This week’s (Oct 25) show topics included:

New Speaker of the House elected today; does it matter who leads the republicans, if they are not going to use the power of the purse in mid-November? Should the republicans do anything that would endanger their prospects in 2024? Is there still a possibility Trump could lose the primaries? Will those who reportedly flipped on Trump (Jenna Ellis, Mark Meadows) hurt him legally? Will the Gaza situation simmer down or blow up? Colorado case allowing 14th amendment case against Trump being on the ballot to proceed; if Trump were jailed even before appeals, would there be an uprising in response? Does the Biden administration want America to be weakened? SCOTUS allowing government and tech to suppress speech pending a final decision (with a good explanation by Ed M); Missouri law barring law enforcement from enforcing federal gun laws, overturned by an appeals court and SCOTUS refusing to stay the appeals court decision;

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