It has been settled: Violence is absolutely NEVER acceptable for any reason whatsoever. This has now been said by nearly every politician and public figure on every side of every political issue in the world, including Trump and Pence. If everyone in the world is positive about something, it must be correct. Surely, we all agree that violence is never acceptable, even if you are the victim of the worst possible attacks, theft, murder, or tyranny.

Leftist leaders totally not inciting violence

In light of this revelation, The entire staff of The Liberty Block was forced to condemn every act of violence, including the American Revolution. For those who are not familiar with the history of the creation of the US and the war of independence against Britain, here are the important parts: Beginning in the 1770s, American traitors and terrorists began to violently resist police officers and other government agents. Criminals in southern New Hampshire who disobeyed a government order ferociously beat a sheriff and his deputy to a pulp for attempting to enforce the law. Terrorists in Massachusetts who were hoarding military weapons killed massive amounts of police when their stash of weapons was investigated by law enforcement. These men were horrible and certainly not civil. They should have tried to change the law peacefully by using the system of government. Only animals solve their problems with violence. 

We at The Liberty Block now believe that the American Revolution was a mistake. The American colonists were terrorists who never should have used force against the British, even if the government did implement a 3% tax without adequate representation

Throughout the history of the US, we have seen that the government never used violence; it was always citizens who escalated matters. When southern states declared independence from the union, President Lincoln totally did not attack them, and he remained super peaceful. It is well-known that he prioritized peace above the union and freeing slaves. The southern states remained in the union because Lincoln was not at all violent. In fact, nobody died during the civil war

Now, regarding the peaceful pro-Trump protest at the capitol on January 6th, the government agents remained totally peaceful. They could actually be seen on video calmly opening the barrier gates and then opening the doors to allow the pro-Trump protestors to enter the Congress. The unarmed Trump supporters politely walked between the velvet ropes along the Capitol’s hallways, threatening nobody. Once inside, one of the many heavily armed  government agents who were surrounding the small group of unarmed protestors totally peacefully sent some lead towards a woman at a rapid speed. Unfortunately, Ashley Babbit, later identified as an Air Force veteran died later that day. 

Vice President Pence has condemned the protests, especially the actions of the pro-Trump individuals: “You did not win. Violence never wins.” 

We can give Pence the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is not fully aware that much of US diplomacy is literally violence, including killing Osama Bin Laden, Sadam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and many other leaders and civilians throughout the world. And police officers and other government agents throughout the US kill many citizens on a regular basis. But that’s not important. 

Returning to the theme of ‘universal agreement’: Nearly everyone in the US agrees that violence is TOTALLY acceptable if it is being used against one particular group of people: non-Marxists. 

Violence and all other forms of negative treatment against conservatives, libertarians, Republicans, non-leftists, centrists, gun owners, free speech advocates, and other believers in human rights and freedom is becoming more common and more universally accepted with each passing day. It is becoming nearly 100% prevalent that non-leftists is now synonymous with ‘Nazi bigots who are inciting violence’. So, if you do not grant full allegiance to the ideology of authoritarian communism, beware: We can and will humiliate, attack, and destroy you.

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