Concerned parents, teachers, and staff have been labeled akin to “domestic terrorists” at the recent Timberlane School Board meetings over the last few months. In November 2021, Nolan Pelletier (chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire and concerned parent) was arrested for “criminal trespass” or, in other words, he chose to not segregate himself in the “disabled” section for his choice not to wear a mask. That action resulted in a cascade of activists, concerned citizens, parents, and staff attending the semi-monthly school board meetings to expose the abuse of power and lack of accountability demonstrated by this school board. 

The chief example of this abuse of power has been the district-wide mask mandate for school children. More specifically, students are compelled to wear masks to school, lunch/recess, and even to sports events, even if the student or the parent do not give their consent to do so. The school board remains unaccountable to parents that have contested this tyrannical mandate and has given no indication that they will allow for exemptions in the near future. 

On December 14, 2021, the school administrative unit (SAU) assessed a potential threat of a mass shooter at Timberlane High School. Since the school board cares so deeply about the safety of its students to institute a compulsory mask mandate, one might think that once they caught wind of this potentially deadly hazard, they would instantly inform all students, staff, and parents of this danger? Unfortunately, that was not the case. Instead, they informed some administrators but kept staff, students, and parents in the dark. Some parents heard of the threat through rumors online and kept their children at home for the day. Last Thursday, a brave staff member addressed this lack of transparency at the last school board meeting when she stated, “I was blind-sided, unaware of the facts of the situation, I was unable to address gossip or rumors and so I was not prepared to address parent and student questions or concerns… As we have heard tonight, communication is an issue with this district.”

Additionally, a complaint was filed by teachers of the Timberlane School District demanding that teachers be allowed to indoctrinate children with racist notions that are made to demean students based on race. The complaint argues that barring teachers from teaching concepts that are explicitly racist in nature with the utilization of taxpayer money is a violation of free speech. These are the type of government employees working at  the Timberlane School District. 

In addition to hiring racist teachers, the school district has had a recurring problem of hiring pedophiles as teachers as well. Recently, David Russell, a math teacher at the Timberlane Regional Highschool was charged with one count of sexual assault and two counts of misdemanor of simple assault towards his students.Similar instances have been reported with other staff in the district in the past. 

This school board has used the COVID pandemic as a power grab to institute tyrannical measures while doing little to actually ensure student safety when it matters. In response, it has united teachers and parents against it, resulting in increased tension between the community and the school board during meetings. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed by President Biden has stated that parents showing up to school board meetings should be characterized as, “equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes”. With all this in mind, who more accurately corresponds with the definition of domestic terrorists that seek to forward hate crimes? A group of unaccountable bureaucrats that seek to indefinitely force garments on students and staff, indoctrinate students with racist ideology using taxpayer money, allow for frequent instances of pedophillia, keep the dangers of a potential shooting under wraps, and arrest concerned parents for not abiding by their tyrannical measures or parents and concerned citizens that stands against the arbitrary authority and lack of transparency instituted by these charlatans?. 

The biggest thing that any concerned parent can do to fight back is to take their children out of these government schools and take total control of the education of their children. The more the Timberlane School Board and other school boards tighten their grip around the proverbial throats of parents, teachers, and students, the more students and teachers it will lose to homeschooling/tutoring and private schools. New Hampshire has a vibrant homeschooling/private schooling community that parents, students, and teachers can flock to and that offers a much more transparent, safe, and quality educational experience than that being offered by government-run schools. 

When there are no more students to oppress and indoctrinate, no more teachers/staff to keep in the dark, and no more parents to arrest, only then will the Timberlane School Board (and other school boards) realize that it went too far in abusing its power.  

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