With Sarah Silverman announcing to her 12 million Twitter followers that the united states must split up, the progressives appear to be coalescing around the idea of a national divorce. Tim Pool, one of the largest independent media personalities in the world has also come out in strong support for secession. Many conservatives and even more libertarians and voluntaryists have supported the idea of balkanization for a while. 

On September 12th, actress and comedian, Sarah Silverman, posted a video to her Twitter explaining that the union is not working and should be split up. “…if people aren’t getting along, like in a relationship, they break up…..why don’t we finally realize that these states aren’t working, and like divide up into two or three countries.”, Silverman said. The comments on her post are overwhelmingly supportive of a national divorce. Make no mistake; I almost never agree with the radical leftist who hates conservatives and libertarians – and that is my exact point. We need to break up. Silverman joins a growing group of progressive Democrats who want to secede, including the Calexit movement.

On Feb. 3rd, 2022, Hollywood star Ron Perlman endorsed secession.

When a leftist author with a blue check on Twitter announced that he’s praying for COVID to kill Laura Loomer because she is a conservative, Tim Pool, an independent centrist journalist with nearly a million followers retweeted him, adding that “at this point, divorce seems the only reasonable solution. When a married couple begins praying for the other to die maybe it’s time to just peacefully walk away.”

Eric July and Michael Malice are among the many prominent figures calling for secession increasingly often. 

A few months ago, we published an article in which we mentioned that influential conservatives including Candace Owens and Matt Walsh had endorsed secession. More recently, we wrote about Dan Bongino’s daily calls for a national divorce. The trend will continue until politicians can no longer ignore the desire of individuals across all states and all areas of the political spectrum: We want to govern ourselves, and we don’t want DC politicians from wildly different states controlling us. 

Early this morning, Matt Walsh (one of the most influential conservative journalists/podcasters) posted a poll on his Twitter. Of the 73,000 respondents, 61% support splitting up the united states.

In the same week, Ben Shapiro endorsed secession, as well.

I recently spoke with a tenth state representative in New Hampshire who supports independence and agreed to vote in favor of the CACR and to possibly sign on as a co-sponsor. If you live in New Hampshire, visit the state website and find your state representative. Email and call them every day until they agree that the people of New Hampshire should at least have a chance to vote on independence. Some Representatives are hellbent on stopping us from voting on our future. What are they afraid of?


John F Best · September 21, 2021 at 1:30 pm

Why do you listen to liars in the media but you refuse to pay any attention to our Founders? Why don’t you know that you have the power to fire the whole damn government in D.C. and establish a better one?
Secession is just plain stupid. You would have the same lying politicians and media scum leding you. Why won’t you lead yourself instead of listening to liars like Shapiro, Owens and the other fools?

    Seceder.com · September 23, 2021 at 8:09 pm

    Seceding makes local control much more likely than simply firing the bums as far as thousands of miles away (in D.C.) and replacing them in a system that was created hundreds of years ago, before it became so much easier for folks to act locally for their own communities’ good. The Titanic on the Potomac can try to fend for itself but it’s secession time…

    Ohgun · October 14, 2021 at 3:15 am

    We can always cut the grifters off after we’ve seceded. They are the useless eaters.

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