“What would healthcare look like in an independent New Hampshire once we leave the union?”, a middleaged woman asked from the crowd during the press conference for CACR32. I have been asked this question many times over the past few months, and it is a fair concern. Let’s explore what healthcare in the Republic of New Hampshire may look like after the inevitable collapse of DC and the union.

Firstly, we must realize that once New Hampshire leaves the union, almost everything would remain the same as it is now. The sun would still rise in the east each morning. Paramedics and EMTs would staff ambulances, and patients would continue to see their doctors, as they always have. When children fall and sustain injuries, their parents will continue to bring them to urgent care centers or emergency rooms of hospitals, if the injury seems severe. Health insurance would still exist, just like it does today. There is no legitimate reason to believe that the sun would stop shining or that hospitals and ambulances would cease to exist if we cut ties with DC politicians. 99.99% of things would remain completely unchanged. There would be a few significant changes that would affect healthcare, however, and they would all be for the better.

1) Without DC politicians, regulators, and laws, individuals would be free from horrific laws such as the Obamacare law that literally punished those who did not buy health insurance. 

2) Without DC politicians, regulators, and laws, health insurance companies would be free to offer any plan they want, and individuals would be free to purchase any plan they want. Some people may choose to buy lean health insurance plans that only cover catastrophes, while others may be willing to spend more for plans that give them more benefits. Currently, DC politicians and regulators use the threat of force to control exactly which types of plans health insurance companies in the united states are legally allowed to offer. There may be as many as millions of pages of federal laws that dictate exactly which plans could legally be offered by “private” health insurance companies. Right now, it is federally illegal for health insurance companies to offer cheap plans to individuals. Secession would give Granite Staters much more freedom of choice. 

3) Without DC politicians, regulators, and laws, it would become around 29 trillion times easier for new medical facilities to open in New Hampshire. Currently, individuals who wish to open hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, labs, radiology centers, or other medical businesses may have to comply with millions of federal laws. In order to even ensure that they are in compliance, hospital boards hire massive amounts of lawyers and other experts to comb through the infinite pages of federal laws to make sure that they are applying for all of the proper permits and to ensure that they are not violating any of the literally immeasurable numbers of federal laws. As you might imagine, hiring lawyers and other compliance experts could cost a lot of money. This barrier makes it impossible for some people to open the facilities because of the federal government. Those who do successfully open a facility must spend massive sums of money on those experts, and they then pass on that cost to the customer (or the patient, in this case). Leaving the control of DC politicians could make healthcare less costly by massive amounts. With the majority of the barriers to opening new facilities now gone, we would see an explosion of new hospitals and clinics of all types. This large amount of competition would lower costs and improve quality for patients by drastic amounts. 

4) Without DC politicians, regulators, and laws, bringing new drugs to market might be billions of dollars cheaper and decades quicker. On average, it takes 12-15 years and $2.6 billion to have a new medication approved by the FDA. This harms and kills many patients. It also makes pharmaceutical companies spend massive amounts of money and time bringing drugs to market. They then have to pass this cost onto the customer, because if they can’t make a profit, there would be no incentive for creating the medication in the first place. Without the FDA, medications in New Hampshire might be up to 99% less costly. Additionally, bringing new medications from conception to market might be up to 99% quicker, saving even more lives. Currently, the FDA hurts many Granite Staters, yet we are forced by men with guns to pay $4 billion dollars annually to fund the FDA. Let’s not even mention the incredible corruption within the FDA and DC in general. 

5) The federal government controls the reimbursement rates for Medicaid (taxpayer-funded insurance for the poor) and Medicare (taxpayer-funded insurance for the elderly). The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is perhaps the greatest reason for the harm to healthcare in the united states. Due to the federal government being 29 trillion in debt and having no money, they set the reimbursement rates for Medicaid and Medicare extremely low. The rates likely depend on many factors but they seem to pay providers around 21-24% of the bill. So, when a person goes to the hospital for emergency surgery and receives a bill for $10,000, Medicaid may only pay around $2,100 to the hospital. The surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, techs, and everyone else in the hospital must be paid for their work, not to mention the equipment (ventilators, medications, etc.) used on the patient’s procedures. $2,100 cannot even cover the costs that the hospitals spent on the patient, never mind making a profit. This happened on massive levels all over the united states for decades. Over the years, hospitals realized that CMS payers (which account for the majority of patients in the united states now, thanks to the federal government taking over the insurance market) only reimburse around a fifth of the bill. So, they increased the bill by around five-fold. Now, that same bill might be $50,000 despite only costing the hospital $10,000. And then CMS reimburses a fifth of $50,000, which is $10,000. Everyone is satisfied. Except for those with private health insurance. And especially those who choose not to have insurance. They have to pay $50,000 for a $10,000 procedure because the federal government distorted the market. This topic is extremely complicated and involved more federal government manipulation in the health insurance market than you could imagine. Needless to say, without the DC politicians meddling in the industry, healthcare and health insurance would be much less costly.

6) The tyrants in DC use CMS as a powerful tool to manipulate our behavior and coerce healthcare providers and hospitals into doing their bidding. Over the past few decades, they have convinced nearly every provider in the union to accept Medicaid and Medicare. Now, the federal government has ruled that it has the power to control any provider who accepts CMS patients (takes any money from Medicaid or Medicare) must obey even stricter laws. For instance, the federal government’s highest court recently ruled that the federal government does not have the power to force every business to force their employees to get the COVID vaccines unless the business accepts any CMS money. By accepting their money, you agree to follow pretty much any rules that DC tyrants create, even if Congress didn’t pass a law to that effect. 

7) Healthcare facilities generally do have to pay taxes, just like any other business. Some hospitals are exempt from some federal taxes if they meet certain criteria: 

“a tax-exempt hospital did not have to provide any free care to the poor so long as it maintained an emergency room open to all regardless of ability to pay, accepted Medicare and Medicaid patients, and had an independent governing body comprised of community leaders”, as explained by TaxProf. Thus, the federal government incentivizes hospitals to accept Medicare and Medicaid by lowering their taxes. Once the hospitals are hooked on CMS money, they have an extremely powerful tool to control them forever. The federal tax rate for businesses in the united states is 21% of net earnings. If a hospital in the united states earns a net of $1 million in a year, they must send $210,000 to the tyrants in DC right off the bat, under threat of force being used against them. Once we leave the union, this money would remain in the hospital. They could choose to lower costs for patients, give their staff raises, buy new equipment, expand their facilities, or give charity to the community using that extra 21%. (Without federal payroll taxes, healthcare businesses would save even more money, which would stay in New Hampshire and improve our communities)

8) Without the federal income tax, each individual provider (nurses, paramedics, doctors) may also save around 15-35% of their money each year. With every single provider in healthcare – and every other worker – in New Hampshire saving thousands of dollars per year, we would instantly become much more wealthy. 

9) What about people who are currently on welfare because they are in poverty or disabled? In the free Republic of New Hampshire, people would work for a living. Any person with an IQ above around 40 and at least one limb or a set of vocal cords can easily find work and make a living by producing real value of some kind. In my experience, nearly zero people receiving welfare are truly so severely disabled that they cannot earn a living. I would consider people to be completely disabled only if they have severe cerebral palsy (bed-bound and on a ventilator) or if they are quadruple amputees who also cannot speak for some reason. At the high end, we could imagine that there are around 500 people in New Hampshire who are completely disabled and physically cannot work for a living. Those few people (1 in every 2,700 people) would naturally be cared for by their family, friends, neighbors, or local churches or charity association. Because the united states would be as charitable and generous as New Hampshire is ruthless, the disabled people would only need to leave the state and enter Massachusetts and their every need would be cared for by the union. 

As a worst case scenario, the people of New Hampshire would likely crowdsource a few dollars from their newfound savings of around 20-50k per year per worker in order to fund a facility for the truly disabled Granite Staters. I pledge to be the first one to donate if it comes down to it. In fact, I could probably fund the entire multi-million dollar facility without a nickel from taxes. 

10) In 2021, federal regulations were changed regarding organ donation. DC politicians now require the organs from deceased people who are donors be allocated to the next person on the transplant list within a 250 nautical mile radius. This was a massive change from their prior policy, which called for the organ to go to the nearest person who needed it and then work in concentric outward circles. This allowed organ donors in New Hampshire to posthumously gift their organs to fellow Granite Staters if they pass away while a neighbor happens to need the organ in order to live. Now, nearly every organ from deceased Granite Staters will be sent to the highly populated areas like NYC, New Jersey, and even Philadelphia. If you or someone you love in New Hampshire is waiting for an organ, good luck waiting behind the 14 million people in the NYC metro area. Rep. Cambrils proposed a bill to allow New Hampshire donors the option to prioritize their neighbors in New Hampshire if they pass away, which would save lives locally instead of sending an organ on a five hour drive (which also decreases the chance of successful transplantation). Anti-freedom forces in DC are already fighting the bill and are hellbent on killing it. This is just one specific example of a niche healthcare area that would be much improved (totally solved) by secession from DC tyrants, who are literally dead set on stealing our organs. 

11) What would the healthcare industry in New Hampshire look like five years after becoming independent?

Nobody could predict the future, but I have a few ideas: Without federal taxes and regulations, thousands of physicians, surgeons, nurses, PAs, midwives, and EMTs would pour into the state. Why not move to the most prosperous state AND enjoy the absence of ANY income tax? With the abolition of nearly every regulation on medical devices, many med-tech companies would likely relocate to New Hampshire from Silicon Valley, Israel, and Japan. Free-market surgical centers like the SCO would likely become prevalent throughout the state within a few years. Without federal barriers, we might see a tripling in the number of hospitals, leading to lower costs and better care. Without the FDA and CDC indoctrinating our youth and adults into living on corn-syrup and Fauci-TV all day, they might exercise outside in the sunlight for a change, which could improve their health for a multitude of reasons. The list goes on….

I don’t want to claim that an independent Republic of New Hampshire would be paradise, but living under the boot of DC tyrants like Biden, Clinton, McConnell, Fauci, and the rest of the sociopaths sure seems pretty close to hell. We know we’d be MUCH better off without those sociopaths. Just how good will it be? Let’s find out!


Baxter Tidwell · January 28, 2022 at 4:25 pm

Don’t forget the “Certificate of Need”, which is required if you want to build a new healthcare facility or expand an existing one. This is basically a document that must be approved by all of your potential competitors saying you can compete with them. How insane is that?

    The Liberty Block · January 29, 2022 at 6:16 am

    Yes, CON laws are a classic example of corruption and cronyism prevalent throughout the union. Thankfully, New Hampshire does not have CON laws, though we do have something similar for urgent care centers. It is fairly likely that DC politicians pass certificate of need laws federally soon. At that point, it will become one more selling point for secession!

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