The increasingly radical American leftist movement currently controls nearly all of the influential institutions in the united states. Among these are the K-12 education system, the college and university systems, nearly every form of media and social media, Hollywood, and half of the government (though I’d argue that the majority of politicians legislate like authoritarian leftists). Augmenting the left’s numerous star players are a variety of effective tools and methods. This article will discuss the leftist tactic of ‘inappropriate grouping’.

There are likely many real-life examples of the left utilizing this tactic. The most powerful examples seem to be utilized to push the agendas of the LGBT movement, male-villainization, gun control, and racism.

The LGBT+ movement

Beginning around 1970, ‘gay pride’ parades have occurred each June in cities throughout the united states and the world. Fifty years ago, being homosexual was seen in numerous areas of the union as a perversion and such individuals were sometimes discriminated against. They could not technically obtain marriage licenses if they chose to marry a person of the same gender, and employers may have been able to legally discriminate against them. Over the next few decades, gay men and women became increasingly accepted, and by around 2010, very people Americans still harbored any negative feelings towards them.

The Supreme Court ruled in a 2015 case that Americans can legally marry individuals of either gender, legalizing gay marriage for every homosexual in the united states.  Currently, federal laws forbid discrimination based on gender, race, national origin, or other characteristics. Additionally, 21 States and DC have their own laws that criminalize any type of discrimination against people based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Every State does seem to have laws that generally prohibit discrimination based on any trait, including sexuality. The US House recently passed the ‘Equality Act of 2019’ which expands the Civil Rights Act to additionally criminalize discrimination against the LGBT population. All of this optimism and progress for the LGBT movement might lead some to ask: why are ‘gay pride’ parades increasing in intensity, sexuality, and anti-straight hate? Which rights do LGBT people not yet have?

The rationale for the increasing efforts by the left in regards to ‘the LGBT community’ may involve the ‘inappropriate grouping’ tactic. 

While the United States at large has become extremely accepting of homosexuals, transgenders are merely ‘tolerated’ and less-widely accepted than homosexuals, and pedophiles are condemned by nearly every American. Gay-pride parades – and the LGBT movement at large – are enthusiastically incorporating the rapidly growing spectrum of gender identities and sexualities. Leftist leadership has been accused of heinous crimes involving child sex (examples 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Much like high-tech, manipulative bait, the leaders of the movement dangle these disturbing behaviors and mental illnesses in front of the American people in order to elicit a harsh condemnation. Once an individual condemns sexualizing young children or mentions that gender dysphoria is technically a mental illness, the LGBT activist yanks on the fishing rod and catches the concerned American – and accuses them of being a hateful homophobe. Indeed, anyone who condemns anything that occurs at a  ‘gay pride’ parade must hate all homosexuals!

Despite the left controlling nearly every influential institution in the union, we should still be impressed by how effectively and rapidly their activists and leaders are normalizing the perversions that humanity has always condemned. Some may argue that the left’s goal is beyond normalization of once-criminal perversions like pedophilia and mental illnesses like gender dysphoria. They want anyone who does not participate in their movement to be condemned and persecuted the way they were persecuted in the past. 

Are all men rapists?

Spring-boarded by the Weinstein sexual assault accusations, the ‘MeToo’ movement jumped to the forefront of the media agenda – and remained there. A popular film producer, Harvey Weinstein, was accused in 2017 of sexually assaulting and raping numerous women over the course of his Hollywood career. The details seem to insinuate that many of his victims were actually coerced into sexual acts in exchange for movie roles, though some did seem to occur without consent and with an objection to the acts – making them truly violent crimes. Over 80 women have come forward with allegations of sexual assault and rape against Weinstein. As of this writing, he does not seem to have been convicted of any crimes yet. 

In the wake of Weinstein being accused, the ‘MeToo’ movement empowered millions of women to speak up about Weinstein and other men that have sexually assaulted them or made them feel uncomfortable. 


Did you catch the mistake in the last sentence? One sentence, containing one idea, grouped violent rapists and sexual criminals together with all men who ever made any woman feel uncomfortable (the latter of which likely describes 99% of men on Earth). This is another example of “inappropriate grouping”, and it is no mistake. The brilliant leftist leaders understand psychology, sociology, deception, and politics quite well. They understood immediately what an incredible opportunity Weinstein presented. So, they cultivated the high-profile accusations into a full-blown ‘movement’. This movement is not focused on empowering women and it was not about recovery or morality. It also was not about addressing the broad decline in the scholastic aptitude, health, and success among American boys. The movement focuses on one idea: Men are essentially evil rapists. 

By persistently grouping ‘sexual harassment’ against women (making a female uncomfortable without touching or threatening her) together with sexual assault (using physical violence or threats to sexually victimize women) and rape (violent, non-consensual intercourse), the manipulative left has successfully blurred the line between criminal behavior and behavior that may be considered by some people to be inappropriate. The ‘MeToo’ movement took this premise even further, though. It is becoming clear that the left loves pushing the limits to determine how powerful they are, essentially to test themselves just like you do when you lift more weight than you did during your previous workout. In the past few years, the left has begun to use the term ‘sexual misconduct’. The leftist media has surely hammered this term into the minds of nearly American by now, causing them to form subconscious associations which group all four of the above terms together into one cognitive concept. Now, when a typical individual hears that a man was accused of ‘sexual misconduct’, they subconsciously associate it with rape, because most people are not semantics experts and do not notice this subtle distinction. Due to the broad spectrum of behavior that could be considered anything other than perfect conduct (which is impossible to achieve due to humans being imperfect by nature) and the super-low threshold it involves, every man could likely be considered guilty of the crime of ‘sexual misconduct’ in the court of public opinion. A mere accusation of such a benign act is often sufficient enough to destroy a man – and men in general.

Could any human alive ever accuse you of conducting yourself imperfectly in any situation that could be considered sexual in nature by anyone? If so, you are guilty of ‘sexual misconduct’. 

Judging by the media and the internet, you might believe that most Americans believe in global warming, transgenderism, socialism, and gun control. If you personally asked each individual in the united states how they felt about these issues, I would bet that around 65% of them would reject all of the above leftist policies/beliefs. The left uses their influential institutions to create doubt in the majority….. making them consider that perhaps they really are the minority.

Gun control

You have probably heard anti-freedom leftist activists and politicians claim that we need more gun control laws (ignoring the thousands of gun control laws already in place) because ‘guns kill 36,000 people in the union each year’. First, heart disease kills 20 times the number of Americans each year than people with firearms. As we point out in this article, if the government should ban everything that contributes to 36,000 or more deaths per year, they must literally ban everything. What leftists rarely mention is that 22,000 of those deaths are suicides, and only around 12,000 are homicides. At 12,000, firearms homicides are not even in the same universe as the big killers like heart disease, cancer, COPD, and strokes. 

Alcohol is responsible for 88,000 deaths per year in the united states, according to the CDC. Additionally, it is the leading cause of addiction and does great harm to millions of American families each year. If firearms should be banned, alcohol should be banned first. Smoking kills over 480,000 Americans annually, according to the CDC. This means that cigarettes kill over 13 times as many Americans as firearms (homicides and suicides combined). So, the next time that someone mentions that firearms should be banned, make sure that they are campaigning to ban alcohol with at least double the zeal, and make sure that they are working to ban cigarettes with at least 13 times the effort. If they do not want alcohol and cigarettes (and every other substance that contributes to heart disease or cancer) to be banned, they are unprincipled bastards who just hate freedom. 

Anti-freedom leftists often group all ‘semi-automatic’ firearms together, hoping that the sinister term inspires fear in Americans who are ambivalent towards gun control. Nearly every firearm made in the past 100 years is semi-automatic. Leftists never seem to mention that, though. Despite the AR-15 being semi-automatic and the M16 being its fully-automatic counterpart, progressives in politics and the media consistently conflate the two. The Liberty Block has been begging these misleading crooks to learn basic firearm terminology for years. 

Right-wing white nationalists

Leftist activists in the media, academia, and politics have spent years intentionally grouping every right-of-center American into the same basket of deplorables. Conservatives of all types and of all genders, races, backgrounds, from Wyoming to Miami to New Hampshire are all racist, white, rich, corporate, anti-environment, anti-gay, sexist bigots who simply hate all that is good in this world, if you ask leftists. Even black conservatives like David Webb have been accused of having ‘white privilege’. Democratic politicians and leftist media make it seem like the existence of white people is the biggest issue facing the union. NPR is afraid that Democratic voters might not support a candidate who is a ‘white straight man’ due to such a person being inherently bad. New Hampshire was attacked by leftist political players for being ‘94% white’, despite its quality of life rankings being are #1 in the nation. Being a mostly white State means that New Hampshire is inherently evil, according to leftist publications such as the NY Times, whose superstar writer proudly tweets things like: “Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.” and “White men are bullshit”. She uses the hashtag ‘#CancelWhitePeople’. NY Times defended Jeong and refused to punish her. Imagine the public outcry if such a hashtag condemned any other race. 

Racism against white people becoming increasingly acceptable in the united states is only one part of the issue. Leftist institutions are deliberately blurring the lines between white people who don’t condemn all whites, white nationalists, racists, and Nazis. Just like they successfully blurred the lines between ‘sexual misconduct’ and ‘rape’, these immoral bastards are successfully blurring the lines between good white people and Nazis. One of the many examples proving that they’ve achieved success in this endeavor came a few months ago when the few people who dared post ‘It’s okay to be white’ on social media platforms were instantly and harshly denounced and condemned as white nationalists and Nazis. Clearly, it is not okay to be white in modern-day America. (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).


The next time that you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of speaking with a communist/authoritarian or a misguided college student, beware the ‘inappropriate grouping’ inherent to their arguments. You could believe that homosexuality should be totally legal and supported while also condemning sexually grooming/influencing young children. You could condemn rape and violent sexual assault while simultaneously rejecting the bogus term ‘sexual misconduct’ of which every human in the history of the universe is guilty. You could condemn all homicide and work to decrease all causes of death in the united states without buying into the leftist propaganda that ‘guns kill a jillion people each year. Facts matter. Freedom matters. Misguided emotional arguments from ignorant leftist sociopaths who have never left their coastal socialist hell-holes do not matter. 

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate.