Today, legislators in the New Hampshire House considered CACR32 – legislation that sought to place the question of peacefully exiting the union on the ballot for the people to vote on in November. In January, a House committee voted 21-0 to recommend killing the bill after hearing from many citizens who supported it and only one who opposed it. The arguments against the bill were made by politicians, and they were all refuted by the citizens. To date, not a single legislator has been willing to debate the issue publicly with a supporter of independence. After anti-freedom legislators Brodie Deshaies threatened the members with charges of treason, they all voted to recommend that the full House kill the bill. 

The Democrats opposed the motion to table CACR32, because they wanted every pro-independence legislator on record supporting separation from the union. The motion did fail, and there was a roll call vote on the ITL motion, which would kill the bill. All representatives except for 13 voted to kill the bill. The majority of legislators essentially voted against letting the people vote on whether to separate from their abusers in DC.

The representatives most opposed to independence did not seem to have a basic understanding of the Constitution, the federal government, the state government, or how well we would thrive without DC politicians stealing our money and using it to abuse us. In fact, few legislators could be bothered to even read the legislation, which consisted of only a few dozen simple words. 

Interestingly, when the legislators spoke on the House Floor against CACR32, all of the applause came from Democrats, while Republicans sat silently and waited to vote against their consciences – to insulate DC politicians from the vote of their constituents. 

The anti-independence cowards mentioned the same ridiculous arguments: Veterans died to keep DC politicians in power (they died for freedom, not tyranny), secession is unconstitutional (it is totally constitutional), and they said we have no plans (we have plenty of plans). If any legislator had the courage to debate the issue publicly, maybe they would hear some of these answers. 

These 13 brave legislators stood on principle and voted against killing CACR32:

Please go thank them and support their reelection!!!!!!

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A few legislators took to social media to condemn the idea of allowing the voters to determine their relationship with DC politicians:

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Deanne · March 11, 2022 at 1:59 pm

What can I say? They have said it all themselves.

We will all pay for the evildoers’ choices and actions.

I look forward to the new heavens and the new earth where righteousness will dwell and Messiah will be the just ruler.

Deanne · March 11, 2022 at 2:47 pm

I just watched the videos included in the above article and am shaking my head. There is a serious lack of historical and constitutional knowledge shown in the New Hampshire house.

The war of northern aggression was necessary to keep the union together by force? (Someone needs to do more research on this topic. I don’t know his name.) And for those who mistakenly think that war was about slavery…. Killing thousands of people is the only option and was absolutely necessary to free people? There was no other way? How, then, did other countries end slavery without bloodshed?

And WHO is that man who chaired the committee? I was not impressed with him (quite the opposite, in fact) when I watched the committee hearing. I am even less impressed now. He seems clueless. I’m glad he is retiring, but it’s not likely someone with more intelligence will take his place.

What a shame and an embarrassment. It is no wonder we are in the situation we are in when we listen to the people who are in the legislature. That “show” was proof positive that we are in a downward spiral that appears hopeless.

    The Liberty Block · March 11, 2022 at 9:46 pm

    Very well said, Deanne!!!! The cmte chairman is Al Baldasaro.
    The arguments against independence were horrific and nonsensical. That’s them at their best!

Deanne · March 11, 2022 at 5:36 pm

I’m really wound up about this and can’t stop thinking about it.

With all Brodie’s talk about the Constitution, you would think he might actually READ it with a little comprehension. I am baffled by his lack of awareness and understanding of what the Constitution’s purpose is. The Constitution is being ignored, trampled, infringed upon, and trespassed EVERY DAY. The great majority of what is done in D. C. is UNCONSTITUTIONAL – even ANTI-Constitutional. But we are supposed to go along with and overlook the SERIOUS infringements of our state’s rights and our own rights BECAUSE OF the Constitution? Am I missing something here?

I just cleaned out one of my chicken coops and my mind was churning over what I saw in the video above. I was reminded of when the Israelites were in Egypt. One of the plagues was frogs. Pharaoh sent for Moses to plead with him to ask God to get rid of the frogs. Moses asked him when he would like them to be gone and Pharaoh replied – Tomorrow. He chose, as one speaker I heard say it, “one more night with the frogs.” He detested the frogs and wanted them gone, but presumably thought just MAYBE they would go away on their own so he chose for himself and his people to spend one more night with the frogs.

Abusive, oppressive, tyrannical government will NOT rein itself in. It will expand and become more and more oppressive. This problem (fedgov) will not take care of itself unless it is forced into its place.

The New Hampshire house has chosen one more year with the tyrants. Loud and clear. This is what they want. New Hampshire is doomed without a major change of direction.

Apparently only 13 people in our state house have any awareness of justice and liberty. A very sad statement on the “Live Free or Die” state.

All the “reasons” given for staying in the “union” were ludicrous. My great great great great uncle was in the war for independence. My dad was killed in Vietnam. There were probably others of my ancestors who fought as Americans. I can just about guarantee that none of them would approve of what is going on now. So, just because people in the past fought for freedom, now we should live under oppression? I REALLY must be missing something here.

One man stood up and said some useful things (besides Mike Sylvia) and I commend him, as well as the other 12 who voted for our liberty. He quoted extensively from the Declaration of Independence, showing how independence is justified, yet none of those representatives (other than the 13) understood the words. None of them got the meaning. And these are the people “representing” us in Concord. Phew…

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