After passing the House and the Senate, Sununu vetoed HB1131 on Friday afternoon. The legislation sought to clarify that government-run schools cannot force children to wear masks. New Hampshire is a Dillon’s Rule state, which means that the state government holds the primary legislative authority and local governments cannot create laws unless specifically allowed by the state legislature. Throughout the era of corona-fascism, local government employees in schools forced children to wear masks. They used other forms of torture to make children miserable, all justified by the virus that was a negligible risk to kids. Instead of clarifying that local government school boards can’t use the force of law to mask children, Dictator Sununu has endorsed the policy. Sununu has also vowed to veto HB1431, legislation which would allow parents to be informed about what their children are being taught in government schools. Sununu believes that parents should not know what goes on in schools, even if teachers are grooming children sexually.

The entire bill simply stated that “The school board of a school district or the chief executive officer of a chartered public school or public academy shall not adopt, enforce, or implement a policy that requires students or members of the public to wear a facial covering for any purpose while on the school’s property unless the facial covering is necessary for a specific extracurricular or instructional purpose, or is required by some other section of the law.”

We have published many articles containing massive amounts of evidence that masks do not work and that children are even less affected by the virus than adults. 


Dictator Sununu seems oblivious to his plummeting popularity, especially among Republicans who formerly supported him. In 2019, around 95% of Republicans supported Sununu. In 2020, he won the primary with 90% of the vote. Today, barely any Republicans support him. A House Republican told The Liberty Block that less than 10% of House Republicans support the Dictator. Sununu has publicly launched vicious attacks against the House Freedom Caucus, pro-freedom legislators, Trump, pro-life activists, and even his own Education Commissioner. The House Majority Leader has said on the news record that Sununu won’t even speak with him. A decent primary challenger could beat Sununu later this year with a bit of luck. 

Another result of this action will be to continue making government schools hostile environments for parents and children who like to breathe fresh air. The leftist Dictator seemingly fails to realize that public school enrollment is in free fall, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Now that hundreds of thousands of parents know that Sununu wants to mask their kids indefinitely, thousands more will pull their kids out of the government’s schools and send them to private schools or educate them at home. And the abolition of the government’s youth indoctrination centers is perhaps the most important key to saving human liberty. Thanks, Dictator!

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Deanne · May 24, 2022 at 10:13 am

I was going to say, “I’m not a bit surprised,” but then I thought – it is pretty amazing that this man has apparently not learned a single thing during the past 2 1/2 years. On he goes, obliviously (or intentionally and defiantly?) barging his way through his dictatorship. I just hope enough people wake up in time to vote for someone who has more common sense.

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