By Jay Noone for The Liberty Block

I am a farmer, a dad, and a freedom activist in New Hampshire. Many freedom-fighting families are being targeted by the state government Division of Children, Youth, & Families (DCYF). This particular saga began in February 2020, when my daughter was born. My wife and I refused to provide the hospital with any information about my daughter. We did not provide them with a name and we would not let them take any blood (DNA). I explained to the social worker at the hospital that I did not want any governmental agency to have any of my daughter’s biological data, because the state is not responsible with data. The state is corrupt and is riddled with sociopaths who have been corrupted by the power (I have the whole conversation on video).

On March 18th, my wife was running some errands in Concord. Our 2-year-old daughter had just fallen asleep as my wife pulled into a store to return some items. She parked very close to the front door, got the 6-month-old (our son) out of his car seat, changed him, breastfeed him, put him in the baby carrier, and went inside the store. She left the car running with the AC on and the doors locked. When she came back out less than 20 minutes later, there were a few cops and other people gathered around the car. They gave my wife a hard time about our daughter being in the car. One lady even said, “we are going to take your kids away.”

My wife asked the cops if she was free to go.” Several times they would not answer, they just kept demanding ID. After several minutes my wife put the baby back into the car and then left.

The entire time our daughter was strapped into her car seat and the doors were locked.

I personally would never leave my kids in the car, mostly because of busybodies calling cops, not to mention 2-year-olds are very valuable on the black market and I am a little paranoid about that stuff. I made this very clear to my wife and she has agreed not to leave either of our kids in the car alone.

When my wife got home, a DCYF social worker called her demanding a visit to inspect our home and interview our 2-year-old without the parents.

I told this Social Worker, “I reject your offer to contract with me, the State has no jurisdiction in this matter, I charge $50k per hour for each hour of my time you consume, and to Cease and Desist.”

My wife shut off her cell phone and we unplugged the home phone.

The next time the local chief of police came over and left his card while we were out, it turns out he came 3 times. I called him on Tuesday (March 29th) morning and he wanted to meet up. So I invited him to breakfast with us at a restaurant in town.

My wife, kids, and I met up with him and we chatted. He said DCYF had an order to come to our house and inspect it and interview our 2-year-old alone and take the kids if they felt it to be necessary. I asked for a copy of the order.

The chief had told me that what DCYF was doing was wrong and he knows us as a good family with an excellent reputation within the community.

A few days later, I got the order. It contained many lies.

The one that got me was in the affidavit the social worker wrote in paragraph 8 “CPSW (child protection social worker) Melissa Coombs made contact with Henniker police department, who stated they are familiar with the family due to the residence being “free staters,” anti-government, and the family lives on a compound with lookouts. Henniker police states this is a dangerous situation and will not go to the home without a court order.”

My wife freaked out when she saw this she freaked out and said they’re making us look like some right wing nut jobs, she was concerned we would be raided by a swat team with bearcats.

Some New Hampshire police chiefs have requested Bear Cat tanks, and they said they needed them to deal with the Free Staters, and they have called Free Staters domestic terrorists publicly several times in the last 20 years.

A few months ago a friend of mine, JR Hoell, had a run-in with DCYF. DCYF had gotten an emergency court order to remove his kids from his home because he gave his entire family Ivermectin when they all got sick from covid, and they were all better in a short time. JR Hoell is also a local freedom fighter and worked hard to reduce the size of the New Hampshire government. There are also many stories of DCYF targeting “Free Staters”. So I called him and after hearing his story about how they put trackers and cell phones and their cars, and the 90 days and 50 K he spent fighting them.

I decided to send my wife and kids to a safe place outside of New Hampshire, which was Thursday, March 31st.

I also canceled my farm Friday events.

There were other lies told in CPSW Melissa Coombs affidavit I won’t get into now.

When I asked the Chief of police about paragraph 8, he said the only he told them was, “you are Free Staters” nothing about being anti-government or a compound with lookouts, or dangerous” then he told me that he expressed to DCYF that “your kids are not neglected, they are wasting police recourse, but they don’t care and are going to continue the investigation.”

For days now I had been doing some online research, using the search term “NHDCYF settlements” and the results were terrifying. I found article after article about the chronic abuse of children by DCYF, which resulted in nearly $200 million in settlements going back only a few years.

It is also springtime, we have a lot of farming to do.

This order says “…a Police officer, juvenile parole officer or child protection service worker, Shall enter the premises of the children, in furtherance of the department of health and human services’ investigation and to assess the immediate safety and well being of the children.”

Furthermore, these creeps have an order to “interview (my 2-year-old daughter) alone without the parents present and to compel the parents to provide information for the children’s medical provider and to sign a release of information.”

After reading about how horrible DCYF history is (handing kids to know pedophiles) I came to the conclusion the only way any DCYF social worker would come into my home and interview my kid alone is over my dead body.

this past Sunday, April 3rd In the best interest of justice I extended an olive branch, reached out to the Henniker chief of police, and offered to invite him to my home to enter the premises to assess the immediate safety of the kids…and interview my daughter (I figured they could feed the pigs together, my daughter does it every day)

because I have nothing to hide, but I am not allowing professional child traffickers on my land or near my kids.

I believe the local rural Henniker police are good people and have similar values as I do.

DCYF rejected that offer. And they are continuing to come to our property and demand I let them in the house and interview my kids, they continue to call the home phone and text message my wife’s phone.

I sent a public records request to the director of NHDCYF asking for the indemnification bond and the oath of office from CPSW Melissa Coombs, they responded with,

“Your request has been denied…there is no law requiring state employees to have an oath of office…there is no indemnification bond…the state self insures…state employees have immunity from claims brought against them.”

It all made perfect sense to me now, the DCYF employees are 100 percent unaccountable, and when they make poor decisions, there is no consequence. This has been going on for decades. Sounds like the dream job for pedophiles and those who want power without accountability.

There is a big money incentive from the Federal government each time the DCYF gets a kid into custody, as laid out in the book “Legally Kidnapped ” written by Carlos Morales.

There is also word on the street that DCYF social workers who gather children may have “financial interests” or be owners of adoption agencies. I have not been able to confirm this, but At the very least the DCYF social worker’s relationship with adoption agencies should be investigated.

Did I mention I happen to have the most valuable children to adopt? A healthy White, un-vaxxed, 7-month-old boy and 26-month-old girl.

We are also listed as “anti-vax”, “anti-government” and “Free Staters” in other related state documents.

The local chief of police is absolutely disgusted (as he should be) with DCYFs conduct.

A little more about me:

My father was a horse trader, I had the best experience growing up buying and selling horses with my dad. We attended livestock auctions every week, we would mostly buy horses, but occasionally we bought cattle, swine, goats, and sheep. Every Monday we were in New Holland PA, Wednesdays a horse auction on New Jersey, Thursdays a local horse auction on Massachusetts, on Fridays or Saturdays we (my 3 brothers and I) team roped or calf roped or did some kind of Gymkhana events, then Sundays we would go to horse shows, where we would mostly complete the hunter-jumper circuit. These activities did not happen every week year-round, but they happened all summer long for as long as I can remember.

My dad was also a hay dealer, and so were 2 of my uncles and my grandfather, so when I wasn’t cleaning stalls, schooling horses, or teaching riding lessons, I was stacking hay. At 12 years old (1993) I started brokering hay, got my own phone, put weekly and monthly classified ads in regional Horse Journals, and wanted ad publications. Within 6 months I was selling so much hay, my family could not handle it, so I started selling hay for other hay dealers. At 15 I had my own hay rig, a 1967 F350 dump truck, and a 20-foot stock trailer that my father parked in the woods 10 years prior. I fixed everything on that truck and trailer by myself with a lot of help from the elders around me. Most of my dad’s friends were highly skilled craft and tradesmen, welders, mechanics, blacksmiths, farriers, cattlemen, dairy farmers, machinists, and so on. My 3 brothers and I had the best mentors kids could have, real men, doing meaningful work and they all loved their jobs.

in 2021 a bought a brand new f350 powerstroke and 32-foot flatbed trailer and was drawing 3-4 to loads of hay from NY and/or Quebec hauling it to Massachusetts every week (it was fun). I became very close with hay producers (mostly dairy farmers). I learned to speak French so I could buy hay in Quebec. I also became very close to my customers I sold hay to, as these folks ranged from hard-working horseback riding instructors to rich wealthy housewives (better known as “Dressage Queens). I never referred to my “clients”, or “customers” as such, because they were all my friends. The people who were difficult to deal with, I just didn’t do business with them and I never had to do business with negative people (took a few years to learn that), because I have always had more work or business than I could handle. I also wheeled and dealt anything related to horses and agriculture, such as cattle, goats, stall matts, grain, round pens, horse trailers, tack, and all kinds of stuff.

By the time I was 35 years old (2013), I had driven millions of miles, traded nearly a million small square bales, hired dozens of workers, had dozens of trucks and trailers, traded horses, livestock, grain, feed, and equipment. If someone needed something, I could generally find it because I cover so much ground. I was also 300 plus pounds, just lost my house (property tax battle), and not married, and had no kids. I really wanted kids and I really didn’t want to be in the hay and horse business anymore. It got boring and was not a life for a family man. So I walked away from it and gave all of my business contacts and equipment to my brothers and some farmer friends and sort of helped them service all my clients, customers, and friends.

I wanted to get off the road and back to the land and just be a farmer. In 2013, I got in the only pickup I had left hooked up my EBY stock trailer, and loaded it with all my tools to work for my stepfather in NorthEast Colorado, who worked about 2500 acres, that was a great experience, I developed and honed my skill set, My job was mostly to take up “slack”, because I can fix and operate any machine. We harvested 1000 acres of alfalfa, 500-700 acres of wheat, and miles of corn silage. I learned all about irrigation, from pivot sprinklers, to flood irrigation. I learned how to maintain, and repair, balers, tractors, swather, semi-trucks and trailers, corn choppers, milking equipment, feed mixer trucks, and wagons. I loved every minute of it.

My stepfather Trent Cooks of TTT farms Hudson Colorado had a custom harvest crew and those years I was there he would put up nearly 200k tons of corn silage and I worked and mastered every job on that harvest crew. from operating Corn choppers, and silage trucks (18 wheelers), packing the silage pit, operating the pull tractors (pulling semis in muddy fields), and operating several ag baggers, I even ran the scale house for an afternoon when the girl doing the job quit. I worked wherever slack needed to be taken up.

I was very proud to “feed America”

While farming in Colorado, I only had one bill (cell phone). I saved or invested (bought a lot of tools) every penny, I took every third paycheck and bought silver, Bitcoin, the last 3rd I cashed and bought tools and stacked the dollars, I worked diligently and did very little recreation. I wanted to buy a homestead in New Hampshire and Join the Free Staters

I moved to NH in 2016 to participate in the New Hampshire Free State Project, married a good woman, and we bought a 12-acre homestead. I also started a home-school curriculum I call ManCamp. It started as teaching kids blacksmithing.

ManCamp was my idea to save Mankind, by teaching kids to the blacksmith as I had all the blacksmithing tools and skills. My thought was that if I teach young kids to manipulate metal into functional useful items (like I did as a young kid) the kids would feel good about it, tell their friends, understand a little about hard work, and most importantly build their self-confidence. Basically planting a tree I may never see the fruits of, and it turns out 4 years later I was right, and we are now witnessing the fruits from the seeds planted by ManCamp in our community.

I have been well aware for decades that we are engaged in multi-generational cultural warfare, and one way to fight, is to build confidence in our posterity, once the seeds of confidence are sown, and nurtured, that confidence should last a lifetime and hopefully get past down

In February 2020, my daughter was born. We had to have a c-section delivery, and my wife and I watched the world crash on TV in the hospital for 4 days. In the next several weeks I went into what my wife now calls “daddy nesting mode.” I bought 250 piglets, all kinds of fencing, and other swine-related agriculture equipment. I then sold the piglets for $150 USD/FRN/cash or $100 if paid in Bullion, Bullets, or Bitcoin. I also called the guy I used to sell hay to who had a USDA slaughterhouse 1.5 hours away and got set up with 10 pig dates a month. This only happened because I knew the guy and he liked me. Now I have 10 pig and 4 beef dates every month thru the end of 2023 and have been sending pigs and cattle there since August of 2020.

That summer My brothers and I bought all the butchering tools because the butcher shops were all booked up. We taught several “survival Apocalypse training courses” summer and fall of 2020 and 2021, that included building survival shelters, purifying water, firearm safety and training, and butchering chickens and pigs. It was a lot of fun working with city slickers who wanted to level up their life skills.

In the fall of 2021, I got a letter from the TOWN OF HENNIKER, for zoning violations for doing the “survival apocalypse training”. I told them to “piss off” and had not heard from them since. I have one neighbor who is a state employee and “hates all free states” who is constantly reporting to the town my actions.

I have spent the past 2 years raising kids, pigs, cattle, and chickens. I have been video documenting my daughter farming with me. I feel I need to teach people how to raise their kids because for generations now, most people have relied on government institutions for instructions on raising their kids. Most people just give their kids to daycare, public school, and (for the last 2 decades) internet devices. Which has resulted in what we have now, a bunch of mindless zombies.

I have been preparing and writing a lecture on “Investing in Our Posterity” for years now. As moms and dads, we pretty much control the environment of our kids. We control what food they eat, what media they consume, and who they interact with, that also means we control just how our kids get their dopamine hits, and most parents don’t even know what “dopamine” is. I had this figured out years ago, but few people cared to listen to my advice on raising kids because I did not have any. But now I have the credentials. I have created an environment to allow my kids to get their dopamine hits from accomplishing tasks, such as farming, raising chickens, pigs, goats, and cattle. I do not allow my kids to get their dopamine hits from sugar, GMO’s, processed foods, TV, or internet devices. I need to explain this to the world.

Throughout my adulthood, I have been very outspoken against mandates, masking, and vaccinations. In fact, I have been consistently anti-mass-vaccination of humans since I was a kid, I have only received one vaccine – a tetanus shot when I was about 14. I attended local town meetings, and have addressed the state legislature in opposition to mandates and referred to the mandates as, “Taking medical advice from pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein’s friends, including Fauci and Gates.”

In the past 10 years I have made several podcast and radio show appearances that include, Free Talk Live (weekly co-host for a few years), Declare your independence with Ernest Hancock, Adam vs The Man, The Ridley Report, and others. I talk about things such as investing in our posterity, building confidence in the kids, vaccine education, getting your kids off big tech and out of public school, self-reliance, food security, and eliminating platforms of power and control (as in governments).

The bottom line is guys like me are a real problem for the corrupt and sociopathic perverted elite (ya know – Epstein’s friends). Like Gates, Soros, Fauchi, Klaus Schwab, members of all the powerful cults, like governments, WEF, NWO, big pharma, the Federal reserve, and basically all the real-world villains.

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate. 


Deanne · May 24, 2022 at 11:14 am

This is exactly the sort of thing I was concerned about when my son was growing up.

From 1998-2000, we were looking for land, eventually choosing between Vermont (where my mom grew up), New Hampshire (where my dad grew up), and Maine (where we have friends). We ended up eliminating Vermont (my “home state” – I grew up mostly out of the country, but we lived with and stayed with my grandparents in Vermont at various times) for its socialist direction. We eliminated Maine because of its overactive DHS, seemingly targeting homeschoolers. We also dealt with them while trying to help our friends get custody of their grandchildren, which the state never did approve. Their grandson was adopted by his foster parents and their granddaughter grew up in a foster home.

So, we chose to “Live Free” in New Hampshire, where my dad grew up and where my parents lived and bought land after they were married.

We chose a very rural area. I homeschooled my son (now 29), but I did so “illegally” (I didn’t ask or get permission or inform anyone from the state). I was also challenging other things I disagreed with by simple quiet noncompliance – not “in your face” attracting attention . There was always a fear that someone would report me or try to cause trouble. People would sometimes ask me what the requirements were for homeschooling so I had to find out so I had an answer – of course, not telling them I wasn’t complying with those options. (I understand the laws have now changed and what I did then is now “legal.”)

Thankfully nothing happened. That is a pressure and fear that families should not have to live under. Raising children is a big enough responsibility without having that dark cloud of fear hanging over your head.

I have a cousin who lives in Maine. She works in the pediatric dental field and is required to be a mandatory reporter. If she sees anything on a child or picks up on anything that may be abuse, she is required to report it. If someone can prove that she saw something that she should have reported and didn’t, she can get in trouble for that. I think she said that mandatory reporters have to report on each other if they find out someone didn’t report something when they knew or suspected abuse.

This story is just plain crazy. The system is rigged, for sure. This is corruption at its worst.

I recently read quite a bit about a little boy in Idaho that was underweight and had regular appointments with a doctor. One day, the mom wasn’t feeling well, so called and canceled the appointment that day. Soon after, in a dramatic and traumatic encounter, the child was kidnapped by the state and kept by the state for weeks, – a child that was still nursing. Baby Cyrus. There is a whole website about it. I would have gone absolutely off the wall if that had happened to my and my son.

This is unconscionable. It is child abuse. It is family abuse. It adds unreasonable stress to families. I just boil to read this, as well as JR Hoell’s experience.

These people are EVIL. They are out to ruin people, and they are paid with money stolen from US. Whether they are doing any “work” or not, they get paid. When they are “working,” they are harassing, far too often, decent people, just trying to live their lives, work hard, and raise their children to do the same.

Something has to change before they break us all.

John Best · May 24, 2022 at 12:15 pm

I keep telling you the solution to all of this but Americns refuse to listen to Thomas Jefferson so I’ll tell you again. Having two autistic sons, I had plenty of experience with DCYF jackasses and mandatory reporting liars.
We the people are the authorities. When we unite into an organization to supervise our government servants, they have to obey us. It’s just that damn simple. So talk about doing that.
(Secession is an act of cowardice, running away and asking permission from servants to run away. It’s just too damn stupid.)

Deanne · May 27, 2022 at 1:36 am

It is not only DCYF that has to “make work” for themselves to justify their positions. In February, I received a notification from NHDES that a complaint had been filed claiming that I had put culverts in the brook and built a road. We have owned this property for 22 years and there have never been culverts in the brook, or a road crossing the brook.

The next day, I went down to the brook to make sure no one had planted any culverts down there to get us in trouble. All I found were TONS of prints in the snow all around and along the brook. Our property is posted all the way around. I took extensive photographs of the prints, recording every one (I think) all along the path. I was on snowshoes. Therefore my prints are distinct from the others.

Well, once a complaint is filed, DES has to follow up on it, which they did. I called to ask if they do anything about false allegations. No. My son said of course they wouldn’t. That’s how they keep their jobs.

With some research, I found out that the complainant was the co-chair of our town conservation commission, documented with NHDES e-mail records.

While waiting for notification from NHDES that the case was closed and there were no violations, unbeknownst to me, getting NHDES involved wasn’t enough. At their April 13 meeting, the conservation commission delegated the selectman who is on the conservation commission board to get Fish and Game to see if there are any violations to our brook. In the minutes, ANOTHER **NEW** complaint was recorded, made by two neighbors, one of which has been harassing and bullying us for many years, and the other one threatened me later that evening (my first encounter with him), telling me he was going to make me pay (for clearing some land we bought and ruining it and making a mess of it – there is no mess a it’s a nice field for my cows and sheep) and also “I’m going to make you pay when you cross that brook down there.”

Well, my neighbors are helping some state employees justify keeping their positions, but it is a nightmare for us.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on this story. I have probably 50 pages of things that our neighbors have done to us over the years. My son wants nothing to do with this town where he grew up, and I can hardly blame him. We moved to New Hampshire to live free, and what we get is harassment, bullying, mistreatment, etc. etc.

This is bad enough, but coming after your kids for no reason is lowest of the low.

Whenever I read of stories of abuse like this, I can’t help but think… I hope it’s you some day. If Melissa doesn’t have children of her own, chances are she has nieces or nephews or a good friend with children (although, if I were “friends” with someone like that, I would try to disappear off their radar…). I don’t WANT this to happen to them, but sometimes it seems that’s the only way these people will wake up. So, if that’s what it takes… sad to say…. These people MUST stop abusing people and getting off scott free.

Joe in Missouri · May 31, 2022 at 12:02 am

What is often missed is that this could not happen if the county sheriffs refused to “kidnap” these children, mainly because they taken with zero due process! There is NO TRIAL BY JURY as guaranteed by the US Constitution! Not to mention that a mjor reason that DPS kidnaps children is to supply the child sex trade, and bodies for satanic Ritual Sacrifice.
Most county sheriffs are inimically negligent in their duty to secure our rights.

jim carter · May 31, 2022 at 7:09 pm

And we have a great number of people who want to extend the government intrusion to conception ????

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