The Following is a Facebook post by Mark Kreslins, published here with his permission:

I am of the persuasion that the “ark” which I too am constructing is the last measure. But until it becomes clear its time to board, which I believe is very near sans unpredictable occurrences, we should strive to persuade others that there is a way for a “soft landing” here in the U.S. but it has nothing to do with 2020 elections, but rather, has everything to do with methods used in Hong Kong and in #Brexit to a lesser degree. At a minimum, these essential discussions give people a different view than they have right now which is to put their hope in the existing process. #Brexit has shown that existing processes can be used but requires leadership that can focus the people on their political “enemy.” In the UK, they had Farage who did a masterful job of focusing 17.4 million people on their oppressor – Brussels! Imagine if 17.4 million people here focused on their oppressor and came to realize it wasn’t republicans or democrats, it was the singular place we call Washington D.C. and the form of government there.

Hong Kongers are showing the “new processes” that need to be engaged when the “old processes” completely fail. And let’s be clear, the old processes have failed to “secure unalienable rights” as Jefferson pointed out was the purpose of “government” in the Declaration of Independence.” Just as the Founders understood in the 1770s, you cannot count on the existing processes like appealing to the king for recourse when your unalienable rights are being crushed. How silly is it to believe the existing processes will do anything for you who shout “that’s not constitutional” think they will. You’ve got to break out of that paradigm and prepare for an escape plan. AND abandon any hope that you can “vote your way out of this mess.” I 100% guarantee, with absolute certainty, that you cannot.

So, #Brexit is showing us there is a peaceful path and it’s the path I push for. Isolate the true oppressor of unalienable rights and “vote” to either abolish it or throw it off as Jefferson penned. Sadly, most Constitution loyalists/devotees do not agree with Jefferson and the Founders and instead hold out hope that shouting “that’s not constitutional” can still win the day. For the record, it cannot and it will not. Hong Kong is showing that when peaceful means break down and do not accomplish the objectives, there are new phases that emerge. I prefer not to go down that path and will board the ark before then. I have a wife, four adult children, three sons-in-law, six grandchildren, tons of friends I care far more about than engaging in any type of “Custers last stand” for my “homeland.” Why? Am I just a coward? Hardly! In the end, as a Christian, my “homeland” is not the United States and some nostalgic feelings about a flag and a piece of paper called the Constitution. No, as the Apostle Paul penned under inspiration in Philippians, my “citizenship” is in HEAVEN!

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