This week’s (May 31) show topics included:

Are we in a world war? Though Russia has said that English leaders are fair game, Daniel reports from the UK that this has not been made big deal out of by the press; how bad is the debt deal? Does Massie have a point that it is not so bad? What about the 87k IRS agents? The difference between raising the debt ceiling and “suspending” the debt ceiling, which is what the deal is purporting to do; can any politician really make a case to the American public (about Social Security, Medicare, etc.) when the media hides and/or rewrites the story? a discussion of Desantis’ announcement on twitter; is there any truth to the polls showing Trump so far out in front in the primaries; the litigation against the ATF rule making pistol braces illegal; chevron deference being challenged and how that may affect the ATF and other rule-making alphabet agencies; Ed M. explains Chevron deference; perspective of UK resident on 2A; does 2A preserve any liberties against out of control agencies like the FBI? General discussion of Trump vs Desantis;

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