By Regina Barnes for The Liberty Block

Corporate Socialism is the state government’s entanglement with the private sector, in my view, its political agenda is destroying state sovereignty and character as we speak with the one-size-fits-all policies and statewide bureaucratic commissions, all courtesy of Governor Sununu and our “republican” majority.

Let me share some interesting information with you, in regards to my six-year tenure serving on the Hampton Board of Selectmen. You see, when a strong-willed person goes up against the democrats, the republicans-in-name-only led by the NH governor, black lives matter, Antifa, the local chamber of commerce, and most of the locally brainwashed; there is a story.    

Here in Hampton, the Area Chamber cabal likes to have a strong, local political voice, that voice usually includes whatever the current progressive narrative is or whatever the governor is pushing. 

Local politics in Hampton is incestuous to say the least and most elected here are either mere gofers to whatever is wanted by their special interest groups and/or Concord; most of them are also clueless. Typically, the Hampton selectmen agree with the recommendation of the town manager and vote on it without having any real public board discussion on the topic. On top of that, the Hampton town manager is a former Hampton police chief with pension. Other members of the board include another former Hampton police chief with pension, and a retired Hampton firefighter with pension, who also is a paid executive of the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce. The town of Hampton has adopted a Code of Ethics Policy that speaks to these types of conflicts, however, there is language within the approved policy that makes the policy “non-binding,” meaning worthless. So here in Hampton, we actually have paid government officials overseeing the “government.”

The local cabal and their special interests in Hampton did not like someone who spoke against the agenda that they were selling as “the whole truth.” When I was “selected” to the board, the others became easily frustrated when I had concerns and wanted a little more discussion on a topic. Many times the vote would be 4-1 (oppose) or 4-0-1 (abstain) simply because either I could not buy into the BS being sold or simply felt as though there was not enough discussion or detail provided on the matter. Most times it seemed the quick decisions were made to “quickly” benefit a small class of taxpayers (a special interest) or to fulfill an immediate or future demand of Concord. You see, when you have the government overseeing the government, one does not want too many commonsensical questions asked.   

Up in Concord, we have the state elected officials overseeing their statewide special interests and their quid quo pro relationships with certain towns and cities throughout the state. Seldom, their acts are ones that bring any benefit or are cost-effective to the average NH taxpayer.

None of these guys like to be held accountable.  

Non-government organizations, such as Chambers of Commerce, and their entanglement in governmental affairs is inappropriate. I call this entanglement; corporate socialism, and it is a result of the politics coming out of the statehouse.  

Let us discuss some of the politics:

  • The establishment of the Department of Energy, to assist the Public Utilities Commission to carry out regulatory or adjudicated functions with regard to energy and utilities in the state.  With what authority?  When did the NH people consent to this additional government overreach?  This is the pattern with Sununu.
  • The establishment of the NH economic development fund; which is administered by the Commissioner of business and economic affairs.  The passing of the recent budget in 2021 allowed this commissioner to contract with such organizations, not limited to Chambers of Commerce and Regional Economic Development organizations.  When did the people of NH consent to non-elected bodies deciding how NH taxpayer money be appropriated or expended?
  • The establishment of the position of the Director of Intergovernmental affairs. What intergovernmental affairs?  Again, when was this authorized by the people?
  • The establishment of the granite state paid family leave plan was also included as part of the biennium budget deal.  The entire omnibus bill was filled with non-essential special interest pork.  
  1. 2020 EXECUTIVE ORDER CREATING THE Commission on Law Enforcement Accountability Community, and Transparency (LEACT)
  • Formed in the middle of the pandemic by Executive Order “in the wake of the tragic murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN”.  What does this have to do with NH Police?
  • LEACT members included Ronelle Tshiela, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Manchester and a student at the University of New Hampshire, who was appointed as a public member.  Special interests on most all appointed state committees. 

This commission was established during the COVID pandemic state of emergency.  The Governor never had this authority granted to him by the people of NH. The creation of this commission is repugnant to the state constitution and has him violating his oath of office.

  • Hampton Beach State Park is owned by the state of NH, not Hampton.  It has been current practice for Concord to provide next to nothing for state trooper support at its own state park, thereby leaving the total policing cost of this effort up to Hampton taxpayers.  A few police chiefs back that was not the case.  
  • The local and state cabal will claim that it is because NH troopers do not have the manpower to provide support, it is a national crisis.  Well, if that is the case, then why at an October 2021 Executive Council meeting were there about 80 troopers ready to arrest NH citizen peaceful protesters at the will of Governor Sununu?  Why exactly is that?  The reason is politics. Why should Hampton have all the policing costs for Hampton Beach state park and not get one penny of the revenues?  When was this authorized by taxpayers of Hampton to appropriate monies for state-owned property?

When did the good people of NH consent to allowing non-elected bodies to decide how NH taxpayer money be appropriated or expended?  

Many acts locally and statewide have occurred without the consent of the citizens of this state.   It is time, we the people stand up, peacefully, and demand no infringements to our protected constitutional rights.


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This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate. 


Cathi Remington · April 5, 2022 at 1:29 pm

Glad someone is sticking up for “we the People”. Thank you Regina. You were spot on! I couldn’t move out if Hampton fast enough! The corruption is very deep there! I’ll keep my issues quiet for now.

New Hampshirite · April 5, 2022 at 4:54 pm

Regina, thank you for the insight and also for addressing the unelected administrative-bureaucratic “agencies” and NGO’s; sadly, too many people are asleep and unaware of the New Hampshire Constitution. Keep up the great work!

Shelly Wolcott · April 5, 2022 at 6:16 pm

Thanks for speaking out about the way things are in Hampton. Until residents know the truth, they can’t make it better.

Maureen Fogwell · April 6, 2022 at 1:20 am

Thank you Regina.
A very well written article.

Jason Gerhard · April 6, 2022 at 7:09 am

Nice Regina. I hope you’re running for the statehouse this year. We need real people with a backbone in there. Time to kick all these wusses to the curb. So tired of pandering politicians. We need true statesmen.

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