This week’s (July 26) show topics included:

McConnell’s silent few seconds with some of the medical info explained by Lazer, who co-hosted the show from the Western Aleutian Islands; will this have any political implications concerning comparisons to Biden? Hunter Biden’s plea bargain hearing, with some disagreement on the panel as to whether the deal was entirely scrapped; can a president pardon himself? What if anything are the limits on presidential pardons? Texas putting buoys to block immigrants; did the bank that debanked Farage back down? RFK Jr. being called an anti-semite and Desantis being accused of racism for curriculum on slavery. Sununu not running for president or re-running for Governor of NH (with Alu reporting on the gubernatorial race from NH); Lebron James’ son suffering cardiac arrest; the opinion that Lebron will not come out against the vax due to his strong ties with China; Trump skipping the first debate and possibly doing an interview with Tucker; a new crypto (with retina scans) was introduced the other day and it’s being promoted by the WEF; the Fed raised interest rates again today;

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