Why running is not the answer – an explanation why you should never give up on your rights and a defense to assert that Virginia is not a lost cause. 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

These words from our Declaration of Independence alone are simple, but the meaning is as important and impactful to American life as breath, air, blood, and water among any other necessities for life. Jefferson’s words have stood the test of time in print, but have been twisted beyond recognition from their intended purpose. Over two centuries of manipulation, greed, cowardice, corruption, jealousy and other acts relating to tyranny have taken their toll on the liberties described by our Founding Fathers. Government’s power is no longer just; and rarely derived from the consent of the governed. The meaning of the Declaration and other founding documents have been perverted and now misinterpreted explanations are being taught to upcoming generations. Far too many elected representatives of today prefer our youth to believe that their freedoms come from them or from the founding documents or some other governing document or process. Self-evident truths wereone time commonly understood, but are slowly becoming a footnote in the American way of life. The term unalienable is more likely to be associated with a Hollywood movie in today’s American society as opposed to the fact that the term means inseparable, unbreakable, undeniable – a bond which cannot be broken and a term which has its natural and fitting place connecting all men and women with their rights bestowed upon them by their Creator.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Words from another founding document commonly debated in today’s legislative bodies and courts which similarly have simple meaning but have been distorted to privatize, socialize and – ultimately – own and control your liberty. Sorely misunderstood by many citizens of today based upon the twisted and misguided interpretations from governmental crown puppets or poor fools ignorant of their Rights, these Rights along with others bequeathed to us by our Creator are under attack. These documents do not bestow them to us, but rather these documents describe how Governments instituted among men are not to infringe upon the liberties granted to us at conception by our Creator. Citizens fail to realize that the Rights described by the words above were in place before they were written on paper and signed as part of the Bill of Rights in 1791 – they were in existence prior to the Constitution signed in 1787 – indeed, they were in place before the Declaration of Independence signed in 1776. These Rights and others in our founding documents have always been ours to have if we were willing to stand up for them and if we so choose to protect them. This particular Right has been described in some of the oldest writings known to man including the Words of the Bible and other ancient texts which describe the most basic Right to self-protection. 

Do not be in denial, your life and all your Rights are targets. Not by people hidden in rooms unseen from the public eye, but rather standing in plain sight. These aren’t evil people with a desire to own you or control you, but rather fellow Americans. Brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, fathers, mothers, cousins, co-workers, etc. who have been misled into electing people to control them and you equally. For generations, the minds of Americans have been distorted into not only believing but promoting the idea that governments can solve our problems. It is no longer commonly understood or accepted that freedom is dangerous and instead we are brainwashed into accepting perceived safe and peaceful slavery. Government is no longer viewed as the necessary evil it was once appropriately understood to be. Though there may likely be those hidden behind closed doors with evil intent, they are not your greatest foe, your greatest foe is the complacency in your mind to continue on the current path; to follow those neighbors, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, etc. blindly down the path of destruction. Your worst enemy is your choice to do nothing since the immediate impact is not upon you. Your worst enemy is to choose to look the other way when those around you are being assaulted but you choose to turn a blind eye because it isn’t happening to you… at least not yet. 

We live in a time not very different from those of the 1770s. Oppression, control from afar, greed, dominance, tyranny… choose your term, but there is likely a good fit somewhere in our Republic for any term you choose! There are those that would have you believe that what is happening in another State or Commonwealth is none of your concern. They would have you believe that you are ok where you are. You need not worry about other peoples’ issues. They are not like you, they did not vote or were too lazy and now they are paying the price – that won’t happen to you. Or will it? You shouldn’t concern yourself with their issues or their just cause. Or should you? 

The people of Virginia have been the most widely publicized recent case. And I, like you, not too long ago, also willingly said and did little or nothing. Oh, I voted when the time came, but otherwise I sat back thinking it will never happen to me. The people of California, New York, New Jersey and the like must have somehow missed the boat, but I thought ‘I will not’ and ‘It will never happen here, not to me’. Now I sit here in the same chair staring down the barrel of a loaded gun held by a governor hell-bent on destroying the very foundation of the freedoms and Rights I have known my entire life. Whether I choose to exercise my Rights or not is entirely my choice, but come July 1st, my choices will be more limited. On July 1st, the anti-gun bills signed by Virginia’s governor will take effect. They go into effect in part because the necessary preventive actions were not taken quickly enough. Action is part of the price for freedom. Willingness to speak to others and educate them about what liberty and Rights mean. 

Before explaining the path forward, let us examine how close we were to avoiding this fiasco. Let us first examine the last Governor’s race. With a turnout of less than 50% of registered voters in the 2017 gubernatorial election, it is evident that low voter turnout was a key factor. While the loss of over 230K votes sounds impressive, consider that approximately 2.8 million registered voters did not cast a vote and you realize how close we were to different results. Further, one must consider the political demographics of Virginia. Only a few densely populated areas have democratic dominance. The image below from the 2017 governor race results clearly shows that by geography, the state is overwhelmingly Republican. 

Many Virginians refer to this map as evidence and as an outcry for a state level electoral college as counties are far underrepresented in these elections but I digress. Continued analysis shows that counties with historically low turnouts were also split in the Republican primaries. The preferred Republican candidate from these counties did not win the primary. Therefore, voters in these regions faced two nominees that they did not support. This fact certainly contributed to even lower than normal voter turnout. If only 10% (~280K) of registered voters that did not vote had voted, the governorship could have been completely different and this entire issue could have been avoided. 

Now, let us examine the last Virginia House of Delegates election. The key factor is that 6 seats were lost to Democratic candidates. As with the gubernatorial results, we see that the majority of the state is strongly Republican, but again in counties with traditionally lower voter turnout. 

The 2019 State Senate results tell the same story, as well. In the Senate, two seats were lost to Democratic candidates. Indeed, the last three major state ballots in Virginia were lost by tiny margins to the extreme left. A perfect storm of conflictive primary races along with low voter turnout led to these results. In all three cases, higher voter turnout would have likely avoided this entire situation. Not to mention that based upon Virginia Census results there are likely over 1 million voters that are not even registered when you consider the number of registered voters (~5.4M) vs adults over 18 (~6.7M). Low voter turnout, complacency, and low voter registration all contributed to the three major blows taken in recent elections across Virginia. These are three major battle fronts which we must address to combat the siege that is upon us. We must bring awareness to everyone to stand our ground. Turning and running only expands their grasp upon our Republic. 

Virginia is not a lost cause. Even New York, California, and New Jersey are not lost. There are some who promote the mindset of complacency so you will believe that Virginia is a lost cause. But imagine the pessimism faced by Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Adams or any other Founding Father and patriots in the 1770s. Based upon evidence alone, their cause too was lost. We, like our forefathers, have a battle on our hands that we must fight. If colonial Americans would have accepted the pessimism and propaganda, then WE would not be the United States of America. Colonial America was far more a lost cause than any current State or Commonwealth. We face the same challenge that the far left faced in the last three major state ballot races where, to their credit, they pulled off the unthinkable. The far left won at the same challenge we are facing, so if you want to see evidence that it can be done, look at what they achieved to our dismay. But WE are even greater in number and with dedication, focus and perseverance WE WILL WIN! Is there a long and difficult road ahead? Oh yes! There will be difficult times ahead but UNITED WE CAN AND WILL take back Virginia and restore the Rights that will be infringed on July 1st. Thanks in part to the greed and tyranny on display within the 2020 legislative bodies, a giant has been awoken. I never thought I would thank God for kicking me as a collective part of this giant, but I do. The kick was perhaps necessary to sound the warning that WE are on the cusp of a domino effect to losing our rights. You and I are part of that giant which has just been prodded from its sleep. The giant is all ‘The People’. Though perhaps only part of the giant truly understands and cares about the individual Rights of all, we are the majority. WE have been awoken and WE are going nowhere. WE are not running. WE are not giving up. WE WILL WIN. 

How WILL WE WIN moving forward?

Another little-known section of the Declaration of Independence are the 27 enumerated grievances. Just like in 1776, we too are compiling our list of grievances. We are far from the ultimate point that was necessary to establish our independence and God-willing we will never reach that point, but we are indeed building our list. Petition is next. The heritage we have all inherited has the ability, if we are willing to look and listen, to teach us how to restore what has been taken from us. Ultimately that same heritage also shows us what is at stake if we do not heed the warning. It may sound cliché, but WE WILL take this back through any and all methods necessary starting at the ballot boxes. When we win back the political majority, we will elect representatives that know their sole purpose is to restore the rights that our tyrannical governor is so intent on taking away. WE WILL hold them accountable. You may be asking yourself what it matters to you as a citizen of Kentucky, Alabama, New Hampshire, Vermont, or any other location; what can you do? After all, you can not vote in Virginia. But are you part of the giant? Are you someone who cares about our collective Rights? Or do you just care about some Rights or only some of The People? 

The strategy is seemingly simple, yet quite difficult. We must strongly communicate to our elected representatives specifically on this topic. Elect representatives we know will align with our God-given rights. Representatives that understand that a vote against our Creator’s will for us is tyranny and will spell an end to their political career and reputation. It sounds simple, because in essence, it is. However, the difficulty is equally as clear. Overcoming complacency and low voter registration combined with low voter turnout as highlighted above is no small task. When people have been manipulated into the comfort of complacency and conformity, it is a difficult habit to break. But it can be done by speaking up. Reaching out. Talk to your fellow Americans: brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, fathers, mothers, cousins, co-workers. Ensure they understand what is at stake. Ensure they are registered to vote and understand the importance of their vote. Make them understand that the people of 1930’s Germany also likely thought their freedom was assured. Encourage them to find their motivation. Ask them if they want their children and grandchildren to enjoy the same choices they have had to exercise their Rights. Their motivation may be in the heritage they will pass on or from knowing and wanting to preserve the heritage which they have received. For me, I imagine walking through the halls of the holocaust museum observing the shoes of those who were boarded onto trains. I close my eyes and imagine those shoes with Adidas stamped on them or with little unicorns attached to the strings in the same way that my children wear. This is not fear mongering, I do not support such a tactic, this is purely a reminder from many episodes in history. Germany, Russia, Turkey, China, Uganda, and others have all had similar instances where gun control measures were followed by atrocities. When the time comes, challenge everyone you know to vote. Challenge them now to register to vote if they have not already done so. Voter turnout will be crucial to this battlefront. 

Additionally, education and nomenclature is imperative to longer term strategy on the social battlefront. ‘Weapon’ and ‘assault weapon’ for example carry with them a negative connotation. We can work in simple ways to dissociate these connotations related to firearms. When you discuss your firearms, use the terms rifle, pistol, or gun in place of weapon or ‘assault rifle’. When you hear these negative terms, attempt to explain that assault is an action and not a noun associated with an inanimate object. We have short term goals to win at the ballots, but we must set the stage to untangle the web of confusion, ignorance, and propaganda spun by the far left in past decades. We must remove their negativity and misinformation and replace it with truth, facts and recognition that our heritage is rich in liberty including the use of firearms. 

Further, we must accept that some people have reasonable fear or dislike of firearms. Perhaps they witnessed firearm abuse as a child, observed one too many Hollywood movies with misinformation about firearms or know someone that has suffered violence at the hand of a criminal using a firearm. Accepting that these citizens have every reason to be fearful and doubtful of firearms is the only reasonable course. Instead of the all too often case of ridicule or dismissal, listen to understand their fear and be compassionate to their concerns. Explain to them the proper and safe firearm use and the rich history of firearms associated with American liberties. From the shot heard round the world to the Battle of Athens, firearms in the hands of honest American’s have been around since the founding of our Republic. Try to help them understand that if it makes sense to limit one Right, then it should make sense to limit other Rights. Ask them “Does it make sense to limit the freedom of speech to 30 words or less?” or “Should we only allow people to purchase 1 book per month?” or “Doesn’t it make sense to allow someone to have their property taken from them and due process thrown aside if their neighbor doesn’t agree with them?”. If they think Red Flag laws make sense, ask them “why then after the firearms have been removed, they leave behind car keys, medications, rope and other items which could be used to inflict self-harm or harm to others?”. The sarcasm of the questions are less meaningful than the purpose to highlight that this is indeed a Human Rights issue and not a firearms issue. If they would not want their other Rights limited, then they too should accept and understand that we are simply asking for the equality of Rights simply on another topic and tool. 

Lastly, on the social front, be mindful that your actions reflect upon everyone else with similar views. Choose your words with love and respect. Do not give the left the justification or ammunition they want from a moment of weakness or anger fueled words. Give them no ability to twist your actions or words as they have so cleverly done for decades to our founding documents. 

If you are part of the majority, then you have been kicked as well! Though you may not be able to vote in Virginia, you can still write to legislators. Write to your local, state and federal legislators. Though it may not have an impact on you now, if you do nothing, it will. You can flee to another location, but there is no longer a ‘new land’ to sail to. Colonial America was the last new frontier. We have nowhere else to run. So together, here, WE SHALL STAND!! Virginia’s fight is your fight! When we are done with Virginia WE will work to restore the Rights of our fellow Americans in California, New York and New Jersey. WE CAN and WE MUST if we have any intention to preserve these and other Rights. Why does it stop in Virginia? Because it must! If Virginia falls, then no location will be safe. Given enough time and complacency you will have nowhere to hide. Virginia has been knocked down, but together WE CAN help her stand again!! Running and giving up is not the answer. If you think Virginia is lost, then you accept the idea of surrendering your Rights. As the age old saying, UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL – Virginia’s fight, our fight, is your fight – STAND WITH US!! UNITED WE WILL WIN!!