As of this writing, total COVID-19 cases are above 6.7 million and total deaths are approaching 200,000 in the US, according to the CDC. Politicians in DC and state houses have proven that politics takes precedence over safety, and they’ve done nothing to fight the virus. Strong signs that the virus could get out of control indicate that we must begin to consider more drastic measures to stop the spread. 

“When a person contracts the coronavirus and becomes contagious, they can spread it to a hundred other people before even knowing they are infected…”, said Doctor Mary Zedong, an infectious disease specialist from NYC. “It’s imperative that we stop that individual from spreading this deadly virus to others as soon as we learn that they are positive”. 

Doctor Zedong is one of 200 doctors across the US who are advocating for the “Stop High-risk Infectious Transmission” (SHIT) program, a voluntary initiative that involves an extremely controversial topic: euthanasia. Doctor Joe Kevorka, the chairman of the “Coalition of Responsible American Physicians” (CRAP) explained in an exclusive interview with The Liberty Block: 

“This is pretty much how we imagine the program working: It will be totally consensual, and we will only even consider the procedure for patients who grant fully informed consent. In the case of those with dementia, their families and/or health care proxies would be making this decision. It will be 100% voluntary, at least initially. So, once a patient is diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, the physician in charge of their care would consult with the patient and/or family and educate them about the dangers and contagiousness of the disease. If the patient wishes to not endanger their community with the virus, they could elect to speak to the hospital’s Committee on end-of-life decisions. If the hospital does not have one, the state government’s HHS can fulfill this duty. If the patient desires euthanasia, a psychiatrist would need to approve of the patient’s mental state before the procedure could be performed. If everything checks out, the hospital staff would make the patient extremely comfortable, they would be sedated with medications, and then their hearts would be stopped with another medication. The whole procedure is very humane and painless, just like going to sleep….some people have already called us murderers, but this is not as dramatic of a proposal as one might think. Physician-assisted euthanasia is already legal in seven US states. So, Americans are increasingly agreeing with the CRAP that terminally ill patients should have a choice to end their life on their own terms. Now, these states allow for euthanasia for diseases that are not even contagious. When people are diagnosed with COVID-19, they have to face two harsh realities: They have a horrible terminal illness that will surely kill them AND they are super-contagious and can infect many others and kill many of their friends and relatives. Many of these patients would surely choose euthanasia”

When asked about the future of the SHIT program, Doctor Lenin, the group’s director of ethics, predicted that it could become more of an official government program down the line. “Look… if an individual tests positive for the virus and is considered to be recklessly disobeying social distancing guidelines, not wearing a mask, partying, infecting people in the community…something must be done. Some cities have begun to arrest these dangerous individuals, but allowing them to infect the whole prison population is not the ‘final solution’, so to speak. Maybe this SHIT could be applied in such a case. But the federal government would need to approve a policy like that before it could be implemented, unfortunately.”

This incredible video won the 2021 ‘Joseph Goebbels Propaganda Award’ for its brilliant use of paranoia to control people

While the CRAP believes that ending one life is a small price to pay for stemming a pandemic, some conservatives and health freedom activists believe that such a program would be an overreach and is based on paranoia. “Firstly, the statistics they are feeding us are humongously inflated. Secondly, this program is jumping the shark. Thirdly, asking for politicians to get involved in a euthanasia program is the most irresponsible decision in human history.”, said doctor Tim Jefferson, a pro-freedom critical care physician based in New Hampshire. 

While the SHIT program seems radical at first glance, the CRAP insists that voluntary – and potentially mandatory – euthanasia for COVID patients is likely coming to the US within a matter of months. All of the facets of the program are already in place, so a few more bad weeks demonstrating worsening COVID statistics could be enough for the first progressive city or state to implement this SHIT. The question may not be about whether this program will begin, but about when and how far government officials can extend it. Could it be applied to individuals ‘suspected’ of having COVID? Could it be applied to all anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers? The possibilities seem far-reaching, and only time will tell how the latest CRAP idea will play out. 

On December 25th, 2021, the government gang of New Zealand approved euthanasia for patients diagnosed with COVID-19. We expect other government gangs to follow their lead, and we expect them to begin pressuring people with positive COVID tests to allow doctors to euthanize them.