President Trump is going to win re-election on Tuesday night, and it is going to be a landslide. Possibly a landslide of historic magnitude. And I think the DNC is, intentionally, working to *increase* the size of that landslide. My reasoning follows.

All of the energy in this race is on the side of the President. Trump conducts 4-5 rallies every day, and pulls crowds for each in the tens of thousands. Biden, by contrast, does an average of less than 1 rally per day, and barely gets any supporters to show up. Indeed, many of his rallies are attended by more Trump supporting hecklers than Biden supporters.

The late endorsements, weak indicators though they are, have largely gone to Trump. Brett Favre, 50 Cent, Lil’ Wayne, and Jack Nichalaus have all endorsed Trump this week. No endorsements for Biden have come in. While highly anecdotal, it is also true that people are always eager to jump on the side of the perceived winner and off the side of the perceived loser.

The news cycle for the last 10 days of the campaign has been highly positive for the President and highly negative for Biden. Admitting that he would end fracking and the oil industry was a huge reveal – not gaffe, because it is true – by Biden during the last debate. Likewise, the contrast between the President’s desire to open the economy and Biden’s intention to impose more lockdowns was very favorable for the President. The excellent economic numbers released at the end of this past week similarly inured to the benefit of the President and against Biden. And of course, the Hunter Biden revelations coupled with their corroboration and authentication have also been favorable for the President and negative for Biden.

Many Trump supporters see these and other trends and believe that the only obstacle to a Trump landslide is potential voter fraud. Indeed, the mail-in balloting process and various court interventions allowing ballots to be “produced” for counting as late as 11 days after Election Day certainly lend themselves to ballot fraud. But I think those concerns effectively amount to fighting the last war, as I believe the Democrats, sensing that the coming Trump victory will be too large to overcome with vote fraud, have already moved on to a new strategy.

The “tell” that there is a new strategy is that Team Biden has stopped campaigning. A candidate who sought to obtain more votes than his opponent – whether fairly or through cheating – would not stop campaigning for a single vote, especially not during the final week of the final campaign of his life. Moreover, if Team Biden really believed that they had this election in the bag, they would be out there running up the score. It’s what they do.

The DNC must know that the coming vote totals will show a landslide win for Trump. Indeed, I believe the DNC knew before COVID-1984 struck that all of the election indicators pointed to a Trump landslide. I believe the DNC ultimately rallied around Biden to stop Bernie for the same reason that a football team hands the ball off on 3rd down and 25 – you acknowledge tactical defeat and send in the punt team. Biden was the punt team.

Covid altered that, temporarily. Over the summer, some Democrats began to believe they could win this election – perhaps by provoking Trump into a Kent State type incident. But when Trump did not take their bait, and when Dementia Joe became unsustainable as a candidate, they moved to Plan C.

Plan C is as follows. First, have your media allies inflate the pre-election polling in favor of Biden. Second, have Biden stop campaigning, in order to suppress the Democrat – not Republican, but Democrat – vote. The result of such suppression will be to increase the magnitude of the coming Trump victory – which in turn will lend greater plausibility to the end game strategy. That strategy will be to claim that based on Biden’s large lead in the pre-election polls, the scope of the Trump landslide can only be explained by fraud on the part of Trump – whether through some imaginary form of voter suppression that they project onto Trump, or machinations through the Postal Service.

Thus, by *increasing* the scope of the coming Trump win, the DNC intends to strengthen their coming claim that Trump’s win is tainted by fraud.

The Democrat mobs will be ready for violence if and when this happens. Depending on Trump’s response, we may see a full scale insurrection – or, we might just see the Democrats claim that Trump is illegitimate from Election Night, and seek to use that as their platform to attack him for the next 4 years.

Regardless, I think come Wednesday morning, the vote tallies will show the President will have won a massive landslide victory.

Nevertheless, we must all come out in force and vote for Trump and against Biden in person tomorrow.