By Jason Gerhard for The Liberty Block

Government has been turned upside down. It no longer exists for the people, but rather for the government. And I’m not just a part time conspiracy theorist (isn’t everyone nowadays if you don’t buy the mainstream B.S.?). I moonlight as a N.H. State Representative, as well. Figured the extra $100 a year could really pad the retirement account.

For a long time, I’ve known the government was a scam of sorts. In N.Y.C. at 18 years old, back in 2004, I saw the organized crime element of union labor while working on bridge repainting projects. Later, when I started looking into the workings of government, I saw the SAME ELEMENTS AT WORK. One group of people who wanted to exert their will over another group.

Fast forward to today and I find myself looking down the barrel of a similar situation. On January 18th I was able to get a resolution demanding an investigation of the COVID vaccine manufacturers passed by the Merrimack County Republican Committee. Ten days later, the New Hampshire Republican State Committee passed the same resolution.

After some nagging, I was able to secure a meeting with Attorney General John Formella. Joining me was a fellow representative from the Health and Human Services Committee and an interesting guy from Massachusetts by the name of John Beaudoin. Mr. Beaudoin, through much nagging of the federal court system, had managed to get access to the Massachusetts death database. What he found was criminal in nature. There had been a notable increase in deaths since the roll-out of this experimental product, as well as intentional mislabeling of death certificates in order to facilitate the payment of hush money to the hospitals.

That meeting happened on March 20th. No word from Attorney General Formella since.

On January 16th, a little girl by the name of Elizabeth Rose Ragonese died. How little? 2-years-old little. Her memorial photo was posted online by the church that had conducted her service. Someone had discovered a VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) entry for a 2 -year -old vaxxed on January 15th who died January 16th from, “Death after receiving both COVID and annual influenza vaccines.”

Wanting to know whether this little girl’s death certificate was properly documented as a vax death, I went down to the Northfield Town Hall on Tuesday ready to put up $15 to obtain a copy of her death certificate. Yet, I was unable. The clerk told me that I did not qualify as I was not an immediate family member.

As State Representatives, we are supposed to be the oversight arm of the people over the government. As controllers of the purse strings, we decide whether money is being used wisely or not. Yet, that does not occur anymore. Now we are mere rubber stamps, unable to conduct meaningful oversight without the approval of the party bosses.

Article 83 of the New Hampshire Constitution is very clear:

“Free and fair competition in the trades and industries is an inherent and essential right of the people and should be protected against all monopolies and conspiracies which tend to hinder or destroy it. The size and functions of all corporations should be so limited and regulated as to prohibit fictitious capitalization and provision should be made for the supervision and government thereof. Therefore, all just power possessed by the state is hereby granted to the general court to enact laws to prevent the operations within the state of all persons and associations, and all trusts and corporations, foreign or domestic, and the officers thereof, who endeavor to raise the price of any article of commerce or to destroy free and fair competition in the trades and industries through combination, conspiracy, monopoly, or any other unfair means; to control and regulate the acts of all such persons, associations, corporations, trusts, and officials doing business within the state; to prevent fictitious capitalization; and to authorize civil and criminal proceedings in respect to all the wrongs herein declared against.”

Since I represent Northfield and the City of Franklin, a quote from Benjamin Franklin seems appropriate here

“Trusting too much to others’ care is the ruin of many.1”

As a people, we’ve trusted too much to the political class who represent only their own interests. Corporations have become controllers of government and through that institution, our very society. Although we think of them as our masters, corporations have traditionally been kept on very short leashes. To this day in Puerto Rico, no agricultural corporation may own more than 500-acres. Yet, in the USA we can’t even look into an obvious situation of Big Pharma corporations harming thousands of Americans?

Instead of just complaining about this state of affairs, I am offering a solution. It’s time to launch an Article 83 Committee of state reps to investigate corporate wrongdoings by Big Pharma and the rest of the garbage pail kids. We need to take the trash out. This wouldn’t be authorized by the party bosses in Concord, but rather a coalition of the people’s representatives asking important questions and not taking “no comment” for an answer. No corporation is free from legislative oversight. We owe this to the people of the state. It’s our job.

What can you do? Call your reps and ask where they stand. Let them know about this effort and find out how they feel. Do they support form over substance? Do “rules” that contradict the spirit and letter of the Constitution hold weight?

If need be, remind them of the definition of “commission” in Black’s Law Dictionary:

“An individual or body to whom others have delegated or committed a particular duty, or who have taken on themselves to perform it in the expectation of their act being confirmed by the body they profess to represent or act for.”

This definition is even more telling: “The term is especially applied to the person or persons who are invested, by order of the proper court, with the guardianship of the person and estate of one who has been adjudged a lunatic.”

Government has taken on the character of a lunatic.

Remember, this is not just about Big Pharma, it’s about all of the mega-corporations who managed to bribe/connive nine guys wearing black dresses back in the 1880s into granting them constitutional rights. Yes, an opinion as fraudulent as that is the legal foundation from which they claim equal footing with men who have blood running through their veins.

It’s time for an Article 10 Right of Revolution revival. Live free from mega-corporation domination or die!

1Benjamin Franklin, William Temple Franklin (1818). “Memoirs of the life and writings of Benjamin Franklin …”, p.250, Printed for H. Colborn


Jason Gerhard

State Representative

Northfield – Franklin (Merrimack 25)

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