On August 13th, one of the most powerful leftists in the world of big tech tweeted the most antithetical post to leftist ideology imaginable: Rothbard. Since the tweet, libertarians, capitalists, voluntaryists, and many others are excitedly trying to figure out whether it could be true. Could the founder and CEO of Twitter be waking up and smelling the liberty?

Jack Dorsey has been one of the most hated villains of the right for the past few years. The programmer has been using his $15 billion net worth to back socialist candidates like Andrew Yang and socialist policies like universal basic income for years. He also used his control over the world’s largest political social media platform to censor stories that were unfavorable towards Biden and promoted content that supported leftists and disparaged conservatives. 

Over the past few months, though, Dorsey has clearly been learning more about capitalism, crypto-currency, and freedom in general. The progressive changed his Twitter bio to “Bitcoin” a while back, and he has been posting some very non-leftist content, lately. 

As he is also a co-founder of Square, one of the largest credit card processors used by many small businesses, Dorsey has also mentioned that Square is working on creating a hardware wallet for Bitcoin.

And then, on the 13th, Dorsey posted this simple tweet:


The link leads to a free ebook of Murray Rothbard’s ‘Anatomy of the State’. 

In the short and simple book, anarcho-capitalist economist Murray Rothbard explains why ‘government’ could not be legitimate as long as it’s based on a premise as ridiculous as ‘voting’. 

Although the link leads to a free ebook, and despite the audiobook being available for free on YouTube, it seems like many Twitter users have bought the physical book on Amazon since Dorsey’s tweet. The book is now the #2 seller on all of Amazon. 

On August 15th, Dorsey posted another short, powerful, libertarian tweet: “#WTFhappenedin1971?”, clearly referring to the end of the Bretton Woods agreement. FDR broke his promise to redeem dollars for gold in the 1930s, and Nixon completed the process by totally breaking the link between gold and the dollar in 1971. A website that explains this exact policy and its harmful results can be found here.

Interestingly, this (former) progressive socialist may have already done more to spread the message of liberty than the entire libertarian movement has over the past year. 

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MikeTFreedom · August 15, 2021 at 10:53 pm

Interesting article, I wonder if there’s a way to gage the effectiveness of his content sharing to the public ( as observed with “Anatomy of the State” going to #2) I’d love to see another Round of Joe Rogan interviewing Jack Dorsey and Tim Pool. In a few months to gage any growth.

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