Last session, four pro-gun bills were retained by the New Hampshire Senate. The bills passed the House but the Senators did not feel that they should be passed, so they held them over to the 2nd session of the term. Both chambers are controlled by Republican majorities. The Senate Judiciary Committee will reportedly be reviewing the bills on Tuesday the 14th. It is extremely important that the members of the committee be contacted via email and phone by everyone in New Hampshire who would like to see our natural right to self-defense protected and strengthened. Thank you to the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition for bringing this to light. 

House Bill 307 would prohibit municipal governments (towns, cities, school districts, etc.) from implementing gun control laws or any other laws that interfere with “firearms, ammunition, ammunition components, knives, and firearms components and accessories.”

The bill includes a penalty of up to $10k for local governments that violate the law and violate the natural right to self-defense and the natural right to own property.

House Bill 196 simply clarifies that displaying a firearm to ward off a person who is trespassing should not be considered a crime. 

House Bill 197 simply clarifies that the use of deadly force in self-defense is not inherently illegal in one’s vehicle, in addition to one’s house. Current law only permits lethal force in self-defense if the person is attacked in their own house. If this bill passes, a person could protect themselves while in their vehicles with slightly more legal protection. 

House Bill 440 is NOT a simple bill. It is a little more complicated and potentially very broad. Filed by an amazing libertarian representative in response to Dictator Sununu’s indefinite suspension of civil liberties and natural rights in his 16-month reign as God of Corona-Fascism, the bill would prohibit the executive branch from suspending civil liberties, even if the politicians claim that there is ‘an emergency’. Remember Hurricane Katrina

Please contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee before Tuesday!!!

Sharon Carson; Chair

Phone: 603-271-1403


William Gannon; Vice Chair

Phone: 603-271-3077


Harold French

Phone: 603-271-8631


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