On Wednesday night, Vice President Mike Pence met Senator Kamala Harris in the vice presidential debate. Voters throughout the US eagerly hoped that the candidates would deliver the respectful and substantive discourse that the presidential candidates failed to do in their debate. The Pence-Harris debate was certainly more respectful than the Trump-Biden clash, but it hardly had any substance; politicians are experts at avoiding questions. Pence answered some questions, while Kamala Harris seemed to deflect every single question, lying too many times to count over the course of the 90-minute debate. Pence had the facts on his side, and he decisively outwitted Harris in the debate by a massive margin. In my opinion, these were 5 of her worst mistruths: 

  1. Fossil fuels flip flop

Following Joe Biden’s lead, Kamala Harris has been flipping back and forth on her stance regarding energy policy. When seeking to appease radical leftist eco-fascists who want to ban all energy, Biden and Harris promise to ban all oil, gas, and coal (fossil fuels) and to especially ban all fracking. When confronted by potentially mainstream audiences, such as in the general election debate, they totally reverse course and embrace fossil fuels. Democrats love having it both ways. Will voters see through their lies?

  1. Democrats love Christians!

When asked about Judge Amy Coney Barrett and her Christian faith, Harris said that Joe Biden and I are both people of faith, and it’s insulting to suggest that we would knock anyone for their faith.” Of course, viciously attacking conservatives for their Christian faith is literally the favorite pastime of Democrats. And yes, they have been attacking Barrett for her faith since before she was even nominated for the Supreme Court. When Justice Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court, progressive Senators – including Kamala Harris – imposed a religious test on him and sought to prevent him from serving on the court because he was Christian. This is both illegal (The Constitution literally says that no religious test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”) and immoral.

For the past few years, leftists have been condemning conservatives for believing in God and boasting about being the party of ‘science’. When conservatives reject the notion that the world is heating up dramatically and the rapidly melting ice will soon drown us all due to man-made global warming, progressives scream that conservatives are anti-sceience and believe too much in their God – the God who promised that he would never bring about another flood upon the Earth. So, we must ask ourselves….do progressives believe in religion or science? Will any Christians support Biden and Harris?

  1. The benevolent prosecutor

Throughout the campaign, Kamala Harris has anointed herself as the ultimate people’s prosecutor, who ensures justice by punishing dangerous criminals and letting petty crimes be forgiven when appropriate. However, voters quickly learned that she not only put cannabis users in prison and laughed about it when she was a prosecutor in California and Attorney General of California, but she also smoked cannabis herself – and laughed about that, too! She also zealously went after truants – those who did not attend compulsory public (government) schools, seeking to imprison them along with the cannabis criminals. The nail in the prosecutor’s coffin came when Pence told the American people Wednesday night that while ‘Kamala the cop’ was a prosecutor, black people were 19 times more likely to be prosecuted for minor drug offenses. Additionally, Harris was a big fan of cheap prison labor (read: slavery) when she was Attorney General of California. It gets worse. Harris withheld evidence that would have exonerated innocent prisoners on death row. 

Trump, on the other hand, just supported and signed into law a humongous bill that reformed the criminal justice system in a way that truly helps reformed criminals, including the minority and drug-related offenders that progressives like Kamala claim to support. 

  1. Trump is a Nazi!

When backed into a corner, Kamala predictably resorted to calling Trump a racist Nazi who hates blacks, Jews, and everyone else. She repeated the same leftist stories about the Charlottesville protests, and asserted that Trump is pretty much Hitler. Harris claimed that Trump did not nominate a single black person to any federal court judgeship. A quick search proves that this claim was false, as well. Trump nominated Judge Rodney Smith and Judge Stephanie Dawkins Davis for federal court positions.

Pence predictably responded by reminding voters that Trump is roughly as racist as the average Manhattan citizen, his administration has helped black people more than any other in over 100 years, and his own daughter married an observant Jew and his grandchildren are being raised as Jews. He is also the first president to fulfill the perennial presidential promise to move the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. If Trump is a racist, he’s doing a pretty terrible job of hating minorities!

  1. Trump is opaque; Biden is Mr. Transparent!

While Donald Trump has not been thrilled about everyone on Earth seeing his tax returns, he has generally been as transparent as the average president. His compulsive Twitter use and love for doing press conferences and rallies actually gives citizens more access to his life than they had into Obama’s. Harris attacked Trump’s transparency on his COVID diagnoses and the initial infections in the US in January, as well as his taxes. She made it seem like Trump kept the coronavirus secret for months in order to kill as many people as possible. Anyone with a brain knows what a ridiculous claim that is; we all knew about the virus the moment it hit the US, and we were all learning about it roughly at the same time Trump was, I could only assume. 

Joe Biden is not the model for transparency, though. From his lying about his college education to his constant reversals on policies, he is a typical lying politician. Take into account his high-level corruption involving Ukraine government officials, bribery, and extortion, and you have one opaque tyrant. Speaking of the health of the candidates, Biden is in his upper 70s and clearly has a mild to moderate case of dementia. Should he be transparent with voters about his mental health? Does anyone think that his brain is going to get sharper and healthier as time goes on and stress compounds, should he take the oval office in January?

BONUS: “Hellyeah, Biden and I would add seats to the 9-seat supreme court and pack those extra seats with socialist progressives so that we can rule over you peasants with an iron fist forever, regardless of future elections!” While Kamala did not say this verbatim, her willful and consistent refusal to answer the simple question of whether she and Biden would pack the court tells the American people all they need to know about these dangerous tyrants. Harris also purposely conflated ‘packing the courts’ with ‘confirming judges to existing positions’ in order to confuse voters. This is not really a lie, because I don’t think Biden or Harris ever denied that they’d jump at the opportunity to pack the court, just like their hero FDR attempted to do. Kamala did lie about Lincoln refusing to nominate a Supreme Court Justice in an election year due to ‘letting the voters’ decide, however. Lincoln was preoccupied with a little war between the states (the most deadly war in US history) and he actually delayed the nomination for political reasons.

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