By Kevin Clifford

Dr. Knirk has used his bully pulpit to discredit me without understanding the reason behind my simplistic and time-constrained exercise at the Conway School Board which was to give layman examples that historically science is not infallible, but we are now being told repeatedly to “follow” and “trust the science” as it is related to masking, and vaccinations without questioning the narrative.

I do not research my scientific information on social media as Knirk states, but my scientific education in physical and biological sciences has taught me to critically examine the “data”.  Despite Knirk’s attack, he has not answered my previous emails as my representative and that regarding masking and vaccinations. It appears that an opposing position to the alleged accepted scientific narrative is quickly discredited, this was not the way I was taught to consider evidence-based scientific analysis. Knirk has not provided evidence that CO2 levels don’t increase and/or oxygen levels decrease with prolonged mask usage.

Trust The Experts

Knirk is old enough to recall advertisements where a doctor in a white lab coat recommended a certain cigarette, and the tobacco companies espoused a multitude of studies that cigarettes were safe in the lawsuits against them. Anyone with enough money can pay for a study to support their desired position.

Were DDT and asbestos not a creation of science that was trusted at the time? My point was that science is not infallible.

Let’s examine some other science/medical failures of the past and present, Thalidomide that was prescribed to a pregnant woman and caused birth defects; failure of syncytial virus vaccines that caused deaths in children; Dengvaxia vaccine failure for Denge Fever; large cell lymphoma from Allergen breast implants; neurological complications from the 1976 National Swine Influenza immunization program; and, alleged malignant cancer from SV-40 contaminated polio vaccines, just to name a few.

Despite positioning themselves as the angels of health who can do no wrong, the AMA was found to have violated antitrust laws in the 1987 lawsuit, Wilk, et. al. v. the AMA. Knirk appears to have been schooled in the art on how to discredit through his professional associations.

The gold medal performance goes to the CDC and Fauci’s flip-flopping which is astonishing, statements like masks don’t protect, to mask mandates, recommending 2 and 3 masks, masks for vaccinated, the recommendations are irrational. Nonetheless, an example of the failure of mask mandates was during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic where bacteriologic and histopathologic results clearly and consistently implicated secondary bacterial pneumonia as the cause of death which allegedly was exacerbated by mask-wearing.

Reasonably, an inference could be made that masks were never previously prescribed by doctors because of numerous studies, an example of one: Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Setting-Personal Protective and Environmental Measures as published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, Vol. 26, No. 5, May 2020, and published on the website. I challenge Knirk to dispute the findings where the “data” in the study found that there was no evidence that, “surgical-type face masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission.”  

There are many more scientific studies regarding the detriments of mask usage, but I am sure Knirk will continue to discredit those that have opposing scientific data that does not fit his paradigm of belief.