This post was contributed anonymously as the author did not want to come up against our current Cultural Revolution. As always, the views of this author do not necessarily represent those of The Liberty Block and we welcome rebuttals and comments. 

It’s been a long time since I’ve said anything in any way political on Facebook. This is for a reason. Today, I will break that silence, because yet another new line has been crossed, and the precedent set is horrific. This post is less “right vs. left” and more “sanity and ethics vs mass hysteria and hypocritical genocidal hate”.

A few days ago, an angry, violent mob in Albuquerque, NM, took it upon themselves to tear down a statue. Which is a crime. That’s a fact.

A number of armed civilians were there to try to maintain order. One of them, named Steven Ray Baca, showed up without knowing he was about to be crucified by the sociopathic and tyrannical cabal of angry “anti-fascist” mobs, the American “justice” system, and the slovenly cretins who make up modern media.

I’ve seen all the videos. I encourage you to watch them yourself. Here’s the breakdown:

A typical angry mob is committing a crime. There’s arguing. Then a girl gets in his face and begins backing up and bodying him backward. After she intentionally bumps him several times, he throws her to the ground. The crowd then proceeds to attack him en masse, with someone swinging a skateboard at his head, which he partially avoids. He then takes off down the block with a large, angry, violent mob literally running after him, threatening him, calling for him to be beaten. Two members of this mob catch up to him, including a skateboard guy (unclear at a glance if the same one), who again swings the skateboard at Baca while running, then grabs Baca by the shirt and throws him to the ground, where he and another continue to strike Baca. At this point, Baca gets to his feet and fires four rounds at his assailant.

Those are the irrefutable facts. Go watch the videos yourselves. One is here, which begins after pushing and shoving between Baca and the girl. Here are my views on the matter.

1) Destruction of property that does not belong to you is a crime. If these people can tear down public statues, I hereby publicly encourage you to go to their homes and smash things at will. Per their own code of ethics, this is kosher. There is no difference between these two things. NOBODY gets to damage something that does not belong to them and is not actively harming someone. That statue was an inanimate object not belonging to them and they destroyed it. Everyone involved in tearing down that statue is a savage that does not belong in society. Don’t touch what isn’t yours. Ever.

2) “Equality” means precisely what the dictionary has said it means for centuries. I will absolutely not listen to a BS defense of the mob reaction with “but you can’t hit a woman”, because A) I know a lot of women with a lot of combat training who can physically obliterate 99.9% of men, so, the presumption that one shouldn’t hit a woman as they’re a sex incapable of self-defense or violence is both stupid and sexist, and B) Anyone who physically contacts you with any sort of malicious intent is IMMEDIATELY rendering their lives forfeit, regardless of sex, and you can and should retaliate swiftly and effectively. The right to self-defense is the most inviolate right of all, inherent to the kingdom animalia, of which we’re just one species of millions.

3) Baca would have been legally and ethically justified in shooting his assailant after the guy first swung a skateboard at his head. There can be no question about that. I’ve seen a woman literally die after being punched in the forehead a single time by her tiny 16-year old granddaughter. ANY strike to the head, especially with a solid object, is a potentially lethal attack and should be stopped by ANY means, as quickly as possible. If you swing a skateboard at someone’s head, yes, that person has a right to shoot you – a right legally enshrined in at LEAST 26 states, and backed by endless legal precedent. Baca was EXTREMELY patient in defending himself, until he’d not only been struck numerous times, by multiple people, but also thrown to the ground as a mob descended toward him. Frankly? I’d have shot the guy from the ground the moment I was taken down. At that point, I have legitimate reason to believe I’m in mortal danger, and, well, I’m going home in one piece at that point, no matter whom that means putting a bullet through.

4) Baca was cleared of all charges, because of the above. However, his name has now been dragged through every conceivable kind of mud, internationally. The man’s life is ruined, because he defended himself from a violent criminal hoard. The hoard, on the other hand, receives absolutely no criticism whatsoever because A) The above-mentioned cabal controls the narrative, and the current narrative is that all violence, arson, vandalism, theft, and other forms of significant crimes are A-OK so long as it’s “anti-fascist” (the people using this term clearly don’t actually know the definition of “fascist”, or appreciate the irony of what they’re doing and pushing for, but that’s another conversation), and B) They are a faceless and masked mass of psychotic angst and antipathy, whereas Baca is a lone individual and thus an easy media target.

I legally carry a firearm everywhere I’m legally permitted to do so, every day I can, because anything can happen, anywhere, at any time. I’ve never drawn it, and deeply hope I never have to draw it in my entire life. But to be clear – if someone tackles me in the street, and 100 people are sprinting toward me calling for my head, I’m also going to put four rounds in to my assailant’s chest, and then slowly back away while holding that bloodthirsty mob at gunpoint, and I won’t lose any sleep over it. It will be very clearly legally, ethically, and morally justified.

You do not get to attack people for disagreeing with you. You do not get to lay one single finger on someone for disagreeing with you, EVER. The MOMENT you cross the line of physical violence, your life becomes forfeit. The irony and hypocrisy of people claiming to be fighting against unwarranted violence literally as they commit countless violent crimes a day and do hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage around the country is mind-boggling. These are many of the same people who ironically attend protests about “my body, my choice”, and “individuality”, yet they then take it upon themselves to violate the bodies and property of others over differing opinions. The people in these mobs are, truly, the scum of the earth.

Albuquerque PD did a poor job of things, as even just a few months in ABQ taught me they are notorious for. Even first responders in the Albuquerque area mostly speak disdainfully of Albuquerque PD. They really, really screwed the pooch on this one, and ruined a man’s life for the evil sin of not letting 100 people stomp his head into the blacktop.

Shame on EVERYONE.

Everyone should carry a gun. I’m never worried about people I see openly carrying guns – those people are never the ones going on the offensive. I’m exponentially more worried about violent, hysterical mobs of people running around tearing down statues, setting buildings on fire, blowing up cars, and mauling people. Carry a gun to defend yourself from THOSE animals, people. If you’d like suggestions of assistance with shopping, training, or accessories, I’m happy to help you ensure your own safety. If you’re nearby, I will even happily take you to a range, walk you through every part of a firearm, teach you to take it down and reassemble it, and then teach you to draw, shoot, and re-holster a weapon.

This world is going to hell, and as much as I openly dislike the government….for once, they’re not the most evil group at hand wrecking society. If these mobs want war with the government, take it up with the government. If you want war with the government, and then proceed to take that anger out on the public? Yes, you’ll get shot, and good riddance. You do not get to take out your anger toward the government on random people or their property.