New York Attorney General, Letitia James, has made it clear that she plans to prosecute Donald Trump. Contrary to the typical method of law enforcement, in which the government investigates a specific crime and then finds the culprit, James and other corrupt Democrats have proudly announced that they will target Trump in hopes of finding a crime. Once they find (or manufacture) a crime, they will prosecute him, convict him, and put him and all of his allies into prison. His supporters will then be persecuted throughout the united states until they are no more. 

A few days ago, the far-left NY Attorney General announced that the investigation into Trump was no longer purely civil, indicating that it was now a criminal investigation into his tax filings (which are generally civil matters). 

After leaving the White House, Trump moved from NYC to Florida, likely due to the much friendlier tax climate and the much higher level of overall freedom in the Sunshine State.

Because Trump no longer resides in New York, a criminal indictment would need to be accompanied by a subpoena of some sort, delivered from a New York court to the law enforcement agents in Florida. 

Considering that it is now undeniably clear that the radical leftist James and her allies are targeting Trump for political reasons and not to seek justice, I believe that we may soon see a critical moment for the united states. 

Keep in mind that as a former president, Donald Trump has a secret service detail protecting him at all times. And keep in mind that Governor Desantis is the single most pro-freedom Governor in the united states, and that he is the toughest one by a long shot. 

Once the inevitable court summons is sent from New York to Florida asking Trump to appear in a leftist, anti-Trump NY court to defend himself from bogus criminal charges, the proverbial s**t will hit the fan. If Trump acquiesces and goes to New York to stand trial, millions of conservatives and Trump supporters may literally be up in arms over the clear injustice being perpetrated by government officials. If Trump, the Secret Service, and Desantis refuse to give in to James’ threats, we may see a hot civil war begin, and the catalyst will be one that few saw coming.

Once New York State Police arrive at the Florida border to take Trump into custody for the crime of supporting freedom and opposing the Democrats, they may be (and possibly should be) met by the Florida State Police, the Florida military (referred to by statists as the ‘national guard’), the secret service, and millions of pro-Trump gun owners. The New York State Police may have a few hundred or possibly a few thousand men, but the border may be protected by millions of patriots who are growing tired of ever-increasing tyranny. 

Would any mainstream conservative really support resisting arrest? Don’t they support police, the government, and the justice system?

Not quite. 

On The Liberty Block’s weekly EJS podcast, one long time Republican and experienced attorney voiced the frustration that millions of Americans have been suppressing for years, and recommended that Desantis defend Trump from a corrupt criminal subpoena by any means necessary, including the use of lethal force against the criminals who may attempt to kidnap him. 

Once the seemingly inevitable standoff begins, the powder kegs will be ripe for the war to kick off. One match anywhere in the united states might be the catalyst that sets off the second American civil war. 

Even if Trump goes peacefully and is convicted and sent to prison, the war will not be avoided. The 80-100 million Republicans throughout the united states who were growing more furious by the day would become infinitely more outraged if Trump were sent to prison for political reasons. If the millions of angry conservatives – who own all the guns – didn’t begin to use force at that moment, they would begin to exert unprecedented pressure on Republican politicians to imprison Democrats as retaliation. If Republican officials obliged, we’d have civil war. If they ignored the demands from their passionate constituents, the conservatives might seek justice on their own, in which case we would also have civil war. Such a war might only end once all progressives were dead, or once progressives agreed to allow a few conservative states to become independent from the union. 

Can the civil war be avoided? Can the boiling anger and furious division be cooled down?

Yes, but only if we split the united states into 50 sovereign nation states before the war does it for us, only with millions more deaths. The only alternative to civil war, heaven forbid, is peaceful separation

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Marcus Ruiz Evans · May 25, 2021 at 9:27 am

Awesome point about Fl v NY city conflict

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