This week’s (Nov 29) show topics included:

Dispute between U.K. and Greece over artifacts (Elgin Marbles) that the British rescued years ago and now Greece wants back; should items/lands acquired legally per the norms of a prior period be returned? The riot in a High School in Queens, NY, presumably inspired by a Jewish teacher posting something pro-Israel on Facebook; are pro-Palestinian protesters all antisemitic? Is it OK for the US to support both sides of wars, such as sending supplies to Gaza while sending arms to Israel? Ruth explained why it may not be insane to have college courses on Taylor Swift and defends teaching Critical Race Theory in universities. Daniel compared CRT to Hitler’s writings on Jews; DOJ/Jack Smith seeking info on anyone who retweeted or liked a tweet of Donald Trump? The upcoming Desantis vs Newsom debate; Meagan spoke of growing antisemitism that she has been encountering, not necessarily perpetrated by Muslims or other minorities;

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