In honor of the Chanukah and Christmas season, the New Hampshire House Democrats have been celebrating some of the most kickass liberty bills proposed by Republicans this term. They have already done the work of designing cute graphics for each bill, which we appreciate. 

So far, the determined Democrats have raised awareness about the following great bills: 

First, they pounced on Jason Gerhard’s CACR 20, which would place the question of debt-triggered independence on the ballot so the people could vote on it. If his bill passes the House and Senate with 60% in each chamber, the measure would go to the ballot in November 2024. Voters would each see a statement on their ballot saying:

“Upon the United States’ national debt reaching $40 trillion, New Hampshire shall peaceably declare independence from the United States and immediately proceed as a sovereign nation.  All other references to the United States in this constitution, state statutes, and regulations shall be nullified.” If two-thirds of the voters support CACR20, New Hampshire would peacefully separate from under the rule of DC as soon as the federal politicians’ debt hits $40 trillion. 

We wrote about this great bill on October 13th, when Gerhard first told The Liberty Block that he planned to propose the legislation. One must wonder why the Democrats are so afraid of this bill? Do they think it may pass? Do they not believe that the voters should have the opportunity to voice their opinions on independence or the unimaginable debt racked up by DC politicians? Are they so sure that the debt will hit $40 trillion very soon? 

CACR 20 will have a public hearing in the House Committee on State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs, likely some time in January or thereabouts. Stay tuned (subscribe to TLB and listen to our podcasts) for updates and call and email your State Representatives today to tell them to support this legislation so that you can vote for independence. 

Gerhard teamed up with libertarian legislator Tom Mannion to propose House Bill 1482. As we explained in an article in September, this bill would save the lives of many severely sick babies, adults, and seniors while also improving liberty and prosperity. Americans are already allowed to earn money for donating their blood plasma and sperm. This bill would simply place other blood products (the medical term for the various parts of human blood) and organs within the same legal realm; it should not be a crime for a person to be compensated for their tremendous sacrifice to help another human survive.

Why don’t Democrats want those desperate for red blood cells or organ transplants survive? This bill would undisputedly save lives, and Democrats seem very upset about that. HB1482 will have a public hearing in the House Committee on Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs in the coming weeks. You know what to do!

Who doesn’t love the DC politicians’ Environmental Protection Agency? We must all love the EPA workers very much. Indeed, we pay the 15,000 EPA agents over $10 billion each year to keep the environment perfect. The EPA regulates and bans some vehicles, fridges, and wants to ban stoves, but that’s fine. And truckers and some other professionals may lose their jobs if the EPA has their way, but at least we’ll have lots of laws about clean air! 

Despite the agency’s hard work, Michael Granger and five other Republicans proposed House Bill 1294, which would protect Granite Stateres from tyrants claiming to have authority due to being agents of the EPA. The bill mentions that the EPA is unconstitutional on its face, and it should have no authority over our lives. 

HB1294 will have a public hearing in the House Committee on Environment and Agriculture in the coming weeks. You know what to do!

Proposed by one libertarian super-star, Matt Santonastaso, House Bill 1073 would repeal the prohibition on ‘placing simulated explosives’. The legislator believes that toy bombs should not be illegal. Current state law makes it a class A felony along with murder, which is punishable by 15 years in prison.

Last year, we wrote about House Bill 31, a pro-liberty bill sponsored by six Republican legislators. The bill would have legalized the ownership and carrying of self-defense tools such as brass knuckles. New Hampshire currently has no regulations on firearms, and anyone can legally carry any firearm without any permit. The bill passed the House but was tabled in the Senate by a voice vote in May. That no Senators seemed to call for a vote on the record implicates all 24 of them as supporting criminalizing the mere possession of non-lethal self defense items. The tyrants who run the New Hampshire Democratic Party were so triggered by this bill that they mentioned it in their holiday complaints. This year, the House again passed HB1276 and sent it to the Senate.

Liberty champion Jason Gerhard proposed House Bill 1035, which would make a small but critical change to New Hampshire’s extradition laws. Currently, state law requires the New Hampshire Governor to extradite all individuals charged with any crime in any of the states in the union. Gerhard’s bill would add to the statute that “provided, however, that no person exercising that person’s lawful right to keep and bear arms, without injury to anyone, shall be extradited for any offense solely alleging a violation of a firearm licensing regulation of another state.”

Ethical people understand that if a person was not harmed (or even placed in any danger or threatened), then no crime possibly could have been committed. As I explained in my 2023 book, The Pocket Guide To Killing Gun Control, the mere ownership of an object could not possibly be a crime. Therefore, New Hampshire should certainly not pay cops to use violence to capture a person, throw them in a cage, and hand them off to an armed gang from another state for the act of owning a tool. 

Why don’t Democrats support the natural right to self-defense? Why do they oppose the natural right to property? Why do they want to empower cops to deport people who are here legally and who are peaceful?

HB1035 will have a public hearing in the House Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety in the coming weeks. You know what to do!

The next bill is so outrageous that it caught my attention immediately, prompting me to write this article. The sponsors of HB1246 are such extremists that they must be removed from the legislature before the term ends. These four radical libertarians believe that workers and bosses should be allowed to agree to payment in the form of gold or silver. We obviously cannot have an economy based on fiat-currency if we allow people to use other forms of money. The dollar is totally stable and is working perfectly. We don’t need to experiment with risky new money scams. Gold and silver have never been used as money by any society!

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate. 

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je · December 25, 2023 at 5:25 am

Thanks for posting the story! Keep up the great work Elliot! And everyone else for that matter being reported on (well, except the democrats and republicans).

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