President Trump has largely saved America from the brink of economic failure and societal collapse, and California progressives continue to condemn his success. If they hate our president, our freedoms, and American values so much, they should simply leave the country. Trump dislikes California progressive socialists and they feel the same way about him, if not worse. Why are they staying in such an awful relationship when they could simply part ways?

Trump saves America

During the eight years of Obama’s presidency, the United States was hurting economically, losing freedom, and losing hope of ever returning to the values that made our nation so special. Even before Obama took office, George Bush spent 8 years doing what politicians do best; increasing domestic surveillance, perpetual foreign wars, government borrowing and spending, and taking freedoms away from innocent citizens. Of course, the housing crisis and the great recession occurred under his watch, too. Many blame Bush and many blame corrupt Wall Street billionaires and banks, but being that presidents largely control and claim credit for the economy and due to presidents often being in cahoots with bankers and other questionable figures , it’s understandable to assume that Bush played a part in the recession. Before Bush, Bill Clinton ruled the country for eight years, and he also did his best to destroy this nation. If anyone other than Trump had won the 2016 election, the US would have continued its downward spiral towards totalitarian socialism.

For the first time in decades, the US government passed a massive tax reform bill, which benefitted a large percentage of Americans and caused companies to pay billions of dollars in bonuses to their employees immediately. The ‘Tax Cuts & Jobs Act’ also abolished ‘tax extenders’ which are carve-outs that give large tax cuts to specific corporations. The massive bill also diminished the effect of the estate tax, which had destroyed inheritances, especially farms. The bill decreased tax rates for individuals and businesses and doubled the standard deduction for tax filers. It also repealed the unpopular penalty that Obama created for people who do not possess health insurance, called the ‘individual mandate’. US News published an article which contemplated whether Trump will go down as the best president in US history.

For the first time in American history that I’m aware of, the President has DECREASED the amount of federal regulations. Regulations cost businesses trillions of dollars per year, and Trump knew this before being elected. One of his first acts as president was to demand that at least two regulations be cut for every one new regulation passed. During 2017, his administration cut 22 regulations for each one new one created, far surpassing the 2:1 goal.

All of this economic reform has translated to the best economy we have witnessed. Unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 50 years. The stock market is at all-time highs. Wages are increasing and businesses are booming – and looking to grow. Here in New Hampshire, it seems that every business is looking to hire – meaning that business is booming! Growing businesses means more job opportunities. Finally, we have a positive cycle – an upward spiral – occurring in America!

Though the nation seems to be prosperous and happy under President Trump, Californians remain bitter and resentful towards Trump and America at large. Many of their progressive leaders, including their governors, have considered their State to be its own nation for years. Trump’s election gave the ‘Calexit’ movement a massive boost, though. As of this writing, the Facebook page for the California secessionist movement is nearly as popular as the official CA Democrats’ Facebook page. In state-wide polls, roughly 46% of respondents either supported or would consider California secession. Californians simply have values that are starkly different than the rest of America’s. If the Trump administration has their way and continues to cut taxes, cut regulations, really enforce immigration law (including cutting off funding to California if they continue to refuse to enforce immigration law) and if abortion is outlawed nationwide – which conservatives are working on from multiple angles – we could see 90% of Californians supporting secession. As one California-based author wrote in this op-ed, abortion being banned could cause a real civil war (actual war with millions of deaths, not a ‘culture war’). Of course, secession would require a much weaker catalyst than civil war, and it would be better for everyone involved. Remember, abortion is only of of at least 10 major issues on which the left and the right have opposite views. If a couple hates each other, should they kill each other or should they peacefully separate and live their own lives?

Trump has not yet commented publicly on the ‘Calexit’ movement, but on August 21st, he retweeted a conservative political analyst who has publicly supported the idea of California parting ways with America, along with a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Root. Interestingly, Trump’s tweet also mentioned ‘@OANN’, the conservative network that had Calexit’s founder on the show just a few days prior.

Irreconcilable differences on immigration

Under super-majority Democrat control, California has declared itself a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. This generally means that they will not comply with federal immigration officials in the event that an illegal alien has committed a crime. The majority of Californians do not want to deport or otherwise punish illegals who commit crimes. Trump and conservatives – which probably comprise the majority of America once California is taken out of the equation – want most, if not all, illegals deported, especially those who have committed crimes. Trump won largely because of his tough rhetoric on immigration enforcement, and one of his first moves as President was attempting to cut federal funding to California unless they comply with US immigration law. The battle is very complex and has been in the courts since Trump’s election, but a few California counties won a battle in this war on Friday. Santa Clara county was at risk of losing 35% of its funding, which would have destroyed them. Had one federal judge ruled differently, the counties of Santa Clara and San Francisco would have lost billions [millions?] in federal funding – which would have forced them to comply with federal deportation orders or secede from the US if they wished to continue protecting illegal immigrants. The immigration battle between California and Trump is not over.

Polar opposites on firearms policy

California’s citizens and legislators all seem to despise firearms – unless they are in the hands of soldiers, cops, or other government officials, of course. Once again, Senator Diane Feinstein is proposing a new ‘assault weapons ban’ in the US senate on behalf of her 40 million Californian constituents. The bill would ban hundreds of common firearms, magazines, ban private sales, and infringe on our natural rights in many other ways. Outside of California, most Americans overwhelmingly support gun rights, and the majority may actually want gun laws to be walked back. Conservative states are increasingly removing the permit requirement and allowing all adults to carry guns without seeking permission, while leftist states like California continue to inch closer to a 100% outright gun ban. Anyone with common sense can see that these two trends cannot continue to develop without a war or separation occurring.

While Trump has signaled support for reforming background checks and implementing red flag laws, and while he did direct the ATF to ban bump-stocks, anti-gun Californians should not celebrate. Regardless of whether it’s really ‘4D Chess’ or he’s just running his mouth (Trump does not have an oral filter), Trump often says things that he has no intention of following through on. Trump actually carried a gun before becoming president. Trump famously said that “the war on the 2nd amendment is finally over.” Trump reversed the Obama rule which prohibited ‘crazy’ old people from possessing firearms once they asked for assistance in obtaining their social security benefits.

Protecting the environment

Republicans like President Trump have a very different perspective on ‘environmental protection’ than California does. Conservatives believe that the environment has improved as humanity and technology have progressed. Increasing amounts of fossil fuel use has led to drastic reductions in climate-related deaths throughout the world, according to conservatives. Progressives like California Governor Gavin Newsom believe that “climate change is an existential threat” and condemned President Trump for pulling out of the ultra-radical, anti-freedom, eco-fascist ‘Paris Climate Accord’. Newsom – and California at large – hopes to totally end the use of all coal, oil, and natural gas in California. In an article published by CNBC, a Californian investor and CEO wrote a scathing article about Trump destroying the environment, beginning with “President Donald Trump loves climate-wrecking coal and hates the climate-saving Paris Agreement.” Once again, people with totally opposing opinions on whether to criminalize the use of the three most popular energy sources in existence and irreconcilable views on the environment cannot peacefully coexist in the same country. Being that California is already its own state in certain ways, separating from their polar opposites would be rather simple.

Trump’s Allies Vs. California

Quite a few of President Trump’s friends, supporters, and associates have indicated that California may not be worthy of Trump or status as an American state, and have invited the state to leave the union. In addition to Wayne Allyn Root and One America News Network. Trump’s former press secretary, Sean Spicer wished out loud that we could trade California’s progressive epicenter to Denmark in exchange for Greenland. Responding to his tweet, Arthur Schwartz (a Trump ally who knows Bannon and Scaramucci) commented that Denmark “…can have all of California”. Charlie Kirk, founder & president of Turning Point USA and friend of Donald Trump, condemned California’s radical policies and implied that they already appear to be a ‘foreign nation’., a major conservative site, published an article in 2016 encouraging California to secede. Another leading conservative site, The Federalist, published an article in 2017 encouraging California citizens to vote to secede. Doug Bandow, an author and former special assistant to Ronald Reagan, explained in a recent op-ed why California should separate from the US. In a Reuters/Ipsos poll, 53% of respondents who supported kicking a state out of the US said that California should be the state that should be removed from the union. Many more conservatives and many Trump allies have endorsed or considered supporting California secession. Keep in mind that California leaving the union would remove many of Trump’s biggest hindrances, including US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Feinstein, Senator Harris, Maxine Waters, and dozens more Congressmen, and Governor Newsom, who negotiates with foreign nations on behalf of California, as if they are already their own sovereign nation.

President Trump is successfully saving the nation and its America values. We the people appreciate having a leader who believes in freedom, family values, and patriotism. California is essentially a sovereign state with values that do not match those possessed by the rest of Americans. They resent us and our government, and we have barely forced them to comply with any of our conservative policies. Once their radical eco-fascist, immigration, anti-gun, socialist, anti-family and pro-abortion policies are forbidden by the federal government, Californians will fall over themselves running to the Capitol to demand immediate secession in order to protect their beloved rights to abort babies and ban guns. Why wait for that to happen when we could peacefully separate? A single Tweet by Trump could invite California to leave the union once and for all.