Dear Liberty Block,

Will NH schools try to gag and jab our children?

Signed, Concerned for My Child


Dear Concerned for My Child,

First, you’re assuming that NH schools are synonymous with government schools: many pro-freedom parents have pulled their children out of government schools for private schools, for parochial schools, and especially for homeschooling. The recently passed NH Freedom Accounts allow parents to recoup part of the labor their property taxes stole from them to pay for these, their preferred schools. Choose the school that best serves you and your family, and if none currently serves, work with parents and teachers to start one yourself.

NH Education Freedom Accounts

The government schools certainly have gagged our children’s mouths with bacteria catchers, and to chemically alter their blood in order to fascistly enforce their Fauci theater of phantom health. But parents who love their children and their freedom have resisted — on the street and at school board meetings — loudly, and in large numbers.  And the government schools have backed down — for the time being.  But remember, the presumption of our rulers is that they, not you, own your body and that of your child. And so, we can safely predict they will try again and again, until they have successfully exerted their power over our families, or we removed them from the “legitimized” power to subjugate us.

But even if we could protect our children over the long term from these most recent, gross, human rights violations, those government schools would only then continue executing their primary job: brainwashing our children into believing that our psychopathic rulers were actually omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent, prescient, altruistic demi-gods, to whom we have an ethical — and violently enforceable — duty to obey. It is their success in this primary function that has placed us all, and our children, in such recent peril.

Their undermining of our children’s belief in their self-ownership, and their gaslighting of our children’s brains, may be worse long-term outcomes of the insane idea that we should pay our rulers to indoctrinate our children than the tangible poisons with which they now threaten our children.

This is our wakeup call. It gives us a chance to realize that it is we parents who must protect our children from those who pretend to care more than we parents do, as long as they steal the product of our labors to do so.  

Take this opportunity to return the power to raise your child to your family. Remove your child from the corrupting state and raise her to be a clear-thinking, free, sovereign woman.

Dennis Pratt is the former head of Parents Decide “Your Child? Your Money? Your Decision!”

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Ian Underwood · October 19, 2021 at 6:55 pm

‘The recently passed NH Freedom Accounts allow parents to recoup part of the labor their property taxes stole from them to pay for these, their preferred schools.’

Why should only parents benefit from this largesse? What about people like me, who aren’t using the public schools at all because they have no children, but still have to pay for those schools? Why can’t I recoup the money stolen from me to pay for schools whose performance I find atrocious, and whose standards and curricula I find abhorrent?

And you’re supposed to help children learn to be clear-thinking, free, sovereign adults by funding their education with money stolen from other people? (Those EFAs are funded with tax dollars, just like the schools.) Should you do that by hiding the facts, or by spinning them?

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