On Saturday, October 2nd, about 1,500 people marched through the streets of Concord in opposition to government-mandated medical procedures, in an effort led by Health Freedom New Hampshire. Afterward, marchers gathered at the steps of the statehouse for a live music performance by Becca Myari and to rally around multiple pro-liberty speakers.

The energy was high, with frequent chants of “we will not comply!”, “live free or die!”, and “my body my choice!”, to name a few. Perhaps one of the best chants was, “turn it off!” in reference to the mainstream media and social media, which have played a key role in perpetuating fear and stoking societal division.

Despite the loud chanting and the size of the crowd, the march was incredibly peaceful and included a diverse group of individuals with a variety of political leanings. For example, there were signs that read, “BLM is right about vaccines” and “health mandates disproportionally harm people of color”, indicating the formation of potential alliances that were once unthinkable.

There were even some new activists in the crowd who had never been to a political rally in their lives, but recently found themselves motivated by the critical issue of bodily autonomy.

This single unifying issue will continue to bring more activists into the liberty movement and will fuel the grassroots resistance to medical tyranny in the Granite State. The march on October 2nd is evidence that a significant portion of people will not accept forced medical procedures in exchange for perceived freedom. 

Many of the protesters were openly carrying firearms, and one man decided to exercise both his freedom to wear a mask and to carry a loaded AR-15 throughout the parade, which spanned around a half a mile and ended at the statehouse. 

Some protesters mentioned that if the virus were really as dangerous as the elites claim, they would have died after 2 years of protesting in dense gatherings without masks. 

The people of New Hampshire are losing patience with their government servants and they are hoping that they will stop being abused by government agents. 

Interestingly, the largely Republican, conservative, and libertarian crowd made their disdain for Republican Dictator Chris Sununu very clear throughout the protest. If he doesn’t make some drastic changes, Sununu may not even win his next primary, because his support among the conservative base is in free-fall. 

Thousands of pro-freedom conservatives, libertarians, and formerly-mainstream Republicans in New Hampshire are growing increasingly disgusted with the increasing corona-fascism and tyranny in general. The phrase “f*ck around and find out” can be seen increasingly often with each protest, indicating that New Hampshire residents are running out of peaceful ways to make politicians realize that they will not comply with tyranny.


Sara · October 3, 2021 at 1:49 pm

Great article! Yesterday was beautiful and inspiring.

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