By Z. J. Hampl for The Liberty Block

Far and abroad, we can always count on anti-gun activists to effectively advance their gun-grabbing agenda of which they conspire to ultimately eliminate gun ownership for every gun owner including the responsible ones.  Pro-freedom individuals know the consequences of that and it is for that very reason that we must prevent gun grabbers from collecting our firearms or worse, adding our own weapons to federally controlled arsenals in direct relations to the United States government.  Wearing rose-colored glasses towards the repealing of our Second Amendment rights is categorically dangerous.  Disarming the American Citizens is one thing, but disarming cartoon characters is . . . another?  Wait a minute!  Cartoon characters?  Where did that come from?  Fictional cartoon characters have no gun rights . . . right?  Oh, if you believe that, then are you in for a sheer surprise or what?

Take Elmer Fudd for example. Best known for relentlessly tracking down and shooting the incredibly intelligent rabbit, Bugs Bunny, the egghead hunter has proven himself to be a comedic gun owner favored by his loyalist fans. However, in recent days, Mr. Fudd has been depleted of his shotgun and replaced with who knows what. Why take away Mr. Fudd’s shotgun? The die-hard Looney Tunes fanatics understand that this is no different than taking chicken nuggets away from McDonald’s or walking into a pizza store with no pizza boxes. Something’s not right and requires a deeper examination.

Plain and simple, try to imagine this scenario . . . a beloved Looney Tunes character personifying a backwoods hunter is better known for repeatedly attacking a duck in a season flip-flopping between one game and another (I.e. “rabbit season,” . . . “duck season”). The duck is, of course, predominantly black. Alternatively, the rabbit is, of course, predominantly light gray with clear signs of whiteness. However, let’s go out on a stretch and just classify the rabbit as being gray for the purposes of simplicity.  

The egghead hunter, in this animation realm, is a thorough white man and he is extremely confused regarding which season is which because the gray rabbit claims that the period is “duck huntin’ season” and the black duck says, “rabbit season”. Then, the rabbit geniously says, “rabbit season” and fools the duck into saying, “duck season, fire!” . . . the only aspect that Mr. Elmer Fudd understands is that when he is told to the pull the trigger at the appropriate game in accordance with the alleged season, he opens fire . . . BANG! With that in mind, the rabbit (representing gray) never gets shot in this case and the duck (representing black) receives bullets to the beak after being outsmarted by his long eared competitor.

This may sound redundant, but it deserves to be restated . . . the gray rabbit does not get shot and the black duck gets blasted via gunfire for every time that he is outsmarted. Simultaneously, the white man cannot see the gray (of which the rabbit knows and indeed uses to his advantage) and so apparently sees the world only in black or white. Therefore, the duck, being predominantly black, significantly stands out from the gray, plus a multitude of other colors, as a target and gets destroyed.

Separating the technical and/or analytical jargon from the given scenario, as described in the previous paragraph, do we seriously need to emphasize personal biases here?  As bizarre as this may appear, we should ask ourselves a very serious question.  In an age of black people getting shot by whites (even though black people have reportedly higher rates of shooting one another), is it any wonder why Elmer Fudd has lost his gun rights?  The previous paragraphs clearly articulate racism suggesting that blacks are more likely to get shot by whites. The most important aspect to comprehend is that the worst point made within those previous paragraphs is that this case scenario is authentically illustrated via a cartoon!

Simply put, a cartoon’s general audience is children. Therefore, children watching these cartoons are learning (moreover, being indoctrinated with a particular mindset) that not only are blacks more likely to get shot by whites, but also that blacks are easily deceived and equipped with an IQ that is literally lower than that of a rabbit!  Meanwhile, gun owners, in that scenario, are portrayed as being equally dumb and colorblind so as to separate the forest from the trees.  Effectively, that places blacks and white gun owners on the exact same intellectual pedestal with the grays being the apex masterminds deliberately influencing these manipulations probably for their amusement in watching the world burn as they inoculate the masses with this mentality.  Furthermore, the children of today watching these cartoons are being fed this information at a disturbingly young age!  Some may argue that this is a form of brainwashing . . . and rightfully so.

After reviewing the given scenario and outlined discussion, compiling these facts together depressingly amounts to a single and very straightforward result.  We can safely conclude that if racism were the determining factor in direct relations to radicals propagandizing the elimination of gun ownership, then Elmer Fudd losing his gun rights is sadly the tip of the iceberg.  If this death spiral against gun ownership continues, then Yosemite Sam is surely doomed to lose his pistols and children will most likely not even see super-soakers advertised in toy stores before the turn of the next year.

Let’s be honest with ourselves in recognizing that this is the United States of America. Your Second Amendment Rights will not be repealed because you, responsible gun owners, understand the difference between racism and something that was originally intended to be pure comedy.  We know that racism is disgustingly outrageous and must come to an immediate end.  However, distorting classic American cartoons by means of repealing the Second Amendment is not the answer . . . educating children on the importance of responsible gun ownership is.  

Therefore, do not be dismayed; all ye gun owners of America.  Rejoice, for we can use this to our advantage.  If a cartoon can generate a hostile response to the point of a famous Looney Tunes character losing a shotgun, his signature and prized-possession, we should be convinced that cartoons could actually preserve our Second Amendment via the vice-versa effect if only done correctly.  If gun owners truly value their Constitutional American Right to bear arms, then gun owners would be wise to not underestimate a cartoon’s powerful influence!