I fear that next Tuesday’s elections could cause a true crisis for our union. And by ‘fear’, I mean that I sort of hope it occurs. I’ll explain my rationale throughout this article. 

Here is how I see the election playing out. I would like to go on the record with my crazy theory before the election so that I could gloat when my prediction comes to fruition. I could be wrong, but I am fairly confident that I’m right. Even if I am wrong, though, I will be right, and I will gloat. You’ll understand what I mean very soon. 

On November 8th, I think that Republicans will take control of the US Senate by a few votes. I predict that the Republicans will also take a large majority of the US House seats. Increasingly, the generic ballot (the polls that simply ask all voters throughout the union whether they plan to vote for a Republican or Democrat for the US House) polls now favor Republicans. There are reports of D+20 congressional districts now being in play for Republicans. Democrat governor candidates in ultra-Democrat states like Oregon, Washington, and New York now find themselves in tight races with their Republican challengers. There is little debate that Republicans will take control of Congress

As soon as all the votes are counted and finalized (which may take weeks or months), we will likely be looking at large Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress. But the newly elected legislators will not take office until January 3rd. In response to losing control of Congress, many suspect that the Biden administration will create many executive orders to enact the Democrat policies. These could include gun control, tax increases, free speech suppression, immigration policy, and many other policies that the Republican legislators and voters will strongly oppose. 

I predict that Republicans in Congress, the media, and throughout the union will condemn Biden as a tyrant for circumventing Congress – the only body in the federal government granted the constitutional authority to write laws – and passing laws on his own. This could lead to a tense standoff between the Executive branch (the president) and the Legislative branch (Congress). In January, the Republicans in the House and Senate may pass legislation countering Biden’t executive orders. Of course, he would veto those bills. Republicans would then point out that his veto is illegitimate because his election in 2020 was illegitimate; he beat Trump with the help of numerous anomalies in every swing state that all happened to benefit Biden and hurt Trump. His veto would not carry much legitimacy in the eyes of Republicans. This would escalate the constitutional crisis. Already, partisan skirmishes throughout the Divided States of America could begin to intensify. We might see dozens of Republicans and Democrats being attacked or dying, as opposed to just a few deaths here and there, as we’ve seen in the past few years. Once a few hundred people on each side of this clearly partisan divide are dying each month, it will be difficult to ignore that we are in a civil war. But matters will grow worse. 

If the Republicans in Congress override Biden’s veto, the Democrats in DC are unlikely to enact the legislation. Biden and the Democrats might argue that because of voter suppression, Russian interference, or cheating, the Republicans were not legitimately elected, which means that their votes in Congress are not legitimate. Indeed, the most influential leftists have refused to accept the results of every election since 2000. They also might claim that the laws are unconstitutional. Biden might simply ignore the newly passed law or direct all federal agents to respect his executive orders over the congressional legislation. Democrats might find a federal judge to block the law from taking effect, which they have done many times before. But the courts getting involved will make the constitutional crisis even more complicated and dangerous. 

According to the Constitution, the third branch of the federal government is the Judicial branch, which includes all federal courts. There is a substantial chance that the Supreme Court would rule that some or all of Biden’s executive orders are unconstitutional, especially considering that six of the nine judges on the court were appointed by Republican presidents. Once the highest court in the union declares an executive order unconstitutional, it is supposed to be nullified and not enforced. But the Biden administration and the Democrats are very unlikely to respect the court’s decision. For years, they have been calling the conservative judges illegitimate because they believe they were appointed by an illegitimate president and confirmed by an illegitimate Senate, and they believe that conservative judges are inherently unqualified for their positions. 

Both sides believe that the other is totally illegitimate. And this sentiment is only increasing and shows no sign of reversing. The four million federal employees may need to choose whether to obey the president and the Executive branch, the congress, or the supreme court. They will likely be divided in their decision. This will cause strife within agencies like the FBI and the Secret Service, and possibly within the other 400 federal agencies. Due to increasing federal supremacy and diminishing states’ rights, people throughout the Divided States will begin to resent their neighbors more each day. After all, their neighbor wishes to use the full force of the federal government to control them, and their neighbor’s leaders in DC are not legitimate! “How dare you and your illegitimate tyrants in DC try to control my life!”

Regardless of who wins the November 8th elections, the losing side will declare the election illegitimate. And things will continue to grow uglier and more dangerous. This is the foundation for civil war. Or we can act like adults and peacefully separate from one another. 

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