This week’s (July 12) show topics included:

An Archbishop in England deeming the lord’s prayer patriarchal; the movie The Sound of Freedom and the left going after the movie, as contrasted to their opposition to the catholic church for the very same crime of child abuse. the same people also attacking Andrew Tate for trafficking children, while defending it when attacking the movie. Target backing down re: Mark Levin’s book—does the always back down when challenged? Is the media trying to push Biden out by dripping out more info? Ed M suggests that almost all bad government programs, agencies, etc. were started by republicans and in that sense the Dems want Repubs in office; it is possible to run for president without any RINO’s contributing money? is trump alienating voters by dissing republican governors and people in Iowa, Nevada, etc.? Ed P reported in from Waikiki; cocaine in the White House; Janet Yellen kissing the ring in China;

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