In this age of hysteria and with the rapid rearranging of social norms, there is one question that we should all turn our focus to, no matter what our political leanings are.   

How should society ultimately deal with the people who don’t take government/employer-mandated pharmaceuticals?

Now that the FDA has approved one of the coronavirus injections and President Biden has urged businesses to mandate these shots for employees, it’s become clear that there is a coordinated effort to inject nearly everyone. 

However, this is simply not possible without mass amounts of coercion and the dangling of “carrots”. Once the bribes run out, it will be necessary to inflict financial and physical pain on those who are uncooperative. 

What happens when the donuts run out?

I’m not suggesting that these tactics are good or bad. I’m only asking my brothers and sisters, us common people, who have been desperately complying with the whims of our leaders and unelected health officials for nearly 2 years, to think about the implications of this. Consider what the final solution to this “crisis” might be. 

After the non-injected are terminated from their jobs and eventually excluded from society via medical passports, which were once just a conspiracy theory, there will need to be a system in place to manage these undesirables. 

Undesirables can’t be left alone to wander about and skirt the system. These people will have to be physically separated from the rest of the population to ensure the biomedical security of the public. This will necessarily lead to the need for internment camps.     

Perhaps you believe that quarantine and isolation facilities are a sign of humanity progressing to a higher and healthier state of being. Perhaps you believe that forcing humans to consume pharmaceuticals is a sign of peak of enlightenment and health. 

Unfortunately, these are the signs of a dark age nearing. For if we give up the individual claim to our bodies, then we have accepted our own slavery. If you think you’re safe now because you’ve taken the mandated injections, you’re mistaken. Understand that you will never be able to comply well enough because your body will no longer be yours. The booster shots will continue until your death and there will be no limit to the other medical procedures or pharmaceuticals that might be necessary to satisfy the biomedical police state.  

You are trading your human spirit for perceived safety from mild viruses. 

I’ve often wondered how the holocaust and Holodomor could be allowed to happen. Today, I understand it all very clearly. I’ve witnessed the good nature of my friends and loved ones be raped and used against them. I’ve witnessed intelligent people deny their own intuition and be hypnotized into a state of fear through media consumption. I’ve witnessed good people refuse to analyze their environments for themselves using instinct, and instead defer personal health decisions to bureaucrats and ‘experts’.

The logical conclusion of mass hysteria over invisible viruses is increased authoritarianism and ultimately death camps. We were all trained in our high school history classes to identify the signs of this, and for those of you who are having a hard time recognizing them, I’m writing to tell you that the signs are in front of you today.

This is not a call to be alarmed or to become more hysterical. This is a call to calmly and confidently assert your God-given rights at any opportunity you have. Whether you’ve taken the shot or not, it’s time for The People, to rip the control out of the hands of authoritarians and to take back our health freedom and sanity.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

The “experts” at the CDC are now recommending a third booster shot. When will it be enough?