At around two in the morning on Monday, October 19th, a vandal stole a large Trump sign from the private property of a Merrimack, NH firearms store. The store’s manager watched the theft occur on his security cameras when he came into work the next day. The video evidence clearly showed the criminals using a black BMW with Massachusetts plates to commit the crime. The owner of DW619 Guns & Ammo reported the trespassing and theft to the Merrimack Police. However, the police did not pursue the case, because the owner of the sign did not wish to press charges. 

Feeling let down by police, the manager of the gun store found the criminals on his own, and reached out to the male who stole his sign. Rather than threaten him or demand financial retribution, Keith Cox, who manages the popular shop figured that he would teach the adolescent about responsibility. Cox told the Massachusetts vandal that all would be forgiven if he would return the sign and stand in front of the shop for one hour holding a Trump sign. After initially protesting and accusing Cox of being a racist, the youth agreed to the terms.

After agreeing to show up and hold a Trump sign in front of DW619 on the corner of Bedford Rd and Daniel Webster Highway on Saturday the 24th, the vandal, identified by the store owners as Assab Abad, sent Cox a nasty message and cancelled. 

Of course, the immature child from Lowell, Massachusetts didn’t take into account that he was caught on video committing the crime and that he had admitted as much via text to Cox.

DW619 Guns & Ammo

“We have an entire generation of unaccountable uneducated twenty-somethings that appear to have been taught it’s acceptable to disrespect and damage other people’s property and stomp on our individual liberties and rights. Just look at Portland and Seattle. What will happen when these children of the leftist public school propaganda system and immigrants that refuse to assimilate are the ones in charge of what to do with us when we are the elderly, the meek and the needy of their compassion? I shudder to think of the communist hell hole we are allowing to be paved in what was the greatest experiment in the history of mankind.”, Cox told The Liberty Block.

Like so many leftists, the vandals seem to have no concept of personal responsibility. They also clearly don’t respect laws that are inconvenient to them, such as the crime of trespassing or NH RSA 664:17 which makes it a crime punishable by a $1,000 fine to remove a political sign from private property. Additionally, those who clearly hate Trump have ironically become one of the biggest motivating factors that is causing Americans to vote for Trump. In New Hampshire and throughout the US, conservatives, libertarians, and independents who were on the fence about voting for Trump are pushed to support the President when they see that the opposition to Trump is the radical left, which is the ideology of hate, the antithesis of accountability, and the violators of freedom and private property.