By Megan Davis for The Liberty Block

Governor Sununu and the New Hampshire State Police were reported for crimes against Monica Holm and other individuals. Read all of the details below and discover how you can speak out against their crimes. We the people must stand up against tyranny, and this is our chance.

On Friday, October 9th, 2022, Terese Grinnell walked into the Attorney General’s office in Concord to report the crimes that the state police perpetrated under the direction of Dictator Sununu on October 13th, 2021. 

Freedom of the Press questioned

Upon arrival at the Attorney General’s office, Terese and the people with her were filming. The individuals at the Attorney General’s office were uncomfortable with her filming. Those with her mentioned that it was unusual for the government to be held responsible for their crimes and they therefore didn’t expect to be filmed. 

Sununu and State Police Reported for Crimes

Terese was escorted outside to speak in private with Dan Moderos, an investigator from the Attorney General’s office, and she reported the crimes that occurred on October 13th. She stated that at the Police Academy in Concord on October 13th, 2021, Monica Holm was kidnapped. She was zip-tied and thrown into a paddy wagon by the state troopers. 

Monica Holm’s arrest was deemed unlawful by the courts.

After Terese reported the crime, the investigator asked Terese why she hadn’t reported the crime sooner. The crime was not reported at the time because the state arrested Monica Holm and the charges had to be dropped before the crime could be reported. Thus, they had to wait to report Sununu and the State Police’s crimes.

Another crime occurred – a retired preschool teacher had her head bashed into concrete.

Terese continued reporting other crimes on October 13th. She stated that a seventy-year-old retired preschool teacher, Kathleen Michell Barr Bussiere, had her head bashed into concrete. 

The investigator seemed like he didn’t believe that Terese was actually reporting a crime or that an investigation was warranted. In fact, Terese had to repeat the crime twice because the investigator must have looked at her doubtfully or with disbelief.

Why did Terese report Sununu and the NH State Police’s crimes?

Terese wanted to report Sununu and the State police for these crimes because it is a crime to kidnap someone and it’s a crime to bash a person’s head into the concrete. Furthermore, she wanted to encourage others who are fighting for the freedom to stand up with courage. She wanted people to know that just because someone is in a place of authority, it doesn’t mean they should be held to a lower standard or that we should be afraid of them. Also, she wants to encourage everyone to speak up for future generations. 

She said, “If we don’t stand up, they will continue to take away our freedom.” 

The investigator had to go back to his superiors and tell them that Terese had asked to begin a criminal investigation into Sununu. 

Keep Government Accountable

To her followers, Terese stated that Monica Holm would file a civil suit, but that would not keep Dictator Sununu accountable because the state would be asked to pay for any damages that Monica is to be awarded. Therefore, Terese had to come and file a criminal complaint to keep the dictator accountable to the law. Terese asked her followers, “How is he (Sununu) above the law?” and she answered her own question by saying, “Because we have allowed it.” 

My question for the commenters:

In the comments section, discuss the following question:

Do you think that the investigators will investigate this crime? Will they arrest Dictator Sununu for his crime? 

File a Civil Suit

Terese explained to her audience that if we don’t report a crime that the government perpetrates, nothing will be done to keep the government accountable. She said that anyone could file a civil suit if they watched the video from October 13th because “our rights have been chilled.” All you have to do is file a suit with a $400 fee. This is something that Terese needs us to do.

Not Admitting Fault

Next, the investigator came back and talked to Terese. He asked for more information. The investigator actually said, “This accusation is about the believed kidnapping by the state police.” Terese responded that she witnessed Monica being zip-tied and thrown into a paddy wagon without any explanation as to why that was being done. Terese continued pointing out the corruption by stating that there were troopers and sheriffs that were at the crime scene. 

Email to the DOJ

The investigator said that Terese needed to put everything down in writing. Terese encouraged everyone who watched the video from October 13th to contribute to the report of what happened on October 13th. She said to send an email to the AG’s office and ask them to investigate what we witnessed.

The email address is 

Tried to Dissuade Terese from Reporting

To dissuade Terese from going forward with the investigation, the investigator pointed out that there was no harm done to any of the individuals. 

Is that a reason to not report Dictator Sununu and the NH Polices’ crimes? What about the fact that the government committed a crime?

Uncomfortable with Freedom of the Press

After that, the investigator talked to Monica Holm about her kidnapping. The investigator then tried to get Monica to move away from the cameras as he interviewed her. He was obviously uncomfortable with any evidence that might be used against the state. 

If the state was acting in our best interest, why would they be uncomfortable with video recording? He is obviously afraid that he might say something that would incriminate the state and get him in trouble.

Encourage Insiders to Fight

After reporting Sununu and the NH State Police’s crimes, Terese pointed out to her audience that while there is a lot of corruption, we need to pray for individuals to rise up against the corruption inside the government. She said that the investigator might be a man of integrity working in dysfunction, and if we stand up to that dysfunction, the investigator might find the courage to stand up as well. 

Terese then pointed out that the problems in the world might influence this courage. She said that because there is so much dysfunction in the world, people may decide that enough is enough and take a stand. She said that they will be forced to say, “Which side of history do I want to be on?” 

To get people inside the system to stand up, Terese encouraged us to stand up. She said that we have to make it as hard as we possibly can for those looking to set up a global government and begin using a global constitution. If we want to do it peacefully, we have to keep our government accountable by using their system. 

Report all Government Crimes

Terese encouraged her followers to use the form below to report the crimes committed. Anyone who watches the video can clearly see the crime. She also said that if there is any corruption in your town, you need to report it. You could visit your local police department to do that, but don’t trust them to ensure justice; film and document everything yourself, as well.

They work for us

Finally, Terese pointed out that we are the ones that pay the salaries of these public officials. Thus, the government works for us. 

Will you stand with Monica Holm, Terese Grinnell, and We the People NH? Will you send an email to the attorney general’s office? Could you file a civil suit? 

We have the right to stand.

The Declaration of Independence says:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. “

We the People of New Hampshire have the right to demand that our government walks in justice. Our government was made to secure our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Since our government is shirking its responsibility to protect our rights, we must stand. 

Bombard them with emails

Being that Monica Holm was kidnapped and the investigator for the Attorney General’s office wants to sweep this crime under the rug, the government is not standing with the people. Thus, we must bombard them with as many emails as we can. The crime cannot be swept under the rug. Moreover, Dictator Sununu must be held accountable for his crimes. 

Terese Grinnell and the Noble Nine

If you do not know the story of Terese Grinnell and the Noble Nine, please visit We the People NH ( I will give you a summary right here, but we need more witnesses, so I encourage you to watch the video from their arrest. 

On October 13th, Dictator Sununu and his Executive Council were voting on whether to accept 27 million dollars from the federal government. The money came with strings attached that would enforce quarantines and other Covid precautions. Terese and other freedom fighters went to the meeting to silently protest the federal money. While sitting peacefully in the audience, not saying a word, 9 individuals were unlawfully arrested without any explanation. Afterward, they were informed that they were arrested for disorderly conduct. 

Terese’s warrant for arrest actually stated that she had uttered, “Amen.” This violates her 1st Amendment rights to the freedom of:

  1. speech (She is allowed to say anything she wants if it doesn’t defame or slander another person.) 
  2. religion (She can say things that refer to religion.)
  3. assembly (She had the right to be at the Executive Council meeting.)
  4. petition (She has the right to tell the government when they are making a mistake.)

Furthermore, if you notice, at the AG’s office, the personnel there tried to suppress Terese’s right to the freedom of the press by trying to stop her from filming. We have a government that wants to take away all of our 1st Amendment rights because they don’t work for them.

Watch Bao Chao Kelley’s interview of Frank Staple who is one of the Noble 9 arrested with Terese Grinnell.

Disqualifying the State Attorneys

Frank points out that Terese and the other defendants in the case filed a motion to disqualify the attorneys that were trying their case because they don’t work for the Attorney General’s office. The attorneys that have been representing the state in the Noble 9 case actually work for the Department of Safety and report directly to Sununu. Therefore, there may be a conflict of interest. Thus, the attorney that represents seven of the eight defendants has filed to change attorneys. He has asked to have an attorney from the Attorney General’s office represent the state.

On trial for doing nothing

Terese and seven other defendants, excluding Monica Holm, are going on trial for their “disorderly conduct” on October 13, 2021. The trial date was postponed due to a problem with the state attorney. Their trial will be the 6th hearing of their case. At the 5th hearing, the judge watched the video of the alleged disorderly conduct, and although she saw and heard no disorderly conduct, she pushed the case to trial.

Frank points out that following the 5th hearing, Judge McIntyre, who presided over the first five hearings, recused herself from trying the case. It appears that watching the video evidence and pushing the case to trial was too much for her.

At Frank’s trial, he plans to call 80 witnesses including Dictator Sununu.

Right to record – Freedom of the Press

If you don’t know a lot about our Constitutional rights, watch the above video. Frank is a student of the Constitution and knows his rights and explains them well. One thing that Frank points out is that the government is always telling him that he cannot record proceedings, but that is unconstitutional. With the 1st Amendment, we have the right to record proceedings. Frank actually hopes that he will be arrested for recording because he is hoping that the government will be exposed for their unconstitutionality.

Be the Government’s Oversight

Our government is out of control and needs oversight. We are their oversight, so we must email the AG’s office and file civil suits against the state and Dictator Sununu. We can no longer stay quiet. If we stay quiet, we will end up paying for that in the end. This is our chance to stand before we lose all of our freedom. 

Are you with me? 

Get the People Involved

Send this to everyone you know. Dictator Sununu and the NH State Police think they can do whatever they want. We must stand up and say, “No, you are accountable to us and we have rights.” 

Stand with We the People NH by informing our government of our rights because they clearly have forgotten. 

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