On July 1st, MSNBC published an article titled ‘Congress has let the Supreme Court run amok. In the article, the writer argues that the Supreme Court has grown out of control and is far too powerful and that the founders would have been shocked by the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade. Did the SCOTUS overstep its authority with this ruling? Are they taking power away from state and federal lawmakers?

In 1973, the SCOTUS decided in Roe v. Wade that based on the constitutional right to privacy, all 50 states must allow women to kill their babies in the womb. The ‘right’ to abortion was not passed into law by lawmakers in Congress. Some state legislatures had passed laws restricting abortion. Other states like New York and California had no restrictions. What the 1973 court ruling did was prevent pro-life states from outlawing abortion in their own states, even if 100% of people in their states supported such a policy. That decision was one of the most tyrannical anti-federalist unconstitutional power grabs of all time. Regardless of the issue of abortion, the SCOTUS taking control over 50 independent states and prohibiting them from doing things that their entire populations may support is a textbook definition of a power grab. 

Last week, the SCOTUS simply overturned Roe v. Wade and admitted that they should not have the power of Lords; each state could decide for itself how to address abortion. That’s all. Any person who believes that the court prohibited abortion throughout the united states must not have a single functioning neuron in their brain. That said if you really believe that abortion is now illegal throughout the union or if you don’t want to share a country with any place that bans abortion, you should support national divorce/peaceful separation. California already has a robust secession movement, and this ruling and the NYSRPA case bolster their arguments for independence. Of course, strong secession movements in New Hampshire and Texas are already growing every day. 

In the opinion of this writer, if federalism still existed, this ruling would reinforce that doctrine. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed and federalism is now impossible in this authoritarian union, as I’ve explained in numerous articles, videos, and books. 

There are many other SCOTUS rulings that take power away from individuals and states that influence my belief in and support for peaceful national divorce, including: Wickard V. Filburn, The National Federation of Independent Businesses V. Sebelius, Dred Scott V. Sandford, Korematsu V. United States, Buck V. Bell, Kelo V. New London, and many others. I would recommend that the MSNBC writer read these cases and learn about true tyranny. At the very least, I invite him to support national divorce since we and many others obviously and vehemently disagree on so many important and foundational issues. 

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Deanne · July 5, 2022 at 6:31 pm

Congress has LET the Supreme Court run amok??? Since when does Congress have anything to do with what the Supreme Court does? The plan was supposed to be SEPARATION of powers. The Supreme Court does not need permission from Congress to carry out its responsibilities. The Supreme Court doesn’t need Congress to LET it do its job. And that’s just the start of the problems that author has…

When these are the types of people “reporting” the “news” to the nation, are we ever in trouble…

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