By Zephan Wood for The Liberty Block

Starting in January, I have begun writing sermons or as we say in Judaism “drashot,” about my religious beliefs regarding blockchain technology. I believe that in the current age, my religious beliefs are under attack and so I believe it is my duty to articulate my beliefs to normalize them in the hopes that they will be normalized as I continue to articulate them. 

Therefore, without further adieu, the following is my first drashah for January. I hope to make this a regular series on Liberty Block. You can find the video version of this drashah here:

Cryptocurrency, as described by Tomer Strolight, is a system that has justice built into it through math and truth.” I believe we are entering an era in which mathematics, truth, peace, and virtue are all simultaneously under attack. In that darkness, cryptocurrency shines as a beacon to preserve all of these important principles on the immutable blockchain. Cryptocurrency is the only creation in the universe that can be used to make dishonest people honest. It makes them adhere to a monetary system that cannot be manipulated or controlled, making it one of the best forms of sound money. 

More than anything, Bitcoin, and other cryptos are sound money which will bring a righteous overhaul of the corrupt international monetary system, mostly upheld by the US Dollar. The US government is stealing more and more of the wealth of normal everyday people through inflation, taxation, and the stifling of innovation. This de-facto theft is the antithesis of the principles professed in the Torah, Bible, and nearly every other holy religious document. Cryptocurrency holds these thieves accountable by providing a shelter of peace and prosperity. In Judaism this is referred to as a sukkat shalom, providing a covering over those who seek to have their lifeblood preserved by those that wish to steal it.

People who use cryptocurrency are furthering this divine act of peace whether they are conscious of it or not. The practice of purchasing small amounts of Bitcoin, also referred to as “stacking sats,” is a religious ritual that is the equivalent of tithing. Stacking sats is taking a piece of our life’s work in the form of virtuous currency and putting it towards peace, freedom, human flourishing, and truth instead of violence, murder, and deception when one keeps their wealth in USD or other fiat monies. 

Cryptocurrency solves so many issues besides just the monetary system. It also solves all of the problems that stem from that monetary system such as world hunger, war, disease, and so many other ailments. It also creates a permanent and immutable record. Therefore, it is the best tool for recording historical events such as births, deaths, weddings, or any major purchases such as houses or cars. We see it being used by those in poverty as a tool of getting out of poverty. Due to this tool, those that are the poorest amongst the global human population, such as those living in Argentina or El Salvador, could end up being the richest people on Earth because those countries are eager to adopt blockchain technology. 

More than any currency in the past, cryptocurrency serves as a tool to bring humans from all over the world and unite them under a common divine tool that will facilitate what we all desire as religious people. Cryptocurrency will fulfill the prophecy in Isaiah that, “Nation shall not take up Sword against nation; They shall never again know war.” 

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