This week’s (June 28) show topics included:

SCOTUS ruling on independent state legislature theory, imposing judicial review on powers seemingly given exclusively to State Legislatures; if Trump’s nominations to SCOTUS have disappointed, is that partially the fault of the Federalist Society? The IRS whistleblowers vs DOJ; is the left trying to dump Biden for 2024? How much accuracy is there to the polls showing Trump so far ahead of Desantis? Should Desantis attack Trump’s failures more and will that help to connect to voters more? Is there any chance of the judge not accepting Hunter Biden’s plea bargain? What will SCOTUS rule on affirmative action and what will the ramifications be either way? Democrats against honoring Richard Grenell for pride month; Texas professor fired for teaching that sex is based on chromosomes; BlackRock admitting Desantis hurt them by pulling funds from them; the Wagner “coup” against Putin;

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