to be a Constitutional Amendment which means 2/3rds of Congress would have to approve, which means liberal states would have to agree to let a juggernaut of liberal values to leave – and you know they won’t do that. However, the liberal news does not mention that “consent” was never defined by the court. Which means it is the news’ opinion that “consent” means a Constitutional Amendment. If the Court in the 1800s meant “amendment” by the word “consent”– then why did not they not just use the word “amendment” instead of consent? Certainly America had amendments by 1875 and America courts follow a practice called “the plain language rule”; “Any question of statutory interpretation begins with looking at the plain language of the statute to discover its original intent. To discover a statute’s original intent, courts first look to the words of the statute and apply their usual and ordinary meanings.” “The plain language rule in American jurisprudence is at times attributed to William Blackstone” from the late 1700s – about a century before the Texas V White ruling.

The leftist news also won’t point out that two California Deans of Laws Schools agree

Erwin Chemerinsky, The Dean of the UC Berkeley and UC Irvine school of law admits that simple majority of Congress (51%) could vote for California to secede legally and David A. Carrillo, executive director of the California Constitution Center at the UC Berkeley’s law school, admits that he could not rule out that consent did not mean a majority of Congress. In 2016, Republicans were 2% away from being able to have enough votes BY THEMSELVES IN CONGRESS to vote for a Calexit, and in 2014, 2012, 2010 they had over 51% of the House votes and could have voted California out then.

Republicans pass a 51% vote in the House and the Senate (which is consistently conservative) seconds this vote immediately. Republican politicians on the floor of Congress give speeches commenting on the reason they voted for this is “because of your values, California – a majority of America does not like you!”. That will shock Californians because they routinely tell themselves Americans want them to lead. The Governor, Lt Governor, and top newspaper of California have all said so recently. Californians react emotionally and then vote for themselves to leave. The Calexit movement will point out when all of the California news is talking about HOW COULD this have ever happened – that actually a majority of California was for secession – but the movement was stalled in its tracks and unable to gain even more members – because liberal news kept saying “America will never let you go/ you will never get the votes”.

Now that the number one argument the leftist media was able to use to get Californians to be less enthusiastic about seceding is obliterated, and that there is already a column of Californians who actively want to secede – California will vote to leave. All that conservatives have to do is really offend Californians when they vote. That is something that conservatives can easily figure out.

Legally, if a majority of Congress already approved it, and California votes to leave – then it is done. If there is any objection – read New York’s politicians say “no don’t take liberal firepower from us” – it goes to the Supreme Court, according to the American Constitution.

Good news in 2019: The Supreme Court is conservative, willing to overturn legal understandings that have decades of precedent, and has twice voted to support States’ Rights. The Court ruled that States cannot sue other states for internal issues, and refused to overturn a ruling about gun laws that were extreme but limited to one state. The Court has made a couple conservative rulings that reverse decades of liberal understanding of the law. This begs to ask the question – which way do you think the Supreme Court today would interpret the word “consent” in Texas v White. In a way that stands up for a state’s right to leave, and for other states to simply consent to a state to leave, and helps the conservative ideology in general in Congress, or some other interpretation.

Now that California is gone, its 53 seats in the House get reapportioned to the next most populous states. Good News – 70% of the top 10 next most populous states after California are “swing-states” meaning the conservatives have a fighting chance to win there, unlike California where they have no chance of ever winning again.

Please recognize that two of the “lean democratic” states Trump won in 2016, meaning they are actually “swing states”.

“The consensus (as of 07/04/19) is that there will be seventeen competitive states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin”. The next 10 states after CA, by size are, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, New Jersey. Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, and Georgia are all swing states and large enough to get California’s seats. Collectively what this means is Republicans have a fighting chance to be the dominant party in the House far into the future, and given that they have dominated the Senate, we are talking about a future where Republicans have a real chance to run Congress.

So, how do you get a majority of the House of Representatives to pass this “majority vote” when you don’t currently have a majority? In 2018, Republicans were the minority in the House, but it wasn’t always like this. 5 years ago, a majority of the House was held by conservatives, and for the last 30 years, since 1994, Republicans have been able to hold a majority of House. Only recently did their control slip in the House. The elections went back and forth between liberal and conservatives for the last few decades, meaning that Democracy (and a competition of ideas) was working and that Conservatives had a fighting chance to win each year.

Yes, the calculations for reapportioning seats are very complex, but the basic math still revolves around the concept that US House seats based upon population and so with California gone its seats will go to the next most populous states. Perhaps the list above is misplacing one or two states but in general, the concept will hold true. The big idea is that without California, the House of Representatives will turn conservative. There are two additional factors to consider.

Firstly, when California leaves America, leftist throughout the US will become scared of the impending ‘right-wing’ nation and many of them will move to California. This reduces the amount of leftist members of the House of Representatives because people are now exiting America as they immigrate to California.

Secondly, conservatives from California, of which there are millions, will leave California when it secedes, and they will move to conservative states in America. This will increase the representation of those conservative states in the House of Representatives. Between the three factors of California pulling out a lot of leftist House of Representative members, conservative States mostly gaining those seats from California, and conservative States gaining conservative Californians and liberal states losing liberal America, the combined effect will definitively be that the House of Representatives becomes drastically more conservative upon the single act of California leaving America.

Remember according to California Deans of Law a simple majority (51%) of Congress is enough to vote California OUT.

  • 44.8% – 2018
  • 49.1% – 2016
  • 51.2% – 2014
  • 53.8% – 2012
  • 51.7% – 2010
  • 42.6%- 2008
  • 51.5% -1994

Until recently, the trend was clear according to polling over the last 15 years by Gallup — Republicans lost voters while Independents grew. Some research has suggested that Independents are democrats, but the Gallup poll shows a trend – while Republicans lost members, Independents grew in size. “According to the Gallup polling firm, the identity that people choose most often is actually “independent” — not Democratic or Republican. In 2017, 42% of Americans chose this label — up from the low 30s just 14 years ago.” Especially after the Presidential elections of 2016, the Republicans lost members and Independents gained members. Are we to think that these people are Democrats upset from their party, or Republicans who had sticker shock in voting for Donald Trump after the liberal media “lost it” about the election? You decide.

The final step to winning huge.

So, how do you get the majority of the House if you don’t have it now? You point out to Independents (former conservatives) that America cannot survive as a massive and polarized nation of 330 million people! We are on the verge of a civil war, and the only thing that could mitigate the threat of America tearing itself to pieces – would be to bring back balance. The progressives want to dominate politics and are not interested in a competition of ideas. So you have to vote Republicans in to make the Calexit vote one time, and that restores balance (and a competition of ideas in Congress and Congress actually working for the people) for the rest of our days.

Don’t vote for Republicans because you are conservative – vote Republicans back into the House so that they can fix America and stop it from heading off a cliff. Do this for America and to save Democracy – will be the slogan Conservatives use to regain control of the House.

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