UPDATE: The public hearing will be on Thursday, January 20th at 3:30 pm in room 206 of the Legislative Office Building (the building behind the statehouse). If enough people attend, the committee will be forced to move the hearing to the representatives’ hall in the statehouse. The sponsors of CACR32 will hold a press conference in the LOB at 3 pm. There is a pro-independence demonstration planned for 2 pm by the statehouse/LOB.

On Tuesday, the legislation that would place state independence on the ballot for the voters was given a number and assigned a committee. The legislation will henceforth be known as ‘CACR 32‘, and its first stop will be in the ‘State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee‘.

The legislation is unlikely to be supported by the leadership of either major party in Concord. Entrenched interests of establishment Republicans and Democrats have already displayed hostility to the legislation, but its sponsors and supporters are undeterred in letting the people have an opportunity to express their view on the matter. The most likely scenario is that party leaders tell the Representatives to vote ‘inexpedient to legislate’ and to send that recommendation to the full House. Even if the House passes the legislation, it could be sent to another Committee in the House, and that Committee and the full House would have another opportunity to stop the legislation. If nobody on the Committee objects to the ITL recommendation, the legislation will likely be placed on the ‘consent calendar’, meaning that the House would likely choose to concur with the Committee recommendation as part of a large and generally uncontroversial package of bills. The Committee could also decide to ‘retain’ or ‘interim study’ the legislation. This would prevent it from going to the House floor for a vote, essentially ending its chances of passing this term. The first battle for this historic legislation will be in this committee.

Proponents of the legislation, which was sponsored by nine Republican Representatives, are encouraging residents who support placing independence on the general election ballot to call and email the members of the Committee.

The Committee is composed of 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats. Being that the bill was proposed by Republicans, the 10 Democrats are unlikely to support it. The committee is chaired by Al Baldasaro, a Republican from Londonderry. Mr. Baldassaro is a Marine and a very pro-liberty legislator. Like many patriotic Americans who are alarmed by the massive power grabs of the people’s rights emanating from Washington DC, Baldasaro is likely sympathetic to the legislation’s attempt to address the erosion – and corrosion – of our rights. However, his patriotism is also likely to make him tread gingerly around a constitutional amendment aimed at disuniting the union even through peaceful legislation. 

This is why it is so important to call and email him and the other Committee members to explain to them that the union will never be saved; we must leave before it’s too late for us, too. If you need help or resources in order to explain to committee members why our local New Hampshire representatives are more capable of protecting our rights than the federal government, check out the many Liberty Block articles on independence and the many usurpations from Washington DC that make this legislation necessary, and direct them to read ‘The Blueprint For Liberty’, a short, simple book which explains the dire need for state independence. 

You can email all members of the committee by sending an email to:


Below is the entire committee. If you are a constituent of any of them, please make sure to call and email them as soon as possible. The first hearing does not yet have a time or date. You can find their email and number by clicking on their name. If you call or email them, all you need to say is that you would like them to support CACR32 because you believe that you should have a chance to vote on your future relationship with DC; something we have not had an opportunity to do ever in our lifetimes.

Chairman: Al Baldasaro (R) (Londonderry)
Vice-Chairman: Michael Moffett (R) (Loudon)
Clerk: Susan DeLemus (R) (Rochester)
David Lundgren (R) (Londonderry)
Phyllis Katsakiores (R) (Derry)
Skip Rollins (R) (Newport)
David Binford (R) (Bath)
William Foster (R) (New Boston)
Brodie Deshaies (R) (Wolfeboro)
Tina Harley (R) (Seabrook)
John Leavitt (R) (Hooksett)
Linda Massimilla (D) (Littleton)
Israel Piedra (D) (Manchester)
Efstathia Booras (D) (Nashua)
Matthew Wilhelm (D) (Manchester)
Manny Espitia (D) (Nashua)
Willis Griffith (D) (Manchester)
Amanda Elizabeth Toll (D) (Keene)
Tony Labranche (D) (Amherst)
Stacie-Marie Laughton (D) (Nashua)
Lawrence Welkowitz (D) (Keene)

Additional resources:

The Blueprint For Liberty (use this to help convince conservatives/libertarians that we must leave the union)

The Progressive Solution (use this to help convince Democrats/progressives that we must leave the union)

Dozens of Reasons We Must Divorce DC


Jason GERHARD · December 14, 2021 at 10:47 pm

Keep it up Elliot. It’s only a matter of time until people realize what DC is all about.

John Best · December 21, 2021 at 1:06 pm

If you secede and the attorneys remain in positions of power, have you done anything useful? Think about that.

    The Liberty Block · December 22, 2021 at 9:02 pm

    Yes. Most issues are federal. Once we leave the union, we could focus ALL our attention on NH corrupt politicians.

Monty · December 22, 2021 at 10:30 pm

I would love to email my rep, or a rep on the committee, but I have no email addresses to accomplish this task. Can you help with the committee addresses, please?

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Patrick Goodale · December 25, 2021 at 3:44 am

First of all. The people have all the power. Not our public officials. They are our servents an agents. Reference article:1 section:1 Indiana state constitution,and any other articles in the people’s state constitution of the United States of America.we own all 51 Constitutions. it is our common law right. The law of the land. We are a common law nation. You need put your officials on notice and affidavit .To hold court of record in the common law. They are bound by their oath when they took office to protect these rights. Own it

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