In January of 2022, Stephen Marche published a book about the inevitable breakup of the union. In writing ‘The Next Civil War’ he clearly conducted extensive research into right-wing and left-wing ideologies, and the history, legality, and practicality of secession. Personally, I think that the book was fantastic and accurately described the current powder-keg situation within the united states. But it doesn’t matter whether I agree with him or consider him psychotic. Indeed, I do consider the typical Democrat in the united states to be psychotic, and Marche seems like a typical Democrat progressive. That’s the beauty of peaceful separation. When a person (especially on the opposing side) makes the case for secession, if I think he’s right, we agree on secession, and if I think he’s too crazy to share a country with, we agree on secession. It’s a beautiful win-win scenario, one which I like to call ‘unity through division’. 

This book is mostly set in the near future. The author begins by telling the story of what could be a major catalyst for the next civil war. The scenario of the ‘Battle of the Bridge’ is at least as reasonable as standoffs that have already occurred between pro-freedom citizens and the overreaching federal government such as Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Bundy grazing standoff. 

I think that Marche makes a reasonable prediction regarding a military battle between the federal government and conservative rebels, though I think that the US armed forces would be more hesitant and less successful than the book describes. Marche does, however, do a fantastic job explaining and proving with historical evidence that winning battles and attempting to occupy a population that resents you is a losing endeavor and has roughly zero chance of success (see: perpetual failed battles/occupations in the middle east). So, even if the US government did kill millions of conservatives and libertarians and occupy right-wing strongholds, they would only foster more resentment, causing their efforts to backfire. 

Personally, I think that Marche unfairly paints anyone right of center as a selfish bigot. Again, it seems like he is living in a different reality, along with the rest of the progressives. And they think that I am living in a different reality, and many progressives go so far as to wish for my death. This all proves my exact point: We cannot coexist peacefully. 

Marche does an excellent job explaining that there are already at least two to five countries within the geographic area known as the ‘united states’. As I have been saying for years, the culture, ideology, politics, and identity in Wyoming are a world away from the culture in NYC. Many massive scientific surveys demonstrate that on nearly every single major issue, the people within the united states are split roughly 50-50. Interestingly, the issue with the greatest consensus is that ‘the united states is on the wrong track’, with only 27% of respondents saying that they believed the union was on the right track.

He makes an interesting point about successful independence movements. They are not successful when they are done for purely political reasons; they only succeed when a people truly have a distinct identity from their former country. Catalans don’t identify as Spaniards. Catalonia governs itself as an independent nation from Spain. British people don’t identify as European. Scottish people don’t identify as British. Ukrainian people don’t identify as Russian. While New Hampshire and Texas don’t have quite the same intensity of national identity as the aforementioned people, the populations in those states and many others are rapidly shifting their identity from American first to one of state pride. Having spent time in Wyoming, Florida, New Mexico, Maryland, Texas, New Hampshire, and many other states, I can tell you that the people within those states already do identify more with their home states than with the entire mess of a union that politicians desperately refer to as a ‘unified country’. Each state already does have its own culture. While the language difference between Floridians and New Yorkers is not as profound as the gap between Denmark and Germany, the political differences are much greater between Florida and New York. 

Increasingly, we see citizens throughout the union flying more state flags and fewer DC empire flags. Once the Texas flag becomes more popular than the American flag in Texas, we will know that Texit is imminent. When the DC politicians ban state flags, we will know that they have already lost the war. 

Already, the people of the united states fight bitterly about every issue that affects the most serious parts of their lives, from abortion to gun rights and from medical freedom to socialism. These are not ‘light and transient’ issues. Those who disagree on these fundamental issues cannot share a country and certainly cannot share one set of laws or cultural norms. The people of the united states agree on one thing: DC politicians are corrupt and do not serve the people, and this union is not working. Breaking up won’t be easy, but it will be best for all of us. 

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