In the opinion of this writer, it is not necessary to believe that the experiment of the United States and its Constitution was a failure to believe that it no longer works. Everything lasts until it doesn’t. America was not a failure. It merely succeeded until it didn’t. It is this writer’s opinion that we have definitely reached that point in history.

At the time of this writing, it seems quite unlikely that President Trump will be re-inaugurated on January 20, 2021, regardless of whether Biden benefitted from foul play to win the election. The media, the Democrat machine, and the deep state are just too powerful for that to happen. Even during his presidency, Trump has been opposed or, at the very least, not been strongly supported by establishment Republicans, not to even mention the Lincoln project by which he was totally opposed. Assuming that he is not reelected, the backlash against anyone that supported him will be Stalinist in nature and effect, at least as is already being proposed by several on the left. Changes in immigration law and the lasting effect of (once again) successfully cheating on an election make it extremely unlikely that there will ever be a conservative Republican president again. Further, once the left is able to swing Texas farther blue (Senator Cruz won reelection in 2018 by only a few votes), there will no longer be any such thing as an election in which Republicans have any chance at all. And we must admit that  though his legacy of judicial appointments is something to be celebrated, even Trump’s presidency was at best a temporary slowdown in the inexorable drive toward socialism—it was, after all, under his administration that the national debt has again skyrocketed and the country was shut down in the name of a virus. Despite some talk to the contrary, true conservatives are not the majority of the country in any way.  Those who quote polls attesting to the percentage of conservatives vs. liberals in the country ignore the fact that liberals often see themselves not as liberals but as centrists and many RINO’s self-identify as conservatives.

The elections of Obama and now probably Biden/Harris (one of the most socialist members of the Senate, who will very likely become president sometime during Biden’s term) serve as proof that Americans do NOT prefer a conservative president over a liberal, especially in light of the Electoral College realities. America simply does not want what we are selling. And that is okay. I have reconciled with that. 

Retreating from or leaving the political arena is not a realistic option because the progressives never rest. Not battling for our natural freedoms leads only to our losing more and more of them, in the form of higher taxes, more gun laws, etc. Based on the above and other considerations, there is no visible way to change the national electorate, and definitely not with the education of our children in the grips of the progressive education establishment. It is not at all likely that strong freedom-minded conservatives/libertarians can “take over” the Republican Party. A third party is unlikely to make a difference on a national basis, whether an existing one such as the Libertarian Party, or a newly formed one.

The reality is that although there are still at least hundreds of thousands of true conservatives in the country, they are too scattered and too diffuse to have a serious impact on a national basis – or in one singular state. At present, far too much money, time, and effort are wasted on races that either cannot be won or would not matter even if they were. The same amount of time, effort, and money could easily save one or two States from the increasingly authoritarian Federal Government and the progressive movement at large.

Ergo, as in any war, the losing side must regroup and change its tactics. Ways to save what can be saved must be found elsewhere. I do not believe that the Convention of States, as pushed by Mark Levin and others, is practical, advisable, or feasible. Even Levin has said on many occasions that if COS does not work he does not know of any other way to fix this country. I therefore strongly believe that the best solution is to focus all the energies of all the truly pro-freedom individuals only on the battle for individual States. My reasoning is based on the fact that smaller groups can have more influence on a State level than a national level, as well as the concept that States that have strong legislatures and governors willing to challenge the federal government can and must be strengthened with the goal of nullification and even eventual secession. (This writer categorically rejects the opinion of Mark Levin and others who assert that secession has been taken off the table by the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. We strongly believe that the constitutionality of secession is moot and that the concepts expressed in the Declaration of Independence supersede any other issues. It is the natural right of men to always declare independence from a greater authority as outlined therein, especially when the authoritarian central government violated the ‘contract’ binding them on in so many ways and on so many occasions. .)

Currently, one of the best States for pursuing such a goal is New Hampshire, especially in light of their recent victories in their State House, Senate, and Executive Council. People who can move to New Hampshire should be strongly encouraged to do so, as the Free State Project currently advocates. But even those who cannot or do not wish to move should be encouraged to focus their time, money, and effort to strengthen the one or two States that can eventually serve as a haven for the rest of us. The involvement of volunteers in State races and issues is not bound any more by geographic limitations. Social media, phone banks, money raising, and even travel to assist in a race or cause is not beyond the means of many people. As President Reagan said, “If we lose freedom here, there’s no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth”. The United States as a country can no longer serve that purpose. We must save at least one State before that option expires, as well.

If the collective power and energy of the many true patriots in the United States can be channeled and focused into only a few States and races, it can have enormous influence. Diluted as it is now, it has very little, as proven by recent elections and races.