For decades, citizens in the united states have been presumed guilty until they prove their innocence to the government. Despite the standard civics lessons taught in government-operated propaganda schools, once a cop accuses a person of a crime, they are legally recognized as being guilty. The burden of proof in the corrupt court systems in the United Socialist Republic of America is on the accused, not on the government.

When you are accused by a cop of running a stop sign, you are given a ticket before you are convicted in court. Without a judge or a jury, the cop has the power to demand your money, and he has a badge and a gun to make sure you obey. You are guilty. If you wish to take the government to court (which is conveniently controlled by the government) you can dispute the charge. This would entail taking off from work for at least one day, driving to the court, possibly hiring a lawyer, and then trying to convince a government agent to literally rule against his own coworker and declare that you are not guilty. Even in the best-case scenario, you just lost a lot of money (missed work, travel, legal fees, etc.). This means that even if you were 100% innocent, you still suffered real punishment because a cop determined that you were guilty and punished you before you had any sort of due process

In the Socialist Authoritarian Republic of America, even the most conservative, pro-gun Senators support the abolition of due process. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has reintroduced SB1778, a bill that would abolish all gun rights from anyone who is ‘investigated’ for ‘terrorism’. He proposed this bill knowing that every conservative and pro-liberty individual in the US is now being ‘investigated’ for ‘terrorism’, and that so much as supporting freedom or opposing Biden is now considered ‘terrorism’. Rubio also knows that this bill violates due process, punishing people before they are convicted.

Over the past few months, we have seen this fascist phenomenon evolve in a rather disturbing fashion. Before governments existed, people were free to do as they pleased. They could do anything they wanted, as long as they did not harm anyone else or violate their property. If they did, the others in their society would stop them, punish them, and/or demand restitution. They could even do reckless things like breathe without a mask, smoke plants, drive cars, work at jobs without seeking permission from anyone, and much more. 

Once governments began to take power away from individuals, personal liberties began to diminish. Innocent and peaceful people were increasingly forced to obtain permission from politicians and cops to do normal things like work, drive, and buy things. When contagious diseases began to spread throughout societies, those who were confirmed to have the disease were relegated to their homes. If a person resisted such orders, government authorities might use force to keep them in their homes, claiming that the health of the collective is more important than the personal liberty of the individual. And then corona-paranoia struck Earth. 

Within a few months, politicians drunk on power began to make ridiculous mandates, each of which violated individual liberty in a uniquely harsh manner. State dictators (formerly referred to as ‘governors’) began totally ignoring their legislatures and implemented one order after another. One of the general themes of the dictators’ executive orders was that every human alive is presumed to be infected with coronavirus and contagious. Never mind that the virus statistics have been inflated as nothing has ever been inflated before (except for maybe the US dollar). Never mind that many people are immune to it entirely, especially those who already had the virus. And never mind that children are rarely susceptible nor are they contagious when they do get the virus. Facts don’t matter when we are busy ‘trusting the experts’. Also, never mind that the ‘experts’ are themselves, corrupt politicians. 

Without any input from legislators, dictators in every state except Florida and South Dakota declared that all humans in their states were guilty of harboring and spreading the coronavirus. Therefore, every person would have to wear a mask, stay at least six feet away from others, and obey many more ridiculous and liberty-violating laws. Businesses were declared guilty of being corona-venues and were shut down or crippled by dictators’ regulations. Those who obeyed all of the restrictions and visited restaurants were tracked like Jews in concentration camps or slaves on plantations, only with modern surveillance technology. Dictators unilaterally granted their vicious enforcers permission to enter any private property without a warrant and punish any individual if they did so for corona-fascist reasons. When individuals who already had the virus asked their dictator or local police if they could breathe without a mask because they now have total immunity to the virus, they were harshly condemned for corona-crimes, the worst class of crimes in our post-sensical society. 

Dictators have made it clear: You are guilty and you are infected with coronavirus. If you already had it? You are still guilty and still a potential carrier and spreader, and you must be treated as such. If you received the vaccines, you are still considered to have coronavirus. If you test negative and attempt to go outside, police will violently take you into custody anyway. State legislators – the men and women elected by their constituents to represent them by proposing and voting on legislation – have stood by as their dictators have taken over full legislative control of their states. For this reason, state legislatures are now literally obsolete. Law enforcement have embraced corona-fascism and have gladly enforced the most vicious violations of liberty and humanity since the third Reich. 

There is one key difference between the tyrannical presumption of guilt and the dystopian presumption of illness. In the case of the former, one could at least theoretically prove their innocence and be granted relief. In the case of corona-fascism, it is 100% impossible to prove to our dictators and their armed enforcers that we are not infected with the virus. We are all considered to be filthy, sick, guilty slaves, and we are abused by our violent masters. And the united states are growing more dystopian by the day. Should we create another society to provide us an alternative to this one? 

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Jeffrey K Meek · February 8, 2021 at 12:35 pm

Great article! Spot on analysis! And yes, it’s past time to plan an alternative to our despotic society!

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